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    Re-starting my journal - I've been very lax about keeping track of what I eat, eating mostly paleo/primal meals three times a day, but the occasional non-paleo meal/snack has crept in such that my weight has plateaued with about 30 pounds left to lose. I've been at this weight for about a year now and while I have been happy to be where I am, eating what I'm eating, and generally following the principles of the Primal Blueprint, it's time to hunker down and get this last bit of weight off.

    About me: I'm a 41-year old female, 5'8'', 186 pounds. I lost 100 pounds about 5 years ago through CW eating and running all the time. I ended up with a chronic knee injury and gained about 60 pounds back. I discovered paleo and New Rules of Lifting for Women and almost immediately lost 30 pounds. I've stayed steady at that weight for the last year with no stress about what I eat or how much I exercise.

    In August, I discovered Crossfit. My current workout schedule is CF three times a week. On those same days, I do a 30 minute trail run - either walk/run intervals, or a slower steady run. On non-CF days, I walk for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Whenever I feel like it (about once a month, maybe a little less often), I do absolutely nothing. I sleep well most of the time, get outside most days, and consider my time on the trails play. In the last two years I have come a long way from "having to run" in order to meet some arbitrary goal to now enjoying a run in the woods for the sake of running in the woods, interspersed with a walk whenever I feel like it. For supplements, I take one fish oil capsule twice a day.

    With this journal, I plan to track my eating and exercise habits and whatever else effects my well-being. This morning I posted in the Odds and Ends forum about an incident with a co-worker that occurred earlier this week which is the catalyst for my decision to get serious about this weight loss.

    So today:
    Breakfast - Leftover spinach/mushroom/onion frittata with mozzarella cheese and hot sauce (most days I don't eat dairy, but will occasionally have cheese). 3 cups of black coffee

    Lunch - A can of tuna, mixed with a little mayo (this is one of those slips I need to fix) and celery plus macadamia nuts. Iced green tea

    Dinner will be a big salad with chicken.

    Exercise - long walk.
    My Journal: