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    I started this journey on Sept 5, 2011 after hearing Mark speak on Janette's Show on the radio. The hook, for me, was the potential for a pain free life and maybe losing a few pounds.
    I actually lost 18 pounds in the first couple of weeks, not expecting anything at all. You can see by my photo that even after a 26 pound loss I still looked terrible. What you don't see is that I had less pain at that time than I had in years.
    So, the journey continued. I have increased the amount of movement in my life, but must lose more so I can move more vigoriously. I have started alternate day fasting. The fat loss just stopped after 42 pounds and I'm hoping to blast it free with both fasting and increased movement.

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    Welcome to the forums I am rather new to the forums. Although I have followed the WOE for almost a year. I lost a lot in the beginning then went crazy with healthy fats and gained a large amount back. But I am still pretty much inflammation free with means painfree!! I love how much healthier I am now and I am back on track to losing. One of my favorite things is how much more active I am now.

    I started a fast yesterday because I was feeling so bloated and I felt so good I decided to stick it out for a few days. Good luck and give a shout out if you need any support!



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      Well, I finally figured out how to get back to this page! So far I've lost about 65 lbs. I lost enough to buy new clothes, then lost even more and had to give most of them away. I had only worn them twice. I am walking several miles a day now and my dog has learned to go on strike when she thinks we've walked far enough.
      My truck broke down in Laredo, TX yesterday and we had to get a motel room while it was in the shop. We left for a walk around the block this morning and got lost. We walked several miles before I found the motel again. Poor Jinx had to rest twice, then I had to carry her (50 lbs) up 2 flights of stairs. I felt great but she collapsed in front of the air conditioner and didn't move except to drink.
      I am having some trouble staying completely primal due to food availability but I feel wonderful and continue to lose weight.
      Denny's has a dish I love. It's a Bacon, avocado wrap that I modify by asking for an omlette, no tortilla. Wendys has an Apple chicken pecan salad I enjoy. The pomegranate dressing tastes good but isn't necessary for a good tasting meal. I try to keep boiled eggs and cheddar cheese in the cooler for those days when nothing else is around. Subway's tuna salad on a bed of fresh spinach and cucumbers keeps the scale moving downward. The bad thing about it is the strong iodine flavor.


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        BTW, I've noticed that my success story in the making isn't attached to my handle. I am Patty in the pic. I get a bit sick looking at it. Almost any after pic will be an improvement over that.


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          Truck is broken again. Stressing since I have about 2000 miles t drive to make it to my daughters college graduation next week.
          I had a small cardiac episode when I got on the scale this morning, I gained 2 lbs. On the the other hand, my little bunk feels much bigger now. I've lost much of my belly fat and it feels like I'm finally sleeping alone again. There's even room for Jinx to sleep beside me now.