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My "No, Seriously This Time" Primal Journal - (dcrachel)

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  • My "No, Seriously This Time" Primal Journal - (dcrachel)

    Day one of primal. Day one of Whole30 (to kick me off). Day one of no Diet Coke (my absolute biggest addiction).

    My goals for the Whole30 are to FEEL BETTER and figure out what foods make me feel bad. That's it. Weight loss would be awesome, and I'm sure it will come, but that isn't my main goal.

    For a little background, I am 100 pounds overweight, in my early 30s, a wife, a mother to one, a full-time office drone (but I love my job. Really). I've struggled with weight my entire post-puberty life. The only time I've ever felt *good* while eating was when I was doing Atkins, but a lot of their philosophies didn't jive with me. Plus, they are all about weight loss and I want to be more focused on health and longevity (which includes fat reduction).

    I've been researching primal and paleo for a while and it sounds RIGHT. I think it will really help me to not feel like a bag of butts all day, every day. I know exercise is an important part of primal living, but right now I just need to get my eating right so I can find the energy to exercise. Baby steps.

    I need some LIFE in my life. Some energy!

    Day One:

    Late Breakfast: (I had to fast until 10:30am due to a pre-scheduled physical with blood work.) Nice sized salad with lettuce, bell pepper, carrots, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a can of tuna. Two cups of tea with coconut milk.

    Late Lunch: Two sugar/additive-free chicken-apple sausages, celery with 1 small avocado.

    Snacks: Soaked-and-dried Almonds

    Dinner: Grass-fed hamburger (1/2 lb.), sauteed Brussels sprouts.

    Dessert (maybe): Blueberries with coconut butter

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    Just got some very stressful news and my immediate thought was, "I want a Frosty." STRESS EATING! No. I put my foot down on that.


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      Good for you.. Major win I think I will always have to be on guard for stress and/or emotional eating..
      Welcome to the forums, hope your day gets better!


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        My meals yesterday were very similar to Wednesday. A few sugar cravings, a few soda cravings, but really nothing bad. Which is AMAZING, to be honest. I remember the first week I did Atkins, I thought I was going to DIE. I felt like ass. Maybe my eating is healthier, maybe I've kicked sugar before so my body knows I'm not going to die, or maybe I'm just more focused this time, but I'm feeling better. I do miss cheese and milk, but not so much that I long for them. It just seems sad to have a burger without cheese!

        Breakfast: Two pastured eggs scrambled with coconut oil

        Late Lunch: A BAS with spinach, pepper, celery, carrots, tuna,balsamic and olive oil.

        Snacks: A handful of Almonds

        Dinner: Grass-fed hamburger (1/2 lb.), sauteed Brussels sprouts.


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          Today's breakfast was two pastured eggs sauteed in avocado oil. My daughter decided she wanted eggs, too, so she ate almost a whole one of mine! Curses! I will have a couple cups of tea with coconut milk to get my fat and calories in.

          Lunch is a big salad with spinach, bell pepper, carrots, tuna, balsamic and oil

          Snack is a (large) handful of pistachios

          Not sure about dinner. Maybe chicken sausages with sauteed leeks. Maybe a burger with veggie fries.

          The weekends are hardest. Coming up on my first primal weekend and not knowing exactly what to eat. On Sunday I am leaving for a four-day business trip, which will also be a challenge. Even though I'm doing the Whole 30 and their thing is NO CHEATS OR YOU DIE, that just isn't realistic. I'm not going to "cheat," but in any given situation I may not have a terrific option available. So I will make my best choice, stand up for my dietary needs, and NOT drink alcohol. That one will be hard.


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            Good luck on the coming weekend. Maybe staying in will help avoid temptations. You could also try to research the area where your business trip is, restaurants or markets so you have a better idea of where you could find yummy primal food.
            Loving my primal life


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              I did the Whole 30 to a "T" for one week, lost 10 pounds, gained energy, felt great, but really really missed cheese. Yes, cheese. And bourbon. I love the idea of the Whole 30, and I think it got me kicked off well, but it is simply not sustainable for me. And I'd rather eat in a sustainable fashion for the long haul than start hardcore and ease off. So Whole 30 is more like a Whole 7, but I am 100% committed to primal.

              Cheese. It gets a lot of people hung up, I realized. And I know Mark Sisson advocates that we strive for 100% compliance, but 80% is perfectly great. My 20% will come in the form of cheese on my (grass fed) hamburger and bourbon on the weekends. I think that is a way to keep my healthy AND sane.

              At the conference I attended the past few days, it was definitely hard to keep primal. The only breakfast served was danishes and bagels. Lunch was sandwiches. Many receptions with wine and spirits. But I held firm. I ate what I needed to, even if it meant leaving the conference for lunch. I politely declined the wine. And because I was eating so healthfully, I wan't hungry hardly ever, so it was easier to skip a meal if I had no other option. I also packed some carrots, guacamole, clementines, and pepperoni to keep me in check.

              Most of my breakfasts consisted of either scrambled eggs or carrots and guacamole. Lunches were broiled fish or a hamburger with veggies on the side. Dinners were much the same. No snacks, really, because I didn't need them!

              I am feeling really great. I may be converting a couple co-workers to the primal lifestyle, too!

              Today's breakfast: Sugar/nitrate-free Turkey cold cuts, chai tea with coconut milk, clementine
              Lunch: Not sure. I have a lunch meeting with colleagues. Probably a burger or steak with a side salad. (As a side note, I have been wickedly wanting red meat. Turns out my iron levels are low! My body is so smart.)
              Dinner: Trout with roasted Brussels sprouts.