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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Michelle)

    This post is a journal for me to take my health to the next level for the next 30 days.

    Here are some of the things that have been "obstacles" in the past:

    1. I'm a very busy business owner with a 3+ hour commute/day. I just had to lay off a key worker, so I am back to working fulltime from working partime.

    2. I have an almost 9 month old baby (who is starting life primally, yay!)

    3. Stepfamily obligations--basketball tournaments, etc. Also, we have junk in the house for them to eat (I stay out of the argument to keep my sanity).

    4. I travel a lot.

    So, though I hate to call the above excuses, I have to acknowledge them as challenges because I must be prepared for how they can hinder my progress and I must find ways to deal with them.

    I've figured out a good way to do my meals is prepare one good meal for the week, in quantities large enough to freeze extra portions. And the rest of the week I can eat the frozen meals and/or whip up something with the leftover fresh ingredients.

    Here's what I ate today:

    1. Vanilla protein powder shake with heavy cream, a couple of frozen mango chunks.

    2. Lunch was at 3PM because I had an emergency meeting right as my lunch was heated.

    Lunch = Pork chop with veggie mixture (fennel, canned tomato, some other things I can't remember)

    Small amount of raspberries and mango chunks.

    Granted, I'm not 100% primal, but this is a journey.

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    It is a journey! I kept avoiding doing a 30 day challenge and wandered to and from the Primal BP. I am now on day two and really have a positive feeling about it. Don't worry about obstacles..they can be overcome!

    Stay Primal!!!



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      So in the evening I had a meatloaf concoction made with beef/lamb/sausage with peppers, onions, and some odds and ends that I forgot. I also had a couple of mini pumpkin & almond flour muffins with european style butter.

      So not completely primal, but getting there .


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        Bah, today started well but it fell apart later in the day.

        Started off with a hard boiled egg with butter and salt.

        Lunch--primal meatloaf with beef/lamb/sausage


        Then it fell apart because I had to stay at my office longer than I thought. I didn't obviously bring enough food with me, so on my way home (on a 1.5 hr 75 mile commute) I had some frozen custard. It was yummy! But I got a headache.