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The Yo-yo is OVER!!!

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  • The Yo-yo is OVER!!!

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    Dairy could be the problem. I gained since starting primal, and I think that is why. I am nearly 2 weeks without, and my waist has gone down 6 cm so far, good luck with it


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      Thanks Ayla I am cutting dairy as of now. How much did you gain? (if you don't mind saying)


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        Dairy -- Well, I tried putting it back in on primal and gained 4 pounds in about 4 days -- and I wasn't eating tons of it. I went off the dairy, lost the weight in two days and am still losing. So dairy seems to affect me, for sure. I also cut out eggs. Salads without orange as part of the dressing are hard for me. I may have to add them back in! Adding the dairy was the first time since I started primal (1/16/12) that I had a big weight change like that. Up until then it was slow and regular.


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          One idea:

          If you cut out all dairy except the cream and coffee, who but knows that they might chemically react in a nice way and not store themselves in unwanted areas! Maybe just one cup of coffee and cream for breakfast?

          I'm thinking of adding one orange and some raisins back in for my salad dressing because I can go so primal it's not longer worth eating! I seem to be having meat issues (I suddenly do NOT like meat). Keep yo-yoing around to try to make meat palatable. Bizarre.


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            Yep. It's called "Primal Journal - Pam."

            Originally posted by longing2bfit
            I really feel you on this one because I feel thats what happening to me. I did not think I would have to eliminate EVERYTHING!I am not sure what to for dressings anymore either. I hate the oil/vinagar that I use. Do you have a journal? I will go look. Maybe we can encourage each other!


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              Going over to your journal -- so cool you have one. Did driver training with Ruby, a walk, and 3 sprints, so I'm going to cozify and read your journal. I found it. Nice to meet you, CJ.

              Are you going to keep this thread as your journal or your old journal? Wasn't sure which one to post on!
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                Originally posted by Ayla2010 View Post
                Dairy could be the problem. I gained since starting primal, and I think that is why. I am nearly 2 weeks without, and my waist has gone down 6 cm so far, good luck with it
                about 6 kg
                I dont think it was all the dairy, I have also been working out pretty hard, so think ive gained muscle too, but it is going down now :


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                  Even cutting dairy right down to one coffee with cream a day could help. I hope to be able to have it again. But I also wonder if coffee was a reason too.
                  I did gain in the first couple of months I think, but stayed the same for the next 2 and a bit.
                  I cut things right down to basics, so meat and veg (also leaving out eggs now just in case). I eat a fairly large breakfast with a good amount of protein, ie a large steak or chicken breast, or preservative free sausage (just meat and herbs). With veg. Then I eat again around 2-4 pm and I have a similar meal. I sometimes make my own mayo, then use it to make coleslaw. The main veg I eat is steamed broc/cauli though. Occasionally will have a small sweet potato, I am not eating fruit currently.
                  If hungry in between that time, I have a few mac nuts, but its rare that I need to.
                  I then go to CrossFit at 6.30 pm, and rarely need to eat after. If I do its a little protein leftover from dinner.

                  I hope something helps you


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                    I also found i need to be careful with IFing and only do it while I am home as it can be a dangerous situation if out and I get hungry.


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                      Just thinking -- 3 of my grandkids just love chicken soup, so I often make homemade chicken soup for them. My other grandkid also likes chicken soup but adores meat of any kind. Maybe you could learn how to make homemade venison jerky with grandbaby:-) Then you could nosedive with impunity and be totally primal -- even grandbabies can chew and chew and chew on jerky, I imagine. Well, it does matter how little; choking is not good. If you do ever figure out how to make a really good venison jerky, it is absolutely fantastic. My grandfather hunted when I was little, and I got a box of jerky every year.

                      Hope you have a wonderfully primal day and nosedive into a lot of meat and vegies:-)


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                        i dont track now, its the surest way to send me to a binge. It makes me stress out. Its for the same reason I took our scales to crossfit and smashed them with the sledge hammer
                        Just measuring my waist is a good enough indication for me.


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                          Fork in eye is NOT a good visual. End of tracking food. Drives one nuts fairly quickly!

                          Then, when I saw coffee for breakfast and lettuce for lunch, I thought you'd gone anorexic and started really panicking. Luckily, you followed it up with some good food.

                          Do you find eggs satisfy you? I had trouble making it to the next meal with eggs. I put some corned beef in my BAS today, and I'm still satisfied and thinking I can make it a bit longer with this one meal a day thing (at lunch). Not sure how long I can do it. Yes, primal man probably didn't eat three times a day, but once a day! Hmm! But then, he probably wasn't overweight either, so he had no need to do it by choice.

                          Thinking if you keep eating like today, you'll be under that 200 mark by April -- and never get to it again:-) Pretty exciting.

                          Originally posted by longing2bfit
                          Following some advice I decided to track my food intake for a week or so starting today, 10 minutes into measuring and writing down I wanted to stick a fork in my eye! I was steady flashing on my CW days and the typical SAD diet following WW etc. *groan* please fairy fatchick-mother make this a dream*groan*

                          B-1 coffee with spash of cream & stevia

                          L- 2 C boston lettuce
                          stirfry: 1 T OO, 1/2 C Broc, purple cabbage,mushrooms,zucchini, 2 boiled eggs, 1 T peppercini juice, 4 small peppercinis, 1/2 tsp himalayan salt, 1/2 tsp tumeric. Feelings about this lunch: satisfaction meter 1-10: 4 satiety factor: good


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                            Try the Cron O Meter for tracking - it lets you set your diet as Paleo or your own ratio of fats/carbs/protein. It showed me a couple of mistakes I was making. You can enter your own recipes too, which is handy as it means you just put them on as one item instead of entering every bit of stuff that is in it.
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                              Do you have the time to write down exactly what you've been eating? If you've cut out grains, sugars, processed oils, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, eggs, dairy (except for that one cup of coffee), and most fruit, maybe even coconut milk, it could be that time of the month, when you last went to the bathroom, a little too much salt, or something. If you weigh again tomorrow, it might go down. You could be one of those people who normally go up and down, so it could work for you to throw away the scale or go to the other extreme and weigh everyday to see if your body naturally jumps around weight-wise.

                              Just some thoughts. Oh, you could also surprise your body by IFing. My body seems to be responding well to the once a day at lunch meal.

                              Are you using table salt or Himalayan salt? Table salt does bizarre, not-nice things to water weight.
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