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  • mcbeitz: a work in progress (pardon the dust)

    So a little about me, before I launch into my journal...

    I switched to paleo last June, which was rough. I switched during paddling season (I do outrigger canoe paddling), which is a very endurance based sport. During the season we practice 3x a week, and usually cover between 6-10 miles in each practice. Races are between 12-18 miles for the long distance season. It was a rough transition to paleo, not only because I was worried about how to fuel that much exercise without the carbs I was used to, but also because I was addicted to dairy and sugar as well. I had the low-carb flu for something like 3 weeks, which was awful.

    After I made the transition, gradually my headaches and migraines went away. I still found it hard to get used to not basing my meals on some sort of carb vehicle, but eventually I got used to it.

    My bloodwork has also improved. I went for my yearly physical before switching, and again about 3 months ago, and the numbers are a lot better, which is encouraging.

    Weight wise, not much has happened, which is frustrating. However I have been fighting with my weight for a long time, so maybe it will take a while for things to settle a bit. At this point, I'm not really sure what a reasonable weight target would be, so I'm hoping to use the belly pudge as the indicator. So my target is to lose the belly fluff. This is totally vain, but I would like to look good in a bikini by the time I am 40.

    Onward & upward! =)

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    So I am now getting back into the swing of things.

    I went on a 2-week vacation to visit my brother & his family, who live in Kiev, Ukraine. The first week we went skiing in Austria, and then the second week was in Kiev.

    This trip was not conducive to staying on track in terms of eating. There was lots and lots and lots of bread and breaded protein, but almost no fruits or vegetables. I know, I know- eastern Europe in winter. However it seemed especially limited in Kiev. I kept thinking to myself "but where's the food?!?"

    Net result: I ate whatever I could find. It wasn't pretty.

    And to top it off, I got horribly sick. I could feel it looming & circling while I was in Kiev, and it sort of crushed me when I got home. It took almost a week in bed before I got over it.

    However, I'm back on plan, and paddling season has started, so regular exercise has commenced!


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      So I'm going to try something different for a couple of weeks. I have been trying to "use my hunger" to gauge how much to eat, and it hasn't really been working. I have a tendency to self-monitor what I am eating, or put off eating because my brain tells me that it isn't time yet. The net result has been that I haven't been eating enough.

      I input my food into My Fitness Pal for the last couple of days, and I was averaging around 1200 calories, which is not enough, especially with paddling starting. My goal is to eat at least 1500 calories a day, with 100 g protein & under 100 g carbs. This number will be adjusted for paddling, which (according to various online calculators) uses between 400-600 calories an hour.

      So yesterday I kept current on my calorie app with what I was eating, and had a seriously hard time eating 1500 calories. It was almost as hard as passing an act of Congress. Breakfast was 400 calories, lunch was 400 calories, leaving me 700 left for dinner & 400 more for paddling. 1100 calories to get down between 7p and 10p.

      I finally had to resort to some paleo friendly carrot muffins to get all of the calories in.

      Now here's the thing. I got my metabolism tested a few years ago, and they said that my base metabolism is 2300 calories a day, so I should be eating waaaaaay more than I do. However, when I bumped up my calories to 1900, I gained a shitload of weight. Since the goal is to lose fat, how do I accomplish this? Any suggestions?