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    So I've been pretty lazy about updating the journal here. Life got very busy and the last thing I felt like doing most days was recite my meals.

    exercise has been brief -- except for fencing practice. I seem to get tired really fast when I try to do pushups or squats, but fencing carries enough adrenaline to keep me moving.

    I'm very very tired these days. I *think* the problem is that I am not getting enough sleep at night. Dearheart has been snoring a lot - and while normally I tell him to roll over and that solves the problem, since he tore his rotator cuffs in both shoulders, he has to sleep on his back and I have to stay awake until there are only 6 possible sleep-hours left. Meanwhile, Dog 3 has been waking up very early in the morning and --I swear to god -- yodeling at us. I am starting to examine the possibility of calling in "sick" to work, so I can just sleep.

    Now in the good side of things -- My teeth are whiter. No, really, they are! It's the weirdest thing . . . All my life I've been told the color of your teeth depends on whether you smoke/drink coffee/drink tea, etc. I am drinking just as much coffee and tea as ever . . . but in the past month I've noticed a dramatic whitening of my teeth. What the hey?

    Weight has stabilized around 125. Speaking of weight, the other weird thing I'm noticing is that although my MEASUREMENTS are the SAME in all the usual places, my clothes fit differently. I look thinner. Did my posture change? What the hey, again!


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      I finally demanded that Sweetheart stop watching TV in the bedroom and let me go to sleep 8 hours before I am supposed to wake up. I felt so much healthier today, it's not even funny. I'm now ready to do battle every night, if that's what it takes to allow me to be healthy.


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        Hi Marie! I'm just south of you in our great state!! Nice to see another Texan!

        Welcome to the primal world! I wish you much success with your goals! Your current weight is 6 more pounds than my goal weight!! I have a long long way to go. But its ok...I'll get there.

        A suggestion on your sweethearts honey snores too...& sometimes I have to use earplugs. They're cheap & help me tune him out. Sometimes I will use my ipod or iphone & listen to soft music. The earplugs are great because I can focus on my breathing & I'm generally out like a light in no time. Just a suggestion.

        I love your avatar! I love Boots!! My favorite character from Shrek.

        again...welcome & good luck!!
        Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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          Hello Marie! Hope you don't mind me poking my nose into your journal.

          My husband used to snore horribly too and for most of our married life I either slept in another room or spent the whole night wrestling with him, trying to turn him on his side. Then he was diagnosed with wheat allergy and his snoring practically stopped overnight, after eliminating all wheat from our foodlist. And since converting to the Primal way of eating I sometimes even forget that he is sleeping on the same bed beside me!
          Reclaiming my waistline: inch by inch


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            Thanks for the suggestion, Cajun. I try earplugs every now and then but I have really really narrow ear canals. Maybe I need to make my own earplugs from cotton balls . . .


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              I hear you on the wheat allergy. Since we started Primal eating, his snoring has improved a lot! But, he still does snore, a little, and when he can sleep on his side it's no problem. It's just while his ribs and shoulders are healing and he has to sleep on his back. Also, he needs less sleep than me (he wakes up refreshed after 6 hours) and so he tends to want to stay up late. he gets sulky when I won't "keep him company". I have to get it thru his thick male head that my need for health is not a rejection of him. Also, I will become homicidal if I don't get enough sleep over a long enough period of time . . .just sayin.


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                Marie...the earplugs I use are very soft & kinda squish 'em thin & place them in the ear & they "swell up' to fit your ear. Very comfortable & I sleep so soundly when I have them in. Sometimes I think I should just wear them every night!
                Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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                  So the doctor said "No Exercise".

                  I was in a car wreck last month (almost to the day) and it seemed minor at first, but I ended up with some nasty whiplash. In fact, it was overwhelming how much a "simple sprain" could crimp my style. The chiropractor forbade me from exercising and put me on a strict regimine of ice and ibuprofen. Finally, now, I have clearance to exercise again but I am to stop as soon as it pulls. Not stop when it hurts; stop when it pulls. This weekend the dogs and I took a two-mile walk, and today I plan to try some tabata sprinting on the exercise bike. We'll see.

                  In other news, I discovered an easy recipe that has become my primal staple. On weekends, I like to really cook nice meals and I make enough for leftovers, but that usually only lasts two days. The rest of the time I make what I like to call "Primal Skillet Meal." (like that fancy name?) It consists of one lb of ground meat, lightly browned. Dump in a bag of frozen cauliflower, then about 1/2 to 3/4 of a bag of some other frozen veggie. Simmer together until warm, them top with a creamy mushroom soup ("Imagine" has one with a paleo-friendly ingredients list) or spaghetti sauce. I mix it all up into a "stew you eat with a fork". It's delicious and takes about 20 minutes. Less if I remember to defrost my veggies ahead of time. I can pre-cook several pounds of meat during the weekend, and package it up for daily use. It has been dinner 5 out of 7 nights for three weeks and I'm not tired of it yet.

                  In related news, the above meal is pretty low-carb, depending on your choice of veggies. I find that in general, once I have removed sugar and grains and I'm only hungry for 1500 calories worth of food on a daily basis . . . my diet is really low carb by default. This presents a bit of a problem, because unless I make a very special and determined effort to eat a sweet potato (or banana) every day, I get low carb flu over and over again. I like sweetpotatoes (and bananas), really I do, but last week I was under a lot of stress and although I stayed primal, I forgot about the sweet potatoes. By day three, I was miserable and depressed . . . On day five I realized I had low-carb flu. I was so far gone that I didn't want to wait to get home from work to eat something starchy, so I went out for lunch and had an enormous plate of french fries. I know, I know, they are cooked in terrible oils, but it was an emergancy! I did feel much better that evening and even better the next day when I had a banana-blueberry smoothie at breakfast.

                  Must. Remember. Sweet Potatoes!


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                    I've mentioned before that I am in a relationship with a man I call Dearheart. What I have not always mentioned is that before I began dating Dearheart, I was married to a Bi-polar man. We have been apart for more than two years now, but Monday two weeks ago my ex committed suicide.

                    I found his body.

                    It was terrible, not only being the one who found him, but also just having him die. I never stopped loving him, I just stopped being in a relationship with him because his depression was affecting me too much. I always held hope in my heart that he would someday swing back out of that depression (usually he cycled over 6 months but this last depressive cycle had gone four years) and be the creative, witty, compassionate, fun-loving guy I used to know. I was finished being his wife, but I still wanted to be his friend and see him live a good life, someday. . . Now those possibilities are over.

                    As soon as I got off the phone with 911, I called a good friend and within the hour I had a living room full of supportive and loving people. I was overwhelmed by their love and strength. I stuck to my gluten-free guns but tossed paleo principles to the wind - - and had something along the lines of ten alcoholic drinks; mostly cider but I'm sure there was a margarita in there. We had a roaring Irish Wake and I was quite thoroughly hung over the next morning.

                    Other than that day, I've stayed Primal.

                    I also had a business trip recently and all the lunches were catered. I hated to be high-maintenance but I went ahead and asked the organizers to provide gluten free options for me. They did a very very good job, and all the food they had for me was truly gluten free. It was just my misfortune that it was also vegetarian! I kept my sense of humor, tho, and snuck off to a local deli and bought grilled chicken breasts and other meats to use as salad toppers during the week. Next year, I might ask the organizers to provide Paleo options for me; won't it be fun to see what they come up with then!
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                      One cool thing I am noticing, is that I am coping really really well with all this stress. I had PTSD three years ago (does it ever really go away? maybe I should stay I *have* PTSD) and the way I felt, daily, back then was dramatically worse than the way I feel now. But the stress I'm coping with is more severe.

                      This new ability to process stress and cope well, is it some leptin related perk of being Primal?

                      I am super hungry these days, and eat twice as much as I did before Jim's death, but I'm COPING with the stress and trauma and that is just amazing!


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                        I'm sorry for this grief in your life. I'll be thinking of you.


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                          Just over six months Primal, and it's going alright, but not great.

                          I'm not sure what to change to fix things, but maybe writing it all down will help.

                          Month 1 was pretty good. It was winter and I came down with my usual sinus infection, so low-carb flu got lost in the shuffle and I never noticed a thing.

                          Month 2 - felt better than I had since I was 6 years old. Energetic and optimistic. Decided my new years resolution (a full six weeks late) would be to do a dead-hang pull up by the end of the year. Bought pullup bar.

                          Month 3- major changes at work. Maybe it was the stress of the new job requirements, but I lost that energy gain and started feeling run-down a lot. Then I had a stomach flu and a UTI by the end of the month.

                          Months 4-5 - continuing changes at work, continuing stress. Maybe stress is the cause of my fatigue? I tracked food for a week or so and found I was eating very low carb, under 50 grams a day. Probably had done that for weeks. I never did that on purpose, but my favorite yummy foods just happen to be low carb (Aspaaaaaaaraguuuuuus!). I started a campaign of eating yams a couple times a week to compensate. A solitary cold germ wafted across the Austin Metropolis so of course, I caught a cold. My carpool buddy's car was rear-ended and I got whiplash.

                          Month 6- MORE changes and stress at work. I love my job, but they keep moving me around to new departments, so I am in training for new skills and responsibilities one week out of every six. Then there was a business trip across country, with a plane trip and lots of pressure to perform. Oh yeah, and, my estranged husband committed suicide and I discovered him so, you know, PTSD and stuff.

                          Month 7 - another UTI, WTF?? I never had UTIs in my whole life and now in one year I've had 2. Why does my bladder hate me??

                          So, in summary, my life has been stressful. I KNOW stress does terrible things to our health and our bodies . . . but until June, my stress levels were nothing special. In 2008-2011 I survived separating from my husband, rejoining the work force, fighting a foreclosure. I didn't have UTIs then, and I don't remember being this fatigued.

                          What is going well:
                          --I am sucessfully avoiding processed foods and sugar.
                          --I have cut grains entirely out of my cooking, but sometimes they sneak into meals that look safe, but were not prepared under my own watchful eyes.
                          --My allergies are 80% improved. I no longer have to take knock-out dosages of benedryl and lie down for 8 hours, once a month.
                          --My skin is clear and gorgeous.
                          --I lost 20 lbs I had never even noticed I had, and I can see my abs now.

                          What I know I need to improve:
                          --Sleep. I am horizontal for 7.5-8 hours every night other than Tuesday night (fencing lessons on the far side of town, get home late). But just because I am lying down does not mean I am sleeping. I need either more time in bed, or more of a settle-down ritual before bed. Unfortunatley, my boyfriend is one of those 6-hours and refreshed kinds of people, and he gets incredibly sulky when I want to either sleep late or go to bed earlier than him ("What? But you just got 8 hours YESTERDAY?? And we haven't spent any time together since the hour and half we were stuck in traffic coming home from work!"). This is his only flaw as far as Primal is concerned. He is onboard with the diet and workouts, but I may murder him in a sleep-deprived rage if he keeps whining about my bedtime.

                          --Omega 3s. I still can't tolerate fish oil capsules. I buy the best brand, I store it in the freezer, I take it with food, and still get cramps and fish-burps. I am taking probiotics to try to restore my gut flora and fauna - maybe that will help. Someday . . .

                          --Primal Exercise. My goal is to someday make it all the way thru SimpleFit level one day one. Seriously, I am WEAK.

                          Challenges I have to find a way around
                          --I need to find a polite way to explain to my otherwise perfect boyfriend that HE will die if I do not get my 9 hours of rest. Every. Day. Not just on days when he doesn't crave my company for one more hour of WOW.

                          --Lunchtime. They give us free lunches at work and I wish I could take advantage of them, but 4 out of 5 days is grain-fest. The other day is usually something like "recognizable Meat" and "recognizable vegetable." Unfortunately, some of those meals have hidden gluten surprises in them, such as the time the pork tenderloin slices had been very thinly breaded. I couldn't even see the breading until I was half-way through.

                          --Allergies. While Primal has vastly improved my life where allergies are concerned, I am still vulnerable to Mold and Ragweed season and a few other things. I live in THE allergy capitol of the US and even people who have never had allergies will get sick after they move here. I feel forced to take Claritin daily during 'the season' and that gives me dry-mouth, which in turn puts me at risk of over-hydrating. Also, I feel like shit during 'the season.'

                          --Money. Pastured Meat and Organic vegetables are something other people get to eat. I shop at Walmart.

                          So what should I do, Primal Mentors? Pop supplements? eat more carbs? Work out differently? Put sleeping pills in BF's dinnertime beverage so he lets me go to bed? Wait and hope that the way I feel now (run-down, suseptible to illness) will improve as I recover from all the stress?