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    Somebody up there hates me. I took a glorious bike ride in this wonderful weather--basically just rode away from Amsterdam for half an hour. When I get back the front tire (the one I put a new tube in three days ago) starts going...going...going... flaaatttt. Of course every repair shop is already closed, and of course I have class at 9 am in the center tomorrow and the next day.

    I seriously feel like buying some weed just so I can chill the f* out.

    I'm not even a (cigarette) smoker, but sometimes I think "A cigarette sounds nice." Like it'd be nice to have something so immediate.

    I feel like the universe is just swatting at me like a fly.


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      Yesterday I had a carrot, and I ate around the core, revealing an internal structure of which I was unaware.

      Also, wtf is going on. Boston and TX, the two places in the States that I call home...


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        Wandered over from the avocado thread...I'm not eating eggs right now, so I can't make your avocado muffins, but I'm going to try a pudding.

        More importantly, did you actually eat a raw plantain?