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    Well I did go ahead and take a day off of counting. I still went to the gym and rowed 5k (auw ya) and did not eat until around 4. I won't get into specifics, but there was plenty of sugar in whole-food form and a nice injection of delicious, iconically Dutch animal fat. Given the deficit I've been eating at, this would have essentially canceled out one day of under-eating, not that I put any substantial stock in that statement.

    I just finished boiling some halved brussels sprouts in the left over red cabbage water. Now they look like little rubies. (Well, giant rubies I guess). I've still got sweet potatoes, a full carton of HB'd eggs, and I picked up canned tuna on sale. And of course I still have more than a half a damned red cabbage. Back on it til Saturday. I won't be tempted to eat grains (beyond rice) or dessert or anything -- that's really not an issue anymore. It'll just be high calorie deliciousness.

    Unrelated: The TAs for my Set Theory class are Japanese and this is how they grade homeworks:


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      I also forgot to mention that Thursday evening I went out with some friends, on the spontaneous. I had already brushed my teeth and everything. We went to a bar with a giant beer list (at least 100). First I had something called "Judas" (Belgian I think). And on the second round I asked the bartender for something special. He asks, "Do you like sour?" I reply, "YES, I do." And he gives me a Duchesse de Bourgogne, which is a sour Flemish ale. The crazy thing is that I was literally thinking of asking for that exact thing, since I'd bought it before in Boston and was amazed to see it here on a menu, so close to the source! Waaay more sour than I remember. Like vinegar. But so good. I also had literally one bite of cheese and one bite of sausage (it was Spanish, I forget the name. Before you mentally correct me, it was not chorizo). Oh man. MELTED in my mouth. mmm.

      Well it has been raining since before I woke up and I guess it's just going to drizzle and drizzle until it SNOWS tomorrow (the 4uck?!). I have spent all day planning a beer & food - centric neighborhood themed touring of Amsterdam for next week. I've been doing some push ups "grease the groover" style. 140 so far, in sets of 10.

      At one point this morning I was VERY hungry, but it dissipated. I went ahead and ate at around 2 pm, 540 calories.

      Nix the above. 150 push ups. Probably will call it a day at 200.


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        Got work done this morning, then to the gym for a 20 minute run, lat pulls, and dips.

        Ate approximately 650 calories at around 4 pm. That's not entirely accurate, since there is, as you have probably noticed (not), an extra unit of sweet potato in the picture. Good eyes. It turns out that I had actually partitioned my kilogram of sweet potatoes into ninths, not eighths. So I was actually eating <250 grams all those other days. So it all adds up in the end. And who cares, also.

        Probably going to finish The West Wing series tonight. Eeeeeee!!!


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          IT'S SO FREAKING COOOOOLD!!!! I thought it was finally Spring! It's snowed the last 2 nights! IT'S LITERALLY FREEZING.

          No gym today. Maybe air squats and push ups later. Maybe not. It's a mystery.

          Food was tasty today. 860 calories at 1 pm.

          Seriously, I'm sitting INSIDE and I'm FREEZING my BUTT off in my room. Wah

          ETA: 120 push ups and 100 bodyweight squats. Mystery solved.

          Oh, and, that is a plantain, not a banana.
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            Today was a loooong day. I went to the gym at 5 and did a mish mash of things. Busted out 20 really strong push ups, then 1 km on the rower with two hard sprints, then dips and lat pulls interspersed with leg raises on the captain's chair.

            I felt good later in the day but this morning and early afternoon I felt totally spent, even though I woke up feeling awesome. I ate at 6:30, 900 calories. What you see in the pic is only around 600. It was delicious (I dipped it all in dijon mustard). What animal do you think it looks like? But I was still hungry, and I felt like just actually being nice and full. So I had a tub of kwark (quark in English?). Basically just a big tub of dairy protein. Mooooo. Still kind of gross though. I'd much rather have some gouda (But that's not 50 calories per 100 grams hah!). I think I've finally confirmed for myself that I just don't want yogurty things.

            It is so goddamn cold WTFFFFFF !!


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              I've been having a recurrent dream in which I'm dueling to the death a la Harry Potter, screaming avada kedavra, etc. Also dreamt I was sentenced to death. And that my high school biology teacher caught me with a flour-sized sack of cocaine.

              Got a lot of work done this morning so I won't feel guilty having fun all weekend when my buddy is here. Also created this throughout the morning:

              I've been feeling lazy about working out. Tomorrow my well-rested arms should be able to bust out a good many dips. Maybe I'll do push ups + squats later. Maybe I'll watch House of Cards...

              I didn't count yesterday. Today I ate at around 3 pm, 750 calories. Imagine there's another sweet potato of the same size in the picture, because I ate one. These guys came 5 to a kilogram and one was a monster, so together these made 333 grams, in an ideal universe.


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                I ate SO MUCH good food this last week. I also wore my completely flat-soled Converse knock-offs, on my feet/walking for around 12 hours each day, and messed my feet up something bad. On the third day, when we had cycled to the Albert Cuyp market and then got off the bikes to walk around, I was holding back a grimace. If I were slightly less pain tolerant I could've cried my feet hurt so bad. They have bruises on the top. So after that I switched to my Saucony Hattories, which at least have some sort of arch, but damn, it's going to be a few days (only a few, I hope) before I'm hitting the gym. I doubt I can even do push ups due to the pressure on my toes.

                But enough about my being a freaking idiot, let me tell you about the food. One night we went to the Ethiopian place just outside of Vondelpark called Abyssinia. The enjera bread (like a sourdough flatbread made of teff) was fun to eat with and everything tasted amazing.

                Another night we had Indonesian rijstafel at Tempo Doloe on Ultrechestraat. It was expensive, but worth it. I don't have a picture, but again it was all pretty primal. Nothing too sweet, just lots of small meat and veggie dishes with a bit of rice. Even the prawn crackers you get on the side are made of tapioca (which I looked up afterward. I had some leftovers we'd brought home. I think we were the first people to ever ask them for a take-home bag, hehe).

                I also made sure my bud tried all the typical stuff: got her some poffertjes at Albert Cuyp, a stroopwafel at Dappermarkt, and some pannenkoeken at this adorable place called Upstairs that had about one hundred tea pots hanging from the ceiling. I helped her eat the toppings: bacon + apple.

                We also had the semi-raw herring that you eat with pickles and diced onions. We both thought it was amazing. Luckily we are both adventurous eaters. Of course we drank lots of beer, at a lot of great places. On our last full day we hit up Brouwerij 't Ij, which is definitely a tourist stop, but we loved all the beers. We also got a plate of kaas and then some ossenworst. I didn't know that ossenworst was raw beef sausage (originally made from oxen) but, as I said, luckily we are both adventurous eaters. It was like someone had opened a plastic tube of ground beef, cut it into thick rounds, and put it on a plate for us. Realllyyy good though.

                After that we went to the Badhuis at Javaplein just for hanging out (it's very gezellig) and had a few more beers. Now I know that the Springs beers, or lentebieren, are my temporary favorites. We had another plate of borrelhappen, some kaasblookjes, olijven, salami, noten. Not like we needed to eat anymore that day, but afterward we picked up a can of erwtensoep (pea soup) and a boerenkool stamppot (kale + mashed potatoes, and this was FULL of bacon and rookworst) at the Albert Heijn so we can say we did traditional Dutch too!

                Time to do some serious school work tomorrow.

                Ugh I can't wait for my feet to feel better : (
                <-- I'm such a dummy.

                I also can't wait to have my bed to myself tonight (we ended up sharing my twin bed) and have a pillow (I sacrificed it. I'm such a good friend).


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                  My feet are still killing me. It's like the entire top and outer side of my left foot is abnormally tight, and I can hear things stretching when I move my foot around. It has been getting a little better everyday, but god damn! What did I do!?

                  After quite some delicious hiatus I am back to having a fridge stocked with simple cooked food. I ate at around 2 today, 750 calories (including one of those wrapped blocks of baker's chocolate. found some at this store that sells imported American goods. never buying again. le expensive).

                  Also went to the gym before ... just 20 easy minutes on the upright bike, a bit of dips, some lat pull downs.


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                    I won't bore you with a picture today. Ate at 5:30, complete repeat of yesterday except that I went double chicken and am currently enjoying a container of romaatjes. There is nothing like tomatoes that TASTE LIKE TOMATOES. Mmmm. Just over 1000 calories.

                    It's freezing in my room. I'm wearing socks, sweats, sweater, and big beanie. Under a blanket on my bed. And my feet still hurt. Waaahh. I did 100 push ups today and discovered that I can do "australian pull ups" (horizontal rows) on the desk in my room. So like 30 of those. I just want to RUN. Argh.

                    I have also consumed House of Cards, in less than a week, most of it over the last 3 days. I realized today that I was "setting my life to music" (isn't there a word for that? it would mean the same as "soundtracking" if it exists, know what I mean?) with the theme song. Which is so good. Sometimes I find this happening with the outro music to Homeland, too.


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                      A little work and a lot of coffee this morning. Still no gym, but I did pick up some Aleve (all the pills weirdly only come in bubble packs of 10 or 20. maybe just because this was at Albert Heijn and not the pharmacy?). This bullshit with my feet is pissing me off. I'm in an irritable mood. My roommate has left her door shut, but unlocked, and must have the window open, because her door is rattling against the frame, and will do so for the rest of the day. Ugghh.

                      I really just don't know re: my feet. It's hard to find google results that aren't about people dropping things on themselves. Sitting here flexing my feet feels way worse than actually walking on them now. All the pain is in the tops. Any podiatrists out there? (Tangent: There's this hilarious movie called "The In-Laws" with Michael Douglas, and one of the main characters is a podiatrist. Here's a teaser scene: The In-Laws: Fanny Pack - YouTube).

                      I ate really early today. 940 calories. I had a butt-ton of strawberries. I also bought a new mustard. Before you get too excited, it's not as good as the plain old sharp dijon that makes me cry. But it's not bad either.

                      1. That is tuna, not shredded chicken.
                      2. Yes the strawberries are ginormous.


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                        I've been lazy about eating, very fringe primal. Still eating once a day, but it's just a habit now. Now that my feet are better (I didn't break them! yes!) I'm going to get back into running. It just feels good. And it's getting warmer now, hopefully I'll get myself outside more. And I have a new pair of Saucony Hattoris in that sick icy blue on the way. My current pair has a hole in the bottom. Li-trally a hole straight through.

                        I have also just recently gotten the guts to lift with a barbell at the gym. I have said guts as long as there's no one else around, basically, which I need to work on. I still haven't really tried to deadlift. They have weightlifting help sessions just about every day at my gym, and I feel weird about going since I took this weightlifting class and skipped out after the third one (I didn't know it would be olympic lifting, which I'm not really interested in, for now). But I know the trainers don't actually care, and they'd just be glad to help me, yada yada. This is the same thing I tell my mom when she worries about what her old trainer will think when she turns up at the gym after being absent for months at a time. <--I'm a hypocrite.

                        Anyway, I started extremely conservatively on the squat -- ahem, just the bar -- since I was worried about form. My legs were still wrecked the next day. Two sessions later and I did 45 kg (99 lbs) this morning. I think I might be some kind of freak w.r.t. OHP because I'm at 35 kg (77 lbs) -- doing 3 rep sets, b/c fatigue, ya know? But the press feels really hard at that weight, and squat is comparatively much easier, but it's probably good to take it nice and slow. Also, my gym has agzillion of those tiny weights for microloading that I always see women complaining about not having. Yeah!

                        And just for funsies, some other stuff:


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                          When I went to the gym Thursday morning I squatted 50kg=110 lbs 3X5 and did OHP 30kg=66 lbs 3X5. Yeah, less weight on the OHP but I have tweaky shoulders, and I know it's true that "The iron beats your ego" or something like that. As long as I'm half-assing programming I may as well fully-half-ass it. Har har har.

                          My day sucked after that. Cycling to class and then I get a flat tire. Right next to a repair shop, so that was nice, but then I walked a good hour the rest of the way to class. So I didn't go in til after the break, and it was pretty much a waste of time. Then when I finally get home and check my email, I see that UPS has delivered my new shoes. Great! But who the hell signed for them? I realize that I sent the package to the wrong address... I put in my zip code for the street address. So I leave this other person a letter in their mailbox and a note taped to their corridor door. They've yet to contact me. Give me my god damn shoes!!

                          I know that:
                          (a) The tube in my second-hand bike had been getting holes, it was just old, and
                          (b) It's only my fault that the shoes went to the wrong place. And surely this person will give them to me.

                          But god damn! So many things keep going wrong. And I'm lonely. And it's the Netherlands so the sun just went away and now it's dark and raining.


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                            Well, nighttime gym trip to gauge the attendance level. Looks like my gym does not have a lull period. And now I remember why I never work out after having eaten. Even though it was five hours earlier. Unpleasant.

                            This is before I destroyed it. I didn't know when to stop, and it ended up looking like wrapping paper for a child's birthday present.


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                              NEW SHOOZ NEW SHOOZ NEW SHOOOOOOZZZZ!!!

                              One wild goose chase later...

                              I stuck my nose in that new shoe and took a deep breath. Aaaaahhhhh new shoe smell.


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                                Main course: Splooshed sweet potato topped with tuna in olive oil and canned spinach, with hard-boiled eggs, splooshed.

                                I just watched the Parks and Rec season 4 gag reel on youTube. Li-trally laughed out loud. Andy's lines are funny on the show but Chris Pratt's improv jokes and physical comedy are killer.
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