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Primal Challenge Journal: Hanna - A Swedish restart

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    November 20:

    B: 2 eggs
    S: banana and tea
    L: minced meat and cabbage
    S: orange
    D: omelet

    Move: jogged at lunch
    Play: Choir


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        Awww, thanks Sabine!

        I did well yesterday, and I have a head ache today, which I interpret as a good thing.

        Plan for today:
        B: 2 eggs and multivitamins
        S: coffee
        L: soup with meat and veggies
        S: Banana
        D: 2eggs
        Evening: greek yoghurt and berries

        Move and play: Yoga class

        Tonight and tomorrow will be hard, but I hvae yoga classes both days, which usually helps me. I did a 5 min mindfulness meditation before bed last night, which was nice. I am planning to introduce evening meditations to P (the "boy"friend) this weekend and see how he reacts.


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          I had a sugar crash headache after a camping trip with the Girl Scouts this past weekend. Not pleasant, but very gratifying when it went away after a dose of 'good' food. Sometimes feeling bad, and knowing why you do (and that you are getting over it!) can be very satisfying.


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            Weirdly satisfying, yes!

            Wednesday and thursday were great primal days. I am feeling the bloat go away, and I am enjoying eating the way I know that I benefit most from.

            I fear that it will be trying weekend. P is coming to visit. I have already warned him that I have stopped eating bread and sugar. Need to figure out an evening meal for tonight.

            I bought some moose from a friend, and I am considering making some kind of roast for Saturday dinner. with oven roasted veggies and mushroom sauce. makes my mouth water! lol! I need to find some recipe!


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              Small slip over the weekend, involving a mars bar. It really didn't taste that good.

              Today is Monday, and here's the plan:
              B: 2 eggs
              S: banana
              L: moose and veggies
              S: orange (I ate 2 gingerbread men as well )
              D: broccoli and pork

              Move and play: meet a friend for a jog.