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My Primal Challenge!

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  • My Primal Challenge!

    I have been going back and forth between deciding if I want to go primal, and have dabbled enough in the lifestyle to know that this isnt a fad for me, but will be a never ending lifestyle.

    I have PCOS (they think) and do not menstrate (Sorry if thats TMI!) I also have psoriasis, and a candida over-growth. Anyway, this way of living has been recommended for me to clear all of the above problems as well as many others, so I am fully committing this time! I have the tendancy to go the all-or-nothing route, which I have changed since starting on this journey. Sometimes a potatoe or a piece of bread might fall on my plate, and that is ok! 80/20 rule, right?

    I dont weight myself so I dont know where I am at right now, but it needs to go down. I used to be very overweight (5'5, around 215 lbs) and have kept most of it (lost 50lbs!) off for almost 4 years now. But I yo-yo between a size 6-12, and it needs to stay around a 2-4! My cycle usually is to do PB 100%, feel AWESOME, than have some bread or pasta, feel guilty, and than binge for a few weeks/months until I gain enough weight that none of my clothes fit and I get upset. Than I start the same cycle all over again! This cycle needs to end! I have done a lot of internal work as far as self exploration and also figured out where the binge disorder was coming from....anyway I am confident that that is all under control and am ready to live my life!

    I am starting my "challenge" now but I have been mostly primal for some time now. But I havent been tracking it until now.

    Still with me? lol I didnt mean for this to be a huge post but so be it!


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    OK so I guess I will count today as day one, so here is the good stuff aka the food:

    Clementine <--ate ar a meeting at work, and it was the only primal food in site! Would have liked to have some protein with this, but i didnt have any

    latte (made at home on my tassimo)

    GF bananna muffin (homemade, no sugar--basically just bananna, almond flour, eggs, some walnuts, and a few mini chocolate chips)

    100 cal pak of cocoa roasted almonds


    3oz ribeye steak topped with garlic-shallot butter

    1 tiny red potatoe fry

    tea w/ 10g of agave and a splash of milk

    GF brownie (almond butter, walnuts, cocoa powder, egg)

    Thats it! I dont have a huge apetite(when I go primal), so it may look like not that much food but I am not hungry for more--and I dont eat just to reach a certain number, I eat by my hunger


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      Hey Pinkskyy-- glad to see you&#39;re committing again. May I recommend you start tracking your food on FitDay? I recently started doing this, and it&#39;s really helped me to see how many grams of carbohydrates I&#39;m consuming, and my proportions of fat-protein-carbs. It strikes me that your daily intake, at least for today, looks very carb heavy. This may be part of the reason you&#39;re having trouble sticking to the diet.

      Congrats on this new beginning, and I look forward to seeing your progress!


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        Thanks Leslie!

        I actually already track my food on calorieking--although I didnt yet today! I dont like to get caught up in the numbers, so i dont track all the time.

        I ate more carbs today than I usually do--today was just a weird day, food wise. Usually I have 1 piece of fruit, if that, and I usually have a lot more protein.

        2morow shall be more normal!

        Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the feedback


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          Woke up for work and am not hungry at all! Looks like today will be a short IF (I will probably be hungry for lunch)

          I gave up splenda for lent, and now I feel lost without my morning tea! I am trying to use agave, but i just dont like it. It&#39;s not the same without any sweetner, so I am trying to cut it out but I am sad about it lol

          Off to work!


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            Meals so far...

            12pm 5 ounces chicken breast, 1 GF bananna muffin and a 100cal pak of cocoa roast almonds

            5oz grilled chicken breast marinated in balsamic dressing (organic and GF) over greens with romano cheese

            3 flax seed oil capsules

            2 fish oils

            2 paks of nutrients (multi, calium, mag)

            3 herbal supplememt (for hormones)

            2 D3 tablets

            Not too hungry today, I know I need to experiement getting more fats it, and other things besides protein and a salad.

            2morow I will start my morning exercises again-I havent been working out in the am, but now that I am working again it just makes sense--that way, before work I can eat a nice breakfast (my fav meal!) and get more food in that way as well...


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              things have been going great so far! i feel great, but i still need to work on my menu choices--2morow I have off from work so I will do some cooking and brainstorming....

              Off to work now! I will update meals later....


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                Meals were ok today--I wasnt hungry all day and that felt like I was STARVING around 9pm--I didnt go crazy, but ate some popcorn which I dont know how that is going to affect me, since I havent had than in ages!

                Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 egg white cooked in bacon fat, 2 slices of applewood smoked bacon, 1 slice american cheese

                Lunch: GF homemade eggplant rollatini--small portion bc I wasnt that hungry

                Dinner: 3oz turkey breast, 2 slices of cheese, 1 GF brownie, 100cal of almonds

                Dinner snack bc I was so hungry: 1 GF bananna muffin, 4 cups popcorn

                Breakdown for the day is as follows:

                1264 cals

                88.5g fat (63%)

                53g carbs (15%)

                71g protein (22%)

                How does this look? For my activity level and weight, I know I should be eating more calories, which is probably why I am hungry--should I add more fat or protein or carbs??