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Finally going primal, properly!

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  • Finally going primal, properly!

    No longer really keen on having my thoughts out there, and there's - mysteriously - apparently no way to delete my account or started threads, so I've just removed all my posts. Thanks to those of you who commented.
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    Hi Sarah.

    I enjoyed your post and I didn't think it was self indulgent at all. Quite interesting actually. I hope to follow your journey
    in the weeks and months to come. I am quite new to MDA, but still watching from the bushes, even though I know it would be ideal for me (64 yrs, 6"3, 310 lbs [i don't do metric]-even up here in Canada) Maybe you will be my inspiration to start.

    I have followed the paths of a few individuals whose posts I enjoyed. All of them have stopped cold. Like they dropped off the face of the earth with no warning. I found it disconcerting, and a little sad.

    I am curious about your use of protein powder. Is that the stuff you buy at body building shops? How do you incorporate it into your meals. Probably a foolish question, but no fool like an old fool.

    Hope to hear from you.



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      Welcome Sarah, sounds as though you have a good 'handle' on this. While I am trying to lose weight, I think the really big benefit from this lifestyle is the terrific way it makes you feel. Better by far to bounce through life than to drag!
      F 58 / 170cms / SW 131.5 kgs / Current 112.4/ GW 65
      following Primal Lifestyle and swimming my way to health

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        3am and can't sleep. had a glass of o.j. (the carton promises no additives - just 14 squeezed oranges in every container). I was thinking about you. From your self description, you seem to have your act together. Weight is not much of a problem-if at all. Physically fit. Young. Obviously intelligent and very literate. my question I guess - why are you here.? Most posters on these forums are starting from the bottom of the drain. You are a goddess in comparison.

        Another question, what do you want from the posters on this thread of yours. Dialogue? Or is this thread a sounding board for you where you talk about what is happening on your fitness journey? Solo primarily, or interactive. I can do either-it is whatever you wish.

        By the way, thank you for the advice on protein. I will use that information when I take the plunge into primal.

        I hope all this rambling makes sense. I like the dialogue route, whereas most journalling is quite private in nature. Whichever you like is fine with me.

        Have I mentioned that old age is a curse? That is why I am awake at 3 in the morning.
        Looking forward to another day in the coal mines tomorrow and the stress is starting to build all ready.



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          Good evening Sarah. It sounds like a wonderful party, even if you did overindulgence. Remember Mr. Sissons 80% rule, and don't beat yourself up.
          I saw my GP this morning. She doesn't like my weight, my blood pressure, or the frequent debillitating headaches that I have been having. She put me on a month's stress leave starting today! I almost kissed her. I work for a great insurance company, and I know I'm in"good hands", but their focus has shifted from taking care of the clients to the pure persuit of sales and profit. To say that my job is stressful is putting it mildly.

          My phrase "circling the drain"was unfortunately written. I only used it to emphasize the disparity of your
          starting point on your journey to health and the starting point of many others..

          I hope to use the next 30 days to become more primal. I have a really cool personal trainer who comes to my house once a week. Regardless of the weather (and in Alberta I was recently out in minus 30 degrees celcius) we do a half hour power walk and then stretches/power moves on playground equipment . I absolutely love it. I feel so alive.

          Of course, my trainer wants me to duplicate the workout 3more times a week. And for that I have no energy at all. Hence the depression, the lethargy, the lack of focus.

          Enough about me. Where are you from? I know you are young, and probably a college or university student. Probably single, or unnatached right now.What courses do you major in? I'm betting on literature or social sciences. What will you do when you graduate?

          You mentioned enjoying the sun. I have a new Kia Soul, with a sun roof, and one of my greatest pleasures is to drive down a
          country road with the afternoon Albertasun beating on my face.

          It is midnight now. I am basking in the glow of a bottle of a bottle of australian Sheraz, and grooving to the incredible sounds of Leonard Cohen's latest CD.

          I hoe this note finds you healthy and well



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            Hi and welcome
            Looking forward to reading more about your forays into primal. And yep if you fall off the wagon just get right back on!
            Don't worry about getting bulky arms, we woman can't (unless we took steroids of course! So lift away!)
            But no need to work biceps directly anyway, these primal movements, pullups etc, will work on all the muscles. I am loving that I am starting to see my muscles from doing CrossFit.


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              As Jaime Oliver likes to say, I think your new written plan is "brilliant"! Posting it for all to see gives you an added incentive to succeed, and I am rooting for you. Short term (2weeks) goals are more effective than long, IMHO. I will wait patiently to read of your successful results



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                Hi Sarah. So sorry to hear about your wipe-out. The fact that you were already in comparatively great shape probably kept your injuries to minimum.

                Some free advice:

                1. Walk as much as you can, even though you are stiff and sore. You will get better quicker than you would lying on the couch.

                2. Three cups of Epsom salts in a very hot bath. Soak for an hour. Bring scented candles and a really good book with you. I don't know the science, but the salts + hot water will help to suck the soreness out of your

                3. Finally, always remember that free advice is worth exactly what you paid for it!

                I hope you are up and about and that we all will hear from you soon.



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                  Sounds great.


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                    Just wanted you to know someone out there is reading and closely following your posts. Keep up the great work.
                    Are you back on the bike yet? It is snowing like crazy here, and we won't be seeing any bikes on the roads for a while. I will be shoveling snow today.
                    Hope your visits with the family and the ex go well. Do you have far to travel?
                    Be safe, and eat healthy.



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                      Lucky you, getting to have dairy. You might look in to kefir it is even better than yogurt. There is a lady named the kefir lady who sells the grains to make it, if you decided at some point that is something you would want to do- kefir is kind of expensive.


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                        Hi Sarah.

                        Far from boring, I think your posts are fabulous and that you are an amazing young lady. I think it was Socrates that said that "the unexamined life is not worth living", or words to that effect. You are certainly self aware, and you seem to be struggling with self esteem issues. If I'm reading you right, you feel that you are under achieving and performing far below your potential. It is my experience (64 years), that most intelligent individuals fight the same demons that you are struggling with. I know that I do. I also know there are no easy answers - at least I haven't found any.

                        By the way, I hesitate to comment on it lest you think I am a dirty old man, but the picture you posted was "perfect". Enough said about that.

                        You very kindly directed some gentle comments my way in an earlier post, so I will briefly bring you up to date (and I will be brief since this is your journal)!

                        I saw my doctor again, and she extended my stress leave to 3 months -until June 1. The first three weeks, I spent most of my time sleeping. My main stressor (and I have several), was my job. Insurance sales. I have been with Allstate for 15 years, and I expected to work there another 6 or 7 years. But I find myself unable to handle the ever increasing performance requirements of my employer. In the last year, I got into a very nasty habit of "unwinding" with a bottle of wine after work - all of it - every day. My weight ballooned. My blood pressure got too high. My long suffering wife of 43 years had a fit. So did my doctor.

                        To make a long story short, I am totally off the booze. I am on a rigorous work out program (I love it when my body "hurts so good"). When I go back to work, either my employer changes their expectations of me or I will quit and do something else.
                        Or retire and go visit children and grand children. Enough about me. Keep posting. Like I said earlier
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                          Sorry about that. Technology baffles me. I was trying to end my post with some words of encouragement and I pushed the wrong keys.

                          Like I said earlier, you are amazing. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

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                            Hi Sarah

                            Glad you're back. You have a great attitude, and will ace the PB regime. Keep us all posted.



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                              Hi Sarah

                              You asked about my workout regime. I will keep it short - it is your forum after all!

                              M+W+F, (7-9 pm), I go to a "Biggest Loser"program at the local community center. There, they beat us up a lot, running us through a variety of laps, calisthenics, weight training (very simplified), and anything else they can think of to keep our heart rates elevated for 2 hours. Yesterday, they had us do a boxing routine, hitting our partner who was holding big pads. I find these sessions brutal, but "it hurts soooo good"

                              Tues-Thurs-Sat. Very brisk walk for 2 miles (about 30 minutes), then 30 minutes on the TRX. I'm puffing pretty hard by the end of the hour.

                              I guess I misjudged my willpower. I told you earlier that I was totally off the wine. I had a bottle yesterday afternoon. Really stupid and the anticipation far exceeded the actual event.

                              Enough about me! I hope you are feeling better. I've been meaning to ask - you shared the fact that you are taking physics at your university. Which branch? Quantum theory? Cosmology? I am in awe of anyone who can wrap their mind around quantum slipperiness. I read all the "non math "science books I can get - the ones intended for the dummies in the general population - like me.

                              Be safe. . .