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    Hi Sarah

    Again I'll keep this post short because it is your forum, after all.

    I got turned on to physics 20-30 years ago when I read the book THE DANCING WU-LI MASTERS:AN INTRODUCTION TO THE NEW PHYSICS by Gary Zukav. It is still in print. Updated. Available on Kindle. No math in it, and a wondrous read. When he described the wave/particle duality of light, I was stunned. Einstein -a genius! I wish I could turn back the clock to my high school days to really apply myself to the sciences. I see now how pure math really is. And physics - physics is an explanation of how the universe works, and math is the language that describes it. And THAT is why I envy you your youth and your studies!

    On a related cosmological note, check out the Wiki entry on the ANTIKYTHERA CALCULATOR. It seems that about 2000 years ago the Greeks were able to understand and calculate the positions of the earth, moon, and planets by means of a hand made gear driven mechanical device. They found it in a ship wreck off the coast of Greece. Their knowledge pre-dated Copernicus by
    about 1700 years, and some scholars link it to Archimedes.

    Fascinating stuff!

    As always, a pleasure talking to you. Hope your fitness workouts continue to be "gold star"!!



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      What is LHT/yoga?


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        Hi Sarah

        Your blood pressure results sound excellent . (My only medical qualification is that I have been married for 43 years to an Emergency Nurse). So glad to read that all is relatively well with you. I enjoy your posts.



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          Originally posted by _sarah_
          However, my health was not at a good place AFTER the blood test. I was shaky and horrified and anxious, as well as, physically, a little faint and nauseous. That's ridiculous, I'm sure, since they surely did not take a lot of blood. But still. So, my day afterward spiralled downhill, with a cookie and chocolate bar to make myself feel better, and then a retreat back home to curl under my blankets for the rest of the afternoon (skipping the gym and yoga). Not a win for health or life.
          Hi, Sarah. The bit I quoted above caught my attention. My wife has a similar reaction to having blood drawn, even very small amounts such as for a blood test. She has tried to give blood for donation in the past and the results were terrible. She vomited, has GI distress, the works. The theory is that it's an extreme vasovagal reaction:
          Vasovagal response - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          Just a warning that you might not want to attempt blood donation. It is a good thing to do, but not if it's harmful to your own health.

          Looking over your journal it looks like you're doing a good job of taking care of yourself. Also, is the weight assist platform on the assisted pullup machine at your gym not moveable? All the ones I have seen have a pin that you can pull to move the platform out of the way. Also, you could get a doorway pull-up bar for your apartment/dorm and either do jumping-assisted or chair-assited pullups to practice working toward an unassisted pullup. One more thing, chinups (with palms supinated) are generally easier than pullups (palms pronated). It's good to work both of course.

          Keep up the good work!


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            Sarah. - hope all is well. Your musings are missed...



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              Hey Sarah

              Welcome back. You were definitely missed. Pretty quiet around here. I smashed up my new Kia Soul a couple of weeks ago. First accident in 45 years. Very stupid on my part. $15,000 in damages. My insurance company is fixing it, and I'm in a rental car for another week. My chiropractor and massage therapist are keeping busy trying to smooth out my bumps. I cut way back on my workouts because I was just too sore. But I will be getting back to it in July. My daughter has signed me up for another course at the fitness center (two hours an evening, twice a weel. I also have my own trainer coming at 6AM every Friday to my house to do a workout with me. She then gives me "homework" for the week, and off she goes leaving me panting on my porch.

              I've been circling MDA for some time, but I have been hesitant to land, knowing what I would have to give up (donuts, wine, bread, and pizza, etc). But paleo/primal makes so much sense. But stress is sucking the life out of me, and I find it really hard to commit to the effort that I know I would need. So, to put it crudely, I have to crap or get off of the pot.

              Again, welcome back