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  • Congrats Jenn!!!!!!
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    • Forgot to mention that Dr. Ashley gave me two courses of diflucan to try to knock out this candida infection. The itching is horrendous! OMG. Hopefully it works quickly, and not during my half marathon tomorrow. She said since diflucan is not aggressive, she was ok with letting me take it without testing. I took my first one last night with my probiotics.
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      • Awesome news all over the place. Congratulations!
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        • Congrats on the new car...the new weight...& for getting rid of the itch!! Yay you!!!!
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          • Yay for new cars

            Yay for the weight loss!

            Yay for Diflucan!

            Yay for Jenn!

            (can you tell I was a cheerleader a hundred years ago?)
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            • YAY!!!!!! Congratulations on all the good stuff recently!
              Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, steak in one hand, chocolate in the other, yelling "Holy F***, What a Ride!"
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              • For immediate but a bit awkward external relief of itching: pour some raw apple cider vinegar on some TP or towel of choice & dab. It may sting, especially if you've been scratching, but it does relieve the worst of it. I find that it helps distract from the internal itching too, but I rarely get external rashes with a YI anymore.
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                • My vag is fine... it's other orafices that itch.
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                  • Congratulations on the new low number. That's fantastic!


                    • Half Marathon number 8 is complete. This one didn't go as well as the previous race... And I may or may not have broken my Whole30 - depending on who you ask. Both Jon and my chiropractor have pardoned my sins as being a necessary evil. Here's the whole story.

                      Ok, the run started great. It was cool, there were a million people and the energy/vibe was intense. This series of pics shows the approach to the starting line. In the first, you can't even see the overhead banners that mark the start.

                      Start 1.jpg

                      Start 2.jpg

                      Start 3.jpg

                      Running along and the first challenge came up - climbing the on-ramp to the I-74 bridge that goes over the Mississippi River. See the people off in the distance on the right? That's the on-ramp. There were soooo many runners! Mile 1 was completed on this bridge.

                      On Ramp.jpg

                      I-74 Bridge.jpg
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                      SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                      • On this bridge, I encountered two really cool people. One was this bagpiper:

                        Bagpiper 1.jpg

                        The other was this gentleman, who decided to run the entire marathon (26.2 miles) backwards while juggling... he had 4 bikes and a pacer around him to help him reach his goal. He planned to run it in just over 5 hours.

                        Backwards running juggler.jpg

                        Backwards running juggler 2.jpg

                        Here's his story... Damn that Rock Island Arsenal for not letting him videotape the event for Guiness! Man to run Iowa marathon backward, while juggling

                        Here is a view of the Mighty Mississippi as we were crossing from Illinois to Iowa.

                        The Mighty Mississippi.jpg

                        And here is my view from the top of the bridge, on the way to the other end.

                        End of I-74.jpg

                        All this time, I'm running along at a pretty good clip. I noticed my average pace was 10:38 per mile, which is rather speedy for me. My fastest long run had an average pace of 10:45 or something similar. A voice in the back of my head was telling me to slow down, but I felt so incredibly good and comfortable I kept trucking at that pace.
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                        Primal since March 5, 2012
                        SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                        • Just after the 2 mile mark, we came upon a second bagpiper and an a Capella group. I love the bagpipes. They sound so cool!

                          Bagpiper 2.jpg

                          A Capella band.jpg

                          Then I didn't take any pictures for a while b/c I was busy running up and down a series of hills that were killing me slowly. FINALLY, we reached the bike trail which was flat. I knew at this point there were no more actual hills. I've run this trail before and was mentally breaking it down in my head by mile. I knew that mile 5 was coming up soon, and that when I reached Government Bridge, I'd have about a mile to go before turning and heading back toward Government Bridge to run across it and enter Rock Island Arsenal. But, first, we had to run this trail... From the trail, I took a shot of the I-74 bridge that we'd just crossed about a half hour before.

                          I-74 from Mile 4.jpg

                          It was at mile 6 that I started to experience problems. I'm not sure if they were caused by improper fueling the days prior to the race (I ran out of sweet potatoes and tried to get enough veggies to carb up, but I don't think it worked) or the grueling pace I started out with. I was still running a 10:38 average pace. I stopped my watch and took my first break to rest my legs a bit and drink some water. I think this is where I ultimately screwed up - b/c I told my brain it was ok to give up.

                          I ran on taking short little breaks until about mile 8, where I finally reserved myself to walking for a bit. Better to keep moving forward and make progress than to up and stop, at least that was my thought process at the time. At some point between here and mile 9, I started to get threats of cramping from my calves. My legs felt SO tired and heavy and just flat out drained! But, I kept going.

                          It was now time to get onto the bridge to cross the Mississippi again and enter Rock Island Arsenal. The race organizers had the participants running on the roadway surface of the bridge, but that just did NOT work with Vibrams as the surface was a very wide steel grate with a rug rolled out for the length of the bridge. It was not comfy, so I hopped over to the walkway that I'm so used to from my training and crossed the bridge. This is my view from that walkway.

                          Government Bridge.jpg

                          Roller dam at Lock & Dam 15 just downriver from the bridge I was on.

                          Roller Dam at Lock & Dam 15.jpg
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                          SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                          • I hope y'all can see the pics b/c all of a sudden from my vantage point, it only says Attachment and a number... I hope MDA didn't jack this up for me... >.< EDIT: Fixed the problem.

                            So, we crossed the Island. This is where I broke my Whole30, depending on who you talk to... My legs were really threatening to cramp. I was walking more than I was running at this point and I was desperate to not lose this run. So, at mile 10, I took a Gu from the volunteers - well, I took 5, but consumed 2. Gu is a concentrated sugary substance meant to be a fast absorbing carbohydrate for quick muscle fuel. And it works... I used two and by mile 11, I was feeling fine again. Muscles felt strong again and I was able to keep going. I ran along the roadway til mile 12. During this next mile, I met up with an Air Force soldier again who was running with a pack and carrying a huge flag. He looked like he needed a quick break so I offered to carry his guidon (flag) for him to give him a rest so he could wipe his brow and shake out his arms. He seemed to appreciate it. I talked with a couple of ladies - one from Nebraska and one from Kansas who met up to run the race. They chatted with me about my shoes and why I wear them. They were nice ladies.

                            Just before we were to exit the island through the Moline gate, I heard sirens. A cop car came wizzing by us. Up ahead, I could see a runner had collapsed (I was a good 1/4 mile away). I could see officers doing chest compressions on him. That was the scariest thing I'd seen all day - even scarier than the bomb squad patrol at the pre-race events. By the time I reached the officers and the runner, the runner was breathing again and an ambulance was coming. I'm not a religious person and most days question the validity of religion and the existence of religious beings, but just to be safe, I said a quick prayer for the runner. I learned today that he survived.

                            As I was crossing the last bridge, which crossed the Mississippi for the last time, I looked over the edge to see a water taxi:

                            Water Taxi.jpg

                            Then run down the off-ramp, around the corner to the right, and there's the finish line.

                            Finish Line.jpg

                            Then came pictures with our medals and the copious amounts of eats available. I noshed on watermelon and guzzled two of those single serving cartons of chocolate milk (this is my second Whole30 indiscretion - which was also pardoned by both Jon and Dr. Lake as a necessary evil to running a half marathon).

                            After I walked off the soreness and tiredness a bit, I sat down and took my own finishing pics.

                            Medal &amp; Finish Time.jpg

                            Shoes &amp; Medal.jpg

                            And that's the run. It didn't go as I had hoped, but it still went pretty well and was a lot of fun. I'm impressed that I walked as much as I did and only finished 5 minutes slower than my last half marathon. I learned a lot this time around - namely be sure to have enough sweet potatoes for the days before the race and SLOW THE HELL DOWN AT THE START, no matter how comfortable I feel. And obviously, how much water to consume during racing is still a tricky issue for me. I did well with the last half marathon by not consuming any water until like mile 8 or something. I need to try this again and see if it works a second time. Obviously drinking before then does not work for me...

                            During this recap, I realized that the best portions of my race where run when I had someone to talk to. When people were chatty and there was a lot of conversation happening. That was not available during miles 6-9 - I think everyone was at the same point I was - getting tired and feeling the worst part of the race... so next time, I think I'll strike up a conversation with the person nearest me and see if that helps us get through it. I know those first 4 miles, the hilly ones, went well b/c I had conversation to listen to and join in on. It was during mile 3-4 that I met a gentleman who works at the White House and does this run every year. And that time with the ladies from other states, and the short bit I ran with the Air Force soldier... those were the easiest miles. I think talking to my neighbors might be just the ticket.

                            All in all, it was a great time and I'm very happy with it.
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                            • I can't see the pics that say Attachment, but the others posts are fine.

                              Nice work Jenn! What's next!?
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                              • That sounds great, Jenn!

                                I think the Gu can be considered medicine/first aid, and therefore out of the bounds of Whole30. Your body needed it THEN. Not that you were in extreme danger, but I still remember that story of the very fit man on the endurance trip who died FEET away from help because his companions (and he) wanted him to 'make it on his own'. Whole30 is meant to be applied with common sense, after all.

                                Very glad the man who collapsed was okay. It looks like it was a beautiful day.