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My primal journey with CML.

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  • My primal journey with CML.

    This journal is not so much of a challenge to eat paleo but a journal to chronicle my paleo journey with leukemia.

    In July 2011 I was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). I was a runner then. Following a mostly paleo diet at the time. At the time of my diagnosis I weighed 124lbs and had about 20% body fat. Now I weigh about 144 lbs. I take a cancer drug for my CML. One of the side effects I have from my meds is water retention. Most of the 20 lbs I have gained is from water. Some of the weight gain could be from stress and not being able to exercise while I had to wait for my spleen to shrink back to normal.

    Starting the new year I decided to cut back on my running and focus more on overall health. I use the book NROL for women for my weight workouts. I lift 3 times a week and run twice, very easy runs, and do sprints once a week.

    At diagnosis my PCR, number of leukemic cells in a sample of blood, was 24.695% My last PCR, 6 month mark, was 0.151% The ultimate goal is to get to 0.0000% which is called PCRU, undetectable.

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    I just wanted to drop a line and find out how you were doing? It sounds like your 6 month numbers were amazing! I don't know you but I am proud of you and your determination to take charge of your body and fight for all it's worth!

    Congratulations and keep us posted!


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      Thanks GoozerGrok!

      It's been awhile since I started this. One nasty allergy attack that knocked me out for two weeks. Then two girls keeping me busy I almost forgot about this log.

      Durning those two months I completed two more stages in my NROLFW book. I'm still increasing weights quite a bit. I can see myself getting stronger. I like looking at my shoulders in the mirror I also did two crossfit fundraising WODS with my husband and his gym. They were absolutely fun and hard! I could see myself starting crossfit in the near future.

      I had my 9 month PCR done in April. There was very little change. It went from 0.151 to 0.120. I am still in complete cytogenic repsonse ( the goal for 12 months) so I am not worried about this. A lot of people stall before going down again. I was frustrated though. My regular blood work was all in the normal range again! My hemoglobin even went up a little too!

      Still doing great eating paleo. I did have a cheat day on Sunday and felt horrible not too soon afterwards! Lesson learned! It did not hurt my performance on Monday, so all was good!

      I am going to ask my onc about getting my cholesterol checked with my regular blood work at my 1 year appt. I'd like to see how one year of paleo is on my body.

      So for todays workout I walked two miles at the park today. I need to get back into the habit of walking on my off days. I was good about it for awhile but kinda of quit.


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        I did a 12 hour fast from last night till this morning. I can't do much longer fasts as I have to take iron pills and those require food. I am supposed to take them three times a day but I usually do 2. So I can have coffee and fast. Luckily I can take my CML drug with or without food.

        Had a good weights workout yesterday. I am doing the NROL4W program. I am on stage 5 out of 7. I also did 15 minutes of intervals on the treadmill. 1 minute on 2 minutes off. (speed 8.4 to 3.4)

        Today I did a very easy 2.12 mile run followed by a 28 minute walk. It was a beautiful morning, sunny 70* with a slight breeze.


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          So after one year of being diagnosed with CML I have put on 24lbs. I have quit running and am more focused on strength training. I eat 90% paleo. I have recently decreased my carb intake to 50 to 70 grams, to see if that helps with weight loss. Right now I am 149 lbs. I am 5'3.5" I have a medium bone build. I can get down to 148.5 pounds but nothing further.

          In January I started the New Rules of Lifting For Women program. I finished in July. I saw lots of strength gains. But the scale went up and my measurements went up about 0.5 inches. After taking a little break I started on a 6 week strength program. I have finished 3 weeks now. When my girls went back to school I added walking into my daily routines. Yesterday I added some sprints in. Not sure if that was a good idea after squats! But I am not too sore today as long as I don't walk up stairs!

          Here is my problem. The cancer drug I take makes me retain water. I take a diuretic for that and have to watch my sodium intake. My weight gain comes in spurts, every three or 4 months. I don't know if my body is not getting rid of water and storing it or I am just gaining weight. It is very frustrating to me. 6.5 years ago I used to be 200lbs. I got myself down to 125 lbs and kept it there until I got CML. I don't want to get that heavy again.

          So I am here to blog about my life with CML.


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            Today is my eldest daughters 12th birthday. Boy they sure grow up fast! I have some errands to run today. Hoping to get a lot of walking in while doing them. The dogs and I walked my youngest to school today. It is something we do every day as long as its not raining or she took to long getting ready!

            "greeK" burger topped with an egg
            broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots 1.5 serving
            2 cups of coffee with 1 tbsp each of coconut milk creamer vanilla flavored