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My primal journal (polos26) :P

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  • My primal journal (polos26) :P

    Hi! My name is Jessica

    I am fairly new to the forum and to PB. I have been primal since November 2011 and have lost about 10lbs since. I lost about 5 lbs from April to November on CW diet and exercise (clearly a big difference)

    My stats:

    Age: 34
    Height: 5' 1"
    Body fat: 24% (this is according to my handy dandy Tanita home scale)
    Weight: 105.3 (also according to my handy dandy scale)

    I should mention that back in April when I started dieting and excercising my body fat was reading at 28%, since going primal it has read anywhere between 19% and today's 24% which has been the highest that I have seen it in a while, the average has been at 22%.

    I have plateaued (spelling?) since probably about mid January, which makes me a bit upset since I am not where I want to be yet. I have an obnoxious belly pooch and my arms, even though I have built a considerable amount of muscle there, still don't look shapely due to layer of fat covering my upper arms.

    As far as my diet goes, I think I am pretty good aside from little indulgences: tortillas (I am mexican and its hard to give up my tacos!!) popcorn with loads of butter (I can't help it), beer or other alcohol. While I don't indulge on this on a daily basis I do drink on weekends, I have popcorn at least once a week and tacos once every other week. I think this may be what is holding me back so I will make an attempt to cut back in order to reach my goal.

    -I live in south Florida, so have a smoking hot body in a bathing suit. (if I look good in a bikini, I should look good in everything else rigth?)

    -I don't want to brag (I do actually ) but me and my hubby will be traveling to London in July to attend the summer Olympics, I expect we will be taking an embarrassing amount of pictures and I would like to look darn hot for least this once

    Oh I should also mention that DH is primal also, (since he has no choice but to eat what I cook) he has lost about 20lbs and he is loving it.

    Here is my before pic, taken begining of January for the primal challenge. I will update soon.

    Loving my primal life

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    Oh, I forgot to mention my plan. I am trying to 'loosely' do a lean gains approach. So I am fasting in the AM until about 12-1pm. I work out in the mornings 3 times a week so from rising time till my first meal I am taking in about 24g of BCAA's. I belly dance once a week on wednesday evenings. Lunch is usually meat with a salad and dinner meat with 2 veggie sides.

    I will post my meals and work out/play the day after.
    Loving my primal life


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      Feb 28th:

      I fasted until about 1:30

      Lunch: Sirloin pieces cooked in paprika and home made green salsa with spinach and arugula salad topped with avocado and tomato. Olive oil and lime dressing.

      Dinner: I made bacon and tomato lettuce wraps, my own version of a BLT. I made a dressing for it (which totally made the meal) consisting of goat cheese and chipotle, topped the whole thing with avocado. For side dish I made sweet potato "fries" baked in butter and also a side of broccoli.
      Loving my primal life


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        Keep on working hard!!! Try little changes.. make popcorn every other week as well and maybe that will give you a boost.. or try some sprints once a week?

        Look forward to seeing the progress!


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          welcome and try not to get discouraged, i know its easy to say (i got that way last year) but this is how our bodies are meant to thrive!

          little changes could go far, try to limit any corn (alcohol or taco or popped) a little more, that should really help, it maybe that its either stuck in the intestines or its flushing out good gut flora and isn't allowing your body to fully digest your food.

          best of luck, this is a great community of people as i'm sure you've seen in other threads, we will help to support you!



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            Thanks!! It really does help to have people motivating you and holding you accountable.

            Feb 29th.

            Fasted until 12:45

            Lunch: an oversized hamburger pattie (85%) with left over bacon bits, over a bed of lettuce topped with left over goat cheese/chipotle mix and avocado. Side dish was tomatoes in olive oil and yellow zucchini cooked in butter.

            Dinner: Pork chop cooked in bacon fat and spanish chorizo. Side dish was sweet potato mash and avocado/cilantro mix spread over red pepper pieces.

            Play: one hour belly dancing.

            Lunch pic:
            Loving my primal life


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              March 1

              am workout at gym with heavy weights followed by a 2 minute sprint

              Fast until 12:30

              Lunch: Ground lamb goulash, side of tomatoes and left over sweet potato mash

              Dinner: Beef chunks with red peppers

              After dinner indulgence: strawberries with fresh whipped cream, 86% choloate bark with macadamias
              Loving my primal life


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                Ok, so I have been MIA over the weekend and I was a little bad, lots of stuff going on. but instead of beating up a dead horse I will start fresh.

                March 5

                Had a little bit of cultured yougurt for breakfast

                Lunch: Bunless hamburger with mushrooms, onions, chedar and bacon. Side was brocolli and some cottage cheese.

                Dinner: Rotissearie chicken, with spinach and kale salad, burrata mozarella cheese and beets
                Loving my primal life


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                  sounds like you know how to cook, some good looking food there, will be watching here to get ideas for my kitchen


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                    I LOVE cooking, so yes I am always "inventing" and testing, specially now that the cooking repetoir has expanded from plain grilled chicken, plain grilled veggies and brown rice!
                    Loving my primal life


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                      March 14

                      Breakfast: one hardboiled egg (salt, pepper, olive oil)

                      Lunch: no bun-hamburger topped with mushrooms, onions and bacon. side dish: brocolli and cottage cheese

                      Dinner: ground beef lettuce wraps with guacamole and green pepper spicy salsa. side dish: roasted poblano pepper stuffed with brie and wrapped in bacon.

                      Desser was 86% chocolate bark with macadamias

                      1 hour belly dancing
                      Loving my primal life


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                        Ugh, a whole week and no updates to my journal. I have been so busy at work the past couple of weeks and I am running on empty. Looking forward to the weekend, hopefully I can catch up.

                        March 21

                        Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs (s&P and olive oil)

                        Lunch: Flank stake cooked in paprika and other misc spices. Side dish: sautee (in ghee) green peppers and tomatoes

                        Dinner: I was too tired to cook so I picked up chipotle, barbacoa, green peppers and onion, guac, lettuce and some cheese.

                        Dessert: 1 square of 86% chocolate and a glass of merlot

                        1 hour belly dance
                        Loving my primal life


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                          March 22

                          I have been unusually hungry lately. I had been trying IF for breakfast the first weeks but now when i wake up in the morning my stomach is SCREAMING for something

                          Breakfast: Primal fuel with strawberries

                          Lunch: rotisserie chicken breast. side dish: lettuce and tomato salad. (bo-ring)

                          We had a dinner engagement at someones house soooo....

                          Chicken which was fried in peanut oil (is it allowed?) and it had some home made version of a sweet/sour sauce which I know had sugar in it (!), sauteed shrimp with ground pork in a spicy sauce, the only option for side dish was white rice so I had about a tablespoon of it. Not very primal at all but I had no option

                          Oh and I had my white wine glass refilled enough times to cause a nice headache this morning.

                          Back on the wagon!
                          Loving my primal life


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                            Another long hiatos, I am terrible at this journal keeping! I am going for an extra push to try and tone up and get rid of the remaining fat so I will try to keep up with this, as it helps.

                            1 hardboiled egg for breakfast, bunless hamburger for lunch with sautee mushrooms and onions, avocado salad.
                            dinner was churrasco with home made chimichurri sauce, salad and asparagus.

                            AM Crossfit, Primal fuel shake immediately after
                            lunch, another bunless burger with mushrooms, onions and bacon, brocolli on the side
                            dinner was an experiment. I attempted to make lasagna. I substituted the noodles for zucchini. The flavor was there but the consistency was not. it was still good but I don't think I would call it lasagna! side dish was an avocado/arugula/bacon salad.

                            2 chocolate squares for dessert.
                            Loving my primal life


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                              April 11th.

                              breakfast: 1 hardboiled egg + 1 slice of bacon

                              lunch: delicious pork chop cooked in home made salsa verde (yummers!) side salad:avocado, fresh mozarella,grape tomatoes

                              4:30 pm crossfit,(20 min) followed by primal shake
                              5:30 pm belly dancing (45min)

                              Dinner: Beef stew, grilled asparagus, sliced sweet potatoes cooked with bacon (delish!) and left over "lasagna" from the day before.

                              late night dessert/snack: coconut milk and chocolate mousse.
                              Loving my primal life