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    April 12th.

    Breakfast: IF
    Lunch: Curried ground beef with avocado/tomato/cilantro salad
    Dinner: beef/vegetable soup, 1/2 scottish eggs (I was out and I know this was fried in non primal oils) I also had about 4 bites of chicken quesadilla (flour tortilla, I KNOW!!) 1 pint of beer. I also had popcorn when I got home.

    Guess yesterday's evening was my 20%... back on the wagon!

    Rest day as far as excercise goes.
    Loving my primal life


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      Weekends are usually harder for me because I am out a lot. Instead of journaling what I ate I am going to journal on what I had that I wasn't suppossed to. maybe someone will yell at me...

      Friday, I was primal all day
      Saturday, went to a fair and there was a stand with good ol' root beer. I broke down and got a mug, it is the first taste of soda that I have since November. At dinner time, I made enchiladas since my hubby loves them and requested them, so the bad ingredient there were the tortillas, all else was primal.
      Sunday...(funday) all hell breaks loose! primal breakfast, for lunch we ended up going to a mexican restaurant and I had more tortillas (2), then dinner at the inlaws. They had primal choices for us but there was also mac n cheese for the kids and I indulged a little bit just because I used to LOVE mac n cheese and last week I was craving it, I wont buy it or make it but since it was there I figured.... I must say it wasn't as good as I remembered it to be.
      Loving my primal life


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        April 16th

        IF till about 1pm
        Lunch: shreded chicken with squash and asparagus cooked in salsa verde. avocado and tomato salad.
        Dinner: home made chicken soup with veggies.

        No dessert and no snacks...hoping to break the plateau
        Loving my primal life


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          Hey there,

          I stumbled upon your journal when I was looking through the success stories in the making - probably should send in my update soon (oops). You seem to be eating a lot of the same foods as me - I have been wrapping everything in lettuce, too. Burgers, taco meat, cajun spiced shrimp - it all lands in a mound of greens and topped with avocado, tomato, cheese (no will power to cut out dairy completely).

          The intermittent fasting has sort of come naturally for me, I'm often just not hungry in the morning and then go work out instead (or not ).

          I'm a sucker for wine, beer, and cocktails - so that has definitely been in the way of losing the remaining pounds. I'm trying to stick with just wine now and only on 3 days of the week, making me alcohol-free for 4 days per week.

          Looking forward to following your progress!

          25, 5'7" - SW 158 (12/10/11) - CW 153 (01/25/12) - GW 135
          "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
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            Thanks Anna!

            You totally sound like my food (and drink) twin. you can kill me with cheese so removing its difficult and I definitely enjoy my wine/beer/cocktails a little too much. Hopefully we can support each other on the way!

            April 17th

            am Crossfit
            Breakfast: fast
            Lunch: chicken breast and veggies, it was kinda bland not my proudest kitchen moment. avocado salad.
            Dinner: Sauteed Mahi and side of zuccinni with bacon. this was actually really good meal.

            No snacks and no dessert. (boooo)
            Loving my primal life


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              April 18th

              Yesterday was day 3 of my daily fasting experiment. I was pretty hungry most of the morning, but I am keeping motivated because it appears as though I have FINALLY broken that darn plateau!! Yiipiii! I can see it and this morning myhandy dandy scale confirmed it.

              Breakfast: fast
              Lunch: (1230) 2 meatballs in homemade tomatoe/pepper sauce with mushrooms with arugula/spinach salad tomato and avocado.
              Dinner: ....bleh I got lazy and went to chipotle. pretty primal except that I did have about 2 spoofulls fo rice AND about a half a quesadilla (guess not so primal after all)

              My apetite for dinner was almost non existant. I usually eat the entire bowl but yesterday it looked pretty much full after I got done with it.

              I did one hour belly dancing and post dinner I had about 2 glasses of red wine.
              Loving my primal life


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                Ok, I guess I'm gonna pick this up again, it was been close to a year and I have been de-railing waaaay to often. I need to be held responsible!

                breakfast: kefir shake with strawberries and whey protein

                lunch: primal lasagna (zuccinni "noodles"), it came out great it I may say so myself

                dinner: i am having company over, this is my menu: Apps- roasted pork belly and burrata over arugula and a nut butter, strawberry, balsamic glaze concoction (this is an experiment based on a restaurant dish, we'll see....) Main course will be New York Strip for the boys and Salmon for the girls (the girl is a non meet eater so I am being solidary) side dishes wil be roasted fingerling potatoes, poblano rajas and of course there will be a delicious salad.

                dessert: dark chocolate bark with blueberries, strawberries, walnuts and coconut cream. Yummers!
                Loving my primal life


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                  No weekend post.

                  Breakfast: Green tea with a pinch of coco oil
                  Lunch: red meat chunks with green peppers and spinach/avocado salad
                  Dinner: I think I will have baked salmon and sweet potatoes. And possibly some 85% chocolate
                  Loving my primal life