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Getting off the Gluten - My Primal Journey

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  • Getting off the Gluten - My Primal Journey

    Hey all!

    Figured I should start this journal before I chicken out.

    I am going shopping tonight to stock the house with Primal food. And I am SO excited about how much better I know I will feel eating healthier, moving more and learning to better control my stress levels.

    Today's menu was not very Primal but it was more gluten free than the crazy weekend I had. Couldn't hurt to post it, right?

    Breakfast - Black Coffee, Atkins Milk Chocolate Shake
    Lunch - Cheese cubes, cucumber, tomato, green pepper
    Snack - Atkins Milk Chocolate Shake, cucumber, tomato, green pepper
    Dinner - All natural speidini meat cooked in butter with garlic and parmesan cheese, cucumber with ranch dressing, coffee with heavy cream and stevia

    No workout today. My energy levels are sagging from a carb-loaded weekend.

    Thanks for reading!

    EDIT: So tonight was tough. I went to the grocery store, hungry of course because it was right after work, and bought all kinds of good Primal food. Then I got home and felt far too exhausted to actually cook my planned meal, BUT I did it anyway! I didn't succumb to the leftover pizza and pasta from last night. It was really really tough and I cannot guarantee it won't happen later because I feel like tomorrow is my "official" start, but tomorrow is also garbage day meaning whatever unhealthy items I evict from my kitchen will be gone as soon as the truck comes in the morning!! I won't lie, this is pretty tough tonight. I want cupcakes and cookies and pizza, but I realize wasting time not feeling well is NOT how I want to live my life.
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    Well let's see... I'm proud to say I didn't eat the leftover junk in the kitchen last night and the water weight I gained this weekend (about 3 lbs) as already come off after one day back on track.

    So far tOdays menu has been:
    Coffee with heavy cream and stevia
    Chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms, onions and green pepper covered with a little mozzarella
    Tossed salad with ranch
    Cabbage soup
    More coffee with half and half

    I know this isn't 100% primal but judging by how much better I feel, I'd say im doing something right for now


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      I finished up the day with more coffee (I know, that's probably not cool)
      Salad with syrian cheese, leftover steak, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and cucumber

      I'm kind of struggling here. I feel better. I know I feel better. But I don't feel...inspired. I know I should because I am doing well at making changes every day, but I am already getting over being excited about organic butter and meat meat meat. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MEAT. But I also love ice cream. And I also love chocolate. But if I want to lose weight, can I really eat chocolate right now? What do I want more?

      The hard part is I dieted last year and lost enough weight to feel kind of comfortable in my own skin now, but I still have that ultimate goal of being under 130. I really want to get there and I know when summer rolls around I will wish I was there. The truth - I look pretty darn good now; I normally feel healthy if I don't COMPLETELY overdo it with junk; I still don't have any energy. I guess my head's all over the place right now. Maybe this is something everyone struggles with at first. I just...don't emotionally feel too great right now. Physically, I feel less bloated, more focused, etc. But getting my head around this stupid feeling of deprivation is a lot for me.

      It's a perspective change. I understand that.

      In other news, even though my weight hasn't changed much since November, my triglycerides and LDL went down as of today and my HDL went up. I'm pretty proud of that.

      Would it be so wrong to add fruit in right now if I want still want to lose weight but miss it a lot? Or how often can I "cheat" and still be successful? I don't know what the right answers are.

      Thanks for reading. Night all!


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        Hang in there! Keep reading others journals and success stories, the emotions will follow suit usually if you keep on going for a while. I would say that a little fruit would be a better 'cheat' than chocolate. Avoid your trigger foods- chocolate is mine for sure. I daren't have any or it will be followed by more and more and then I'll be back in my nasty cyclical behavior and having to start over again. I would pick some of the fruits that are lower in carbs but not necessarily the lowest and when you are feeling deprived go ahead and 'cheat' with something yummy with cream for instance. I love berries and cream with a little bit of banana cut in for a sweet taste. I know banana isn't the best for weight loss but it is a heck of a lot better than losing my momentum with chocolate. Now that is just me, can't say for you - try to set up some ok cheats ahead of time so that you don't feel totally deprived. Good luck and hope you get over the mental hump
        Start weight: 225.5 lbs Feb 14th 2012. Height: 5'7"
        Primal low: 186 lbs
        Current weight: 221.4 lbs
        Goal weight: 140 lbs

        "You are free to choose, BUT you are not free from the consequences of your choices."


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          Hey there Coll!

          Thanks so much for responding and for the encouragement. I think you are right about trying out the fruit for "cheats" instead of chocolate. Especially milk chocolate. Dark can be self limiting but the sweetness of milk chocolate pulls me into a quick downward spiral.


          I woke up starving today which is weird because I ate a TON of fat yesterday. Usually I only wake up hungry if I have over done it on the carbs, especially sugar. I didn't have time to eat at home but I threw the last of the (unfortunately conventional and therefore loaded with nitrates) in the microwave and brought it with me.

          Here is how the rest of my day looks:
          coffee with heavy cream and stevia
          cut up cucumber and green pepper with ranch dressing
          Salad - romaine, onions, green pepper, avocado, black olives, jalapenos, steak, cheddar cheese, salsa, sour cream
          And because I was in such a rush, I grabbed the bag of almonds just in case I needed a snack later.

          We shall see.

          Have a great day and as always, thanks for reading


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            Sounds yummy food wise today - pity I can't join you for a primal chow down JUst listen to your body - if you are hungry -eat. If not, don't. It is quite an adjustment when we are so used to have our three square meals a day... Here's hoping you have a good one
            Start weight: 225.5 lbs Feb 14th 2012. Height: 5'7"
            Primal low: 186 lbs
            Current weight: 221.4 lbs
            Goal weight: 140 lbs

            "You are free to choose, BUT you are not free from the consequences of your choices."


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              Yes Coll, it was a pity you couldn't join me yesterday. It was awesome.

              Dinner was some cut up green pepper with salsa and sour cream, and a small chunk of cheese. Not very hungry. Plus the rest of the morning's coffee.

              Today, I woke up feeling great, but as soon as I got my first glass of water in, I got very nauseous and lethargic. I am up early enough to have a small cup of coffee before I head to the office so I am savoring this bit of relaxation.

              I'm pretty hungry but NOTHING sounds good. Veggies sound hard on my stomach. Eggs don't seem appealing. I am tempted to fast just because I don't have an appetite. The stomach pain might not be hunger, I guess. And if I get enough water, I probably won't even notice.

              We'll see how the days goes...


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                In an attempt to make myself feel better, I decided to take some time to really listen to my body. And this morning, it wanted fruit. Amazing how my nectarine and almonds not only made my stomach feel better immediately, but also gave me a burst of energy. Moral of the story for me is - my body knows best and as long as I stay away from wheat and processed foods. When I crave healthy things, it's usually because I need them, i.e., oranges when I feel a cold coming.

                So here's today's menu -
                Coffee with heavy whipping cream and stevia
                Salad - romaine, green pepper, onion, cheese, olives, avocado, salsa, sour cream
                green apple


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                  Uh oh

                  I have a beautiful salad packed for lunch and all I can think about is ducking out and grabbing nachos. Why do these things happen? Why do I want to eat stuff (not even FOOD) that makes me feel icky? And why does it feel like the thought consumes me until I give in?


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                    Hang in there sweetie! You and your body are adjusting... just remember to add some kind of protein. If you are not feeling up to red meat or eggs, what about fish ( I adore canned sardines in olive oil- sometimes I just crave them and they are fatty and protein) Your body is needing something you haven't addressed with your diet today - I don't see any substantial protein. Could mix up a whey drink and add more cream... I don't know - just ideas. Try to redirect your thoughts instead of thinking, " I won't eat nachos, I won't eat nachos" Try something like, "I love feeling healthy and being in control of my choices...' again just thoughts... I can so relate though. Sometimes we make bad choices but it isn't the end. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start moving again. Gradually the intervals between the falls grow longer and you gain more momentum. You are breaking old habits and need to find some good new ones to replace the old. Let us know how you go - hug if you want one
                    Start weight: 225.5 lbs Feb 14th 2012. Height: 5'7"
                    Primal low: 186 lbs
                    Current weight: 221.4 lbs
                    Goal weight: 140 lbs

                    "You are free to choose, BUT you are not free from the consequences of your choices."


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                      Thanks so much for the words of encouragement!! Everything was going fine...until Friday night. I haven't had an excuse to go out drinking in awhile so I did and I got happily buzzed, and then ate all kinds of junk ALL WEEKEND. I feel miserable. I feel sick and achy and far older than my 26 years.

                      I started thinking about it and realized, because of my weird dieting past, I am prone to the all or nothing mentality which is doing my body a huge disservice. I could have had my 4 beers and been fine with it if I had, let's say, counted weight watcher points; or I could have had rum and diet coke if I was counting carbs, but because there are far fewer rules, I feel like I don't know how to indulge moderately without feeling like I have completely screwed up. Which is a very slippery slope for me.

                      I know I can figure this out somehow, I am just kind of unsure of myself right now. I almost feel like I should pick a more structured "diet" for weight loss and then use the primal way of eating as my maintenance. That sounds completely silly, I know. But I am really confused and wanting this weight to just disappear.


                      Thanks for reading.


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                        I'm going to sneak back in here quietly to start over just in case this doesn't actually happen. I hate that feeling of public failure.

                        So here's today's plan:
                        Coffee w/ hwc;
                        Smoothie - (1 Scoop Healthy for Life Vanilla Protein Powder, 4 Tbsp HWC, blueberries, raspberries, 1/3 banana, ice water, Virgin Coconut Oil)

                        Lunch: Quiche with sweet potatoes
                        Dinner: Steak and Salad
                        Dessert: Pistachios and Dark Chocolate

                        Exercise: Maybe some yoga, rebounding and isometrics.


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                          Yesterday did not go as planned.

                          I started out doing the right things. But lack of energy from poor sleep the night before coupled with poor food choices made me very lethargic and moody. In an a misguided attempt at re-energizing, I ate things I again shouldn't have and succumbed to emotional eating of foods that are downright embarrassing to admit.

                          So today is a fasting day because I don't even want to look at food, let alone have to run through the criteria to determine if it is a "good" choice or a "bad" choice and the collective emotions that attach to either of those labels.


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                            I am not even going to say everything I had originally planned to say here because some of my writing this morning just went too deep and felt too raw. I don't think I am ready for that yet.

                            Here's today's plan:
                            Pedaling under my desk all day
                            Walking at lunch if it doesn't storm
                            Transformetrics after work

                            Coffee w/ HWC
                            Smoothie - strawberries, virgin coconut oil, protein powder, ice water, hwc

                            Salad - romaine, cucumber, tomato, onions, avocado, chicken breast, cheddar cheese, Good Seasons Italian Dressing

                            orange pepper

                            Grass fed delmonico steaks
                            Mashed cauliflower


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                              Congrats for jumping back in and giving it another go.
                              5' 9" 47 YO F
                              PB start June 2, 2012
                              Pre PB SW = 180 (no scale at home, Mom's scale January - 153lbs!)
                              Current deadlift 245 lbs, squat 165 lbs, bench press 135 lbs

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