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  • They do here... they take your blood, siphon out the plasma and then give you your blood back. it's a big thing up here. You may have donated platelets or whole blood - that still isn't paid for. Plasma is the watery substance of the blood - very useful for burn victims and with as many wild fires as your area has every year, I would think plasma would be a necessary thing down there.
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    • The right amount of nuts

      Jenn, thanks for the idea! I called up a center in our area and got the particulars. I'm going to try it next week. I'll let you know how it goes. For someone in my weight range, it will be $50 for the first two times, then after that, I can donate twice per week. The first time is $20, the second time in each week, is $40. That's grocery money, right there! And I can just sit and read for a couple of hours. Score! I hope it works out. It would be a bummer (in more ways than one!) to find out I have an exotic blood disease.

      Yesterday I stopped at the park on my way back from errands, and gathered 107 pecans in 45 minutes. I'm going to keep track of how long it takes me to shell them. When I think how easy it is to rip open a bag from the store, I am not surprised we over eat nuts ALL THE TIME. If we had to put in a couple of hours of work each time we had nuts, it might be different.

      It was a good primal activity. Plenty of slow walking, and scanning the environment.

      We had the bottom of the soup last night for dinner. It was okay, but not anything to look forward to. Too many veges, and not enough MEAT! The dogs had big meaty bones for their dinners, and I found myself looking longingly.

      I am defrosting a mystery package from the freezer. I hope it is something good, because there is a lot of it!

      My Honey was very down yesterday, and in a place where he didn't even want to be cheered up. Just wanted to be angry. I understand, but it is hard.

      I STILL miss sashimi. It is turning into my favorite fantasy meal. When we have funds again, I'm going to treat myself to a big pig-out! I should go to a restaurant where they don't know me, 'cause I'm just going to sit and eat and eat and EAT! All the sashimi I can handle. Beautiful pink slices of salmon. Tuna, every kind. Slivers of red snapper, rolls of mackeral and eel. Gleaming piles of roe. Tendrils of octopus, and little squid rings. For HOURS! I'll be banned from their doors.

      Ahhhh. A nice dream.


      • You are making me hungry for sashimi...and sushi...which I cannot places here. Not for hours and hours. Sigh. If I ever get to one, I will eat them completely out of stock.

        You have pecans lying around waiting to be picked up? Pecans are bloody expensive! Eat them, eat them! Too bad you can't sell them.

        Here we are going into the weekend. I hope you can chillax and put things out of your mind for a bit. Next week is a new week!
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        • There is one thing about Dallas: the people here LOVE to eat out! There are more restaurants of every persuasion here than you can shake a stick at. I have two sushi buffets within a ten minute drive (one of which I could even WALK to, if I had to have a fix and had no gas money), and three more with half an hour. And those are just the ones I know about. Not to mention the a la carte sushi restaurants.

          The only thing lacking is fish money.

          But this will pass.

          And, this is Texas, baby! Pecan trees are practically weeds! Sbhikes has avocados, we have pecans. I am planning on enjoying every morsel, once I get them out of their shelves (okay, I WILL share with my family). And going back several times over the next couple of weeks while this manna is dropping from the heavens.

          Trying to set up some games for Sunday. That will help in the chillax department. And there may be a Lord of the Rings marathon in my near future.


          • Lord of the Rings marathon with pecans!

            I grew up in southern California - we had lemons, limes, avocados, bay laurel. I miss those. I don't miss the 30 million other people though.
            My Primal Journal:

            "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


            • I would LOVE a pecan tree!! what a gift!

              I'm glad the plasma donation thing panned out. I'm sure you'll fit their standards. The one and only time I donated, I was pregnant (didn't know it yet though). If I could meet the medical bill while being pregnant, I'm sure you'll do just fine. I wish I had the time to do it now. It takes 2 freaking hours! The worst part is when they pump your blood back into you. It'll taste like you're sucking on a penny. And the IV fluids they give you afterwards will make you cold. Otherwise, the procedure is nothing to freak out about. I'm glad it'll pan out to be a financial help for you guys in such a significant way!
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              SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


              • Sabine, if you can't afford primal right now, have you thought about going semi-vegetarian? I lost a lot of weight that way. Probably wasn't doing good things for my gut, but towards the end I had cut back quite a bit on carbs and grains anyway. Lentils are not at all expensive, for instance, and can be a lot of fun to eat without packing the pounds on. If you stick to the least offensive legumes and grains, you might be able to maintain your weight loss and keep the bills low too. (Man, do I feel like a heretic...)
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                Primal low: 140.2 (Dec. 3) Goal weight: 135?
                Main Primal goal: beating back my CFS enough to function more normally and start writing again

                More and more, our life has been governed by specialists, who know too little of what lies outside their province to be able to know enough about what takes place within it.
                - Lewis Mumford


                • Originally posted by Siobhan View Post
                  Lord of the Rings marathon with pecans!
                  Love it!
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                  • Well, my Honey is going to join me this morning, to give selling our plasma a try! After he showers and eats his breakfast, we'll be off. I had some Shakshuka again. I think I've developed quite a love affair with it. It is especially good when you put some sliced bratwurst in with it.

                    Judg- I'm not worrying about my weight in any specific way right now, and have gone non-primal. I'm not happy with gaining weight, or the loggy way these bad foods are making me feel, but other things are a priority right now.

                    I guess I am not at the hard-core spot yet, where I can do 'budget primal': ground beef/chicken, eggs, green veg. I still want treats. And since primal treats are expensive, I'm taking them where I can, with grains. Not good, but it is what it is.

                    I did buy some lentils, though. You reminded me that I used to make this great lentil-bacon-spinach soup. Time for that to re-enter our repetoire. I 'invented' it when I was doing Weight Watchers, and was very pleased that the fiber in the lentils balanced out the fat in the bacon, so that it was a 'zero-point' food. What fools we mortals be!

                    I'm going to be making 'American curry' today, to serve to our friends tomorrow at games. Onion and tomato base, with lots of curry in it, served with bowls of cut up fruit and vegetables, and of course, RICE! Chicken on the side for the non-vegetarians. Inexpensive, and they will probably be amused at this American version of one of their dishes. I also have some cauliflower, which might be turned into pakora. We have a jar of chutney that my mother-in-law gave us last time she canned (also, tart lime marmalade-heaven!) which would be perfect with it.

                    We started watching 'The Borgias' last night. (Our library really does have a great selection of dvds. I am so grateful for it.) I'm liking it. Good conflicts and intrigue. The actress who plays Lucrezia is stunning! I'm knitting away as we watch, and have almost gotten to the tricky part of the shrug I am working on. I started it when I needed some mindless knitting, and I think I have gotten through my mental slump, and am ready for a counting challenge, just at the point where I'll need my wits about me. Excellent timing!
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                    • Well, that was interesting

                      We got to the plasma center and did all the paperwork, exams, etc. Finally on the rack...I mean, chair. It wasn't bad getting stuck: they really know their business, doing it so often. BUT! Apparently I have tiny veins. My first one collapsed after fifteen minutes, so they had to try the other side. That went a little longer, but it packed up after about forty minutes.

                      Honey did fine, which is ironic, since he just came to keep me company. Well, and $50! But I think he was just planning on doing it the two first times, sort of offering moral support. What if it turns out I can't even do it?

                      I'm supposed to drink PLENTY of water before the next time, to see if that helps. I'll be annoyed if my veins aren't up to it. I was already sort of counting on that $60 per week in my head.

                      We're going to do it for the second time on Thursday.


                      Yowza! Brief pause there, to take off our bandages, and there's a large bruise/hematoma on my left side. They had to move that needle around a bit, and I guess it stirred things up. Good thing I have until Thursday to heal up!


                      • Crap! That's not promising, for me. I have tiny veins that roll. They usually hafta bust out the smallest adult size or the kids size for me. I'll keep an eye on how it works for you to determine if I even stand a chance.
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                        • If I were going to write my success story...

                          Thinking about what Siobhan wrote, combined with thoughts of Pebbles' Gratitude list...

                          This is what I would like MY success story to include:

                          I'm not obsessed with food any more. My past life where I would be planning what to have next, checking how much money was in my purse, so I could see if I could drive thru for a quick snack while I was doing errands, sneaking food, not knowing what I wanted, but eating, eating, eating, gone! I forget to eat, I don't worry about getting hungry, I stop when I'm full.

                          I eat to live, not live to eat.

                          I've switched my family over, and they love it.

                          My allergies are gone.

                          I think nothing of walking to do my errands.

                          Once I got back into the groove after my last slip, the weight just came off steadily. Now I have no trouble getting back to it after I eat something questionable. Or feeling alert when I have to stay awake longer.

                          I'm so rested from my good sleeping habits.

                          I had to buy all new clothes, and I look GOOD in them.

                          And good out of them, too!

                          Two friends of mine have asked me what I did- and started primal themselves!

                          My new friends find it hard to imagine I was ever over-weight.

                          I'm using my new energy to tackle projects I've been afraid of for years. I feel like I can do anything!


                          • Love it! I was going to do a "things I need to improve on" list in my journal, but I like the positive bend of your success story idea.
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                            • Oh, non-primal score last night!

                              It is not like finding a steak in a dumpster, but it is a start.

                              I discovered that the Mrs. Baird's Thrift Store near me (they sell bread items that have been pulled from regular grocery stores- a couple days old, but still edible[in bread terms]) puts THEIR old items in the alley behind the store. Just stacked up in bread trays, labelled waste product. They slice open the packages, but that's it.
                              So last night, under cover of darkness, on my way home from dropping Middlest off, I drove by, parked facing out in case I needed to make a quick get away , walked over, and grabbed a few items.

                              Not being picky- just grabbing things to get my first dumpster diving experience (granted, without an actual dumpster!) over. I felt nervous, but not as embarrassed as I would have expected.

                              My haul: a twelve-pack of hot dog buns, which looked questionable, so I tossed them; a six-pack of cinnamon English muffins (yum!), and a loaf of white bread, which I turned into bread pudding for our guests today.

                              I'm pleased. It was a successful first attempt, more so in the completion, than in the product, but I'm sure we'll enjoy the pudding and the muffins.


                              • A recipe! Surprise! Didn't know I did recipes, did you?

                                My very inauthentic curry recipe:

                                Slice as many onions as you can before the crying gets to you. For me, that's 8. Saute in coconut oil over low heat until they are soft and getting golden. Throw in a whole mess of curry powder- about half a cup. Cook some more.

                                Add in half the equivalent amount of chopped tomatoes. I use two 14oz cans of the organic diced from Hunt's. And two cans worth of water. Cook and stir, cook and stir, at a simmer, until the whole batch is mushy. About three hours.

                                Run the handy dandy immersion blender that your child gave you for your birthday around the pot until the curry is saucy, rather than stewy.

                                Fifteen minutes before serving, turn the heat up just a little, and plop chunks of raw chicken meat in the curry, and let them cook.

                                Serve over rice and chopped-up vegetables and fruit. Last night we had: celery, bell pepper, mandarin oranges, shaved coconut, raisins, carrots, apple, cucumber. Use the last precious jar of green tomato chutney that your mother-in-law gave you. (Hope she makes more soon. Decide to have some of it with pork chops this morning for breakfast.)

                                If you do rice and nightshades, it's even primal.