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  • Have been meaning to congratulate you on the tire episode - that is extremely stressful under any circumstances - I've been there! Didn't have kids to worry about, though. Yikes, car stuff...tire did really well. I tend to freak a little (okay, a lot) about that stuff.

    Isn't there some old cliche like, "Possession is nine-tenths of the law/" Chica is yours. Lucky dog!
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    "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


    • Originally posted by Siobhan View Post
      Isn't there some old cliche like, "Possession is nine-tenths of the law/" Chica is yours. Lucky dog!
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      • 9/10ths of a chihuahua is 81 ounces.


        • ROFL!!! Oh my goodness.

          Glad your tire incident wasn't worse. I had one blow once at 60 mph with a van full of young children and holiday gear.

          And yes, it's afterwards we shake, from the adrenaline. A couple of years ago we were sitting at a red light where the highway ran into Quakertown. We heard the most awful squealing of brakes behind us as some idiot woke up too late to the fact that there were several lanes of stopped traffic in front of him. I don't know that I have ever heard anything so awful in my entire life. And then crash, as he ran into the cars in the lane beside us. At that instant, the light turned green and we had to pull out of there. I think I shook for a good 30 minutes afterwards. And then there was the time... never mind. I'm getting carried away. I am so glad your story had a happy ending. Driving on bare tires is very dangerous (and that reminds me of yet another story - it's a miracle I'm alive, I'm beginning to think), so having one of them blow with no injuries involved is a big blessing in a very thin disguise.
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          More and more, our life has been governed by specialists, who know too little of what lies outside their province to be able to know enough about what takes place within it.
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          • Have the neighbors said anything about Chica being over there at your place at all? So weird to me! How do you have an animal and you don't even know where it is for days on end?! Wow. What a pain that people don't get back to you when they say they will - I always think that is so rude. It would be nice to hear and then be able to move on. Glad you and hubby had a good day nonetheless. Keep on supporting each other and hopefully things will make a turn for the better soon! Hugs to you!
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            • Boy, I wish 9/10ths of me was 81 oz. Okay, maybe not, but I'll take 9/10th being 150lbs any day.

              You are doing well keeping everything together during this stressful time.
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              • Sneaking in a fast

                I got sick on Thursday, and was slugging around yesterday, trying to recover. Still feel wiped out this morning, so I have decided to do a fast.

                I stopped my monthly ones when the stress about the job situation started to creep upwards. I didn't want to be fasting during a time of stress. I thought I would be setting myself up for mental failure, and since fasting is itself a form of stress, I didn't want to add to my load. But I've been following the fasting threads, and sort of looking on longingly, waiting for the time when I could do another fast.

                Now that I am feeling yucky, the longing has come on hard and strong, so I'm doing it. Just planning a one-day. I've taken some broth out of the freezer, and I'm going to mix up a pitcher of lemon/salt water. I might try Betorq's method of a little kraut or kraut juice as well. Oh, that reminds me of something I need to email. Be right back.

                Okay, I'm back.

                Yesterday I got pepper sprayed by proxy. My Honey was getting my bike out of the van and putting it into the garage. Chica slipped out through the garage door, and, sighting the mailman across the street, immediately zipped over and started barking and lunging at him, hackles raised. He sprayed her with his pepper spray. I ran and got her(at least I looked both ways) and washed her off after I got her inside, but apparently that stuff is hard to get off. I touched under my nose, and it stung for half an hour. And later that night, after petting her, I got some in my eye. ZING! Let's hope this teaches her to stay away from the mailman. I would certainly stay away from him!

                I've talked to him about her before, and he knows she is the neighbor's dog. He mentioned that he hadn't seen her outside for the last week or so, and that maybe neighbor was keeping her inside more. I clued him in that I had 'kidnapped' her. But we're going to have to make sure to keep the kitchen door LATCHED when we are in the garage, and not just pulled to.

                I did something that was hard last night that I don't want talk about now, but I am proud of myself for finally doing it. It had gotten to the point where I don't feel I could live with myself if I hadn't, but it was still hard. Hopefully it all works out. At the least, I have done what I should. You can't 'kidnap' people the way you can dogs.

                A refreshing cold bath this morning, with a vigorous scrub afterwards. I look forward to the day that my stomach isn't so round that it makes an island. I was thinking about how a calorie is the unit of measurement is takes to raise one cc of water one degree, and how it would be fun to figure out how much water is in my bath, and figuring out how many Kcals I am using, heating the water up with my body. It would mean some tedious bailing and measuring, so I'll save it for the right time.

                One of the friends in my quilt group is moving away, so we are making her a farewell quilt. I got preferences yesterday, and I'll be making up a pattern and directions this weekend. Luckily, she is not moving until next summer, so we have enough time to get it done. She almost moved once before, and it fell through, but this looks like it is really going to happen. I am sad to have her go. She's one of my best friends. I am grateful that email and texting makes it so easy to keep in touch.

                Okay, enough chat for now. See y'all later.


                • Feeling a little hunger, but not True Hunger. More like, Hey, Where's the Food Hunger. I've been having tap water and lemon/salt water, and also one mug of broth with a smidge of anchovies swirled into it, for the salt and umami. (Is that how you spell that? It looks funny.)

                  Did a walk with the dogs. We had a cold front sweep in last night, so it is in the high 50s. Feels bracing. I'm just about to go out on a stroll to the library.

                  Looks like we will have to give up on one side of the sink. I just cannot beat this clog. There is something seriously wrong with the disposal, and even though we haven't used it in about a month, it is messing with the drainage. So, I'm slapping a dish pan in that side, and well just have to drain out into the other sink. Poverty makes you crafty.

                  I got on the scale this morning. Too depressing. Talk about Kummerspeck!


                  • Feeling good, looking like crap!

                    I completed the fast yesterday. I was having Distracting Hunger in the evening, but nothing too bad. I went to bed ON TIME. That's the good thing about being sick: it makes wanting to take care of yourself real easy.

                    I was planning just a one day fast, but you know how the human mind works. Somewhere I was thinking, 'well, it will be so easy, and I'll just sail right into days two and three. No problem!'. It is the same kind of magical thinking whereby we feel we will really buckle down, and drop that first twenty pounds super quick, and then easily transition to a steady two pounds per week.

                    As if!

                    I had only planned for one day, because this afternoon I have to go to the State Fair with Littlest for a Girl Scout thing. Unfortunately, there will be about two hours of free time for walking around. I was not going to send myself into that situation without being fed, and having an acceptable fair food that I could have if I REALLY want it. Although the prices should be enough to keep me on the straight and narrow this year. There is a very good wurst stand that would be mostly primal, but $5 for a wurst?!? Not in the budget. And of course, the Old Faithful :Turkey Leg! Still, spending $5 on a hunk of protein would be better than refusing, and then giving in to offered tastes of someone else's SAD goody, which is what I would fear happening if I went with no money in my pocket.

                    Yet to be decided. But I will be eating something before I go. My stomach gave a loud rumble during my cold bath, and though I know it is Wouldn't Mind Being Fed Hunger, and not True Hunger yet, I don't feel mentally up to going through the continued sugar withdrawal symptoms (had a headache yesterday) without some good for me food. I'm thinking ground beef with veggies and a fried egg on top. You can tell whose journals I have been reading.

                    The usual course that my colds run is: violent nose running and sneezing fits, which I tell myself are allergy symptoms. Just when I'm cluing in that this is a cold, I start feeling like CRAP! Then I get stuffy and very tired. When I'm done with it, I have a chapped nose, which flakes for the next two days, and usually chapping around my eyes, forehead, and lips. So, that what I look like this morning. Tired(bags and wrinkles under my eyes), and flaky. It must be true love that I can still get some action.

                    I like to do collage art, and when I was at the library yesterday, I saw they had National Geographics, free for the taking. So I grabbed three, and when I saw the first one had an article on Early (stone-age) Americans decided I was going to start clipping for a primal inspiration collage. That will be a fun activity today while I am cossetting myself on the sofa. Until I get up and walk around the State Fair for four hours.

                    If any of you have ever been to the State Fair in Dallas, you know it is BIG! There is lots to see. Four days would barely be enough, but I don't imagine I will be doing much looking today, just girl herding. For preference, I would pass, but I will pull on my Big Girl Panties and a smile instead. (And the rest of my clothes, don't worry!)

                    Yesterday both girls were out for all of their meals and my Honey did his eating while I was on my walk, so the kitchen is amazingly tidy. Just a few things to wash, and the decks will be cleared. A great side-effect of fasting.


                    • Hi! I read your entries on your fast. Now I am no expert, having only done a few, but to me the first day is the hardest. The second day is (for me at least) much easier, I feel calm and happy, I've even experienced the elated feeling I've read about. You mentioned that you had stopped regular fasting because you are in a period of stress now (which I am sorry to hear about, by the way). But when that stress comes around again for me, and it will sooner or later, I believe I will use fasting as a way to cope. I've found it to be a really good way to gain focus.

                      In fact, the first time I fasted was 60 hours and that came at a time of extreme personal stress. I was upset enough that I just didn't feel like eating. I believe that fast helped me to avoid falling into a deep depression, and helped me to change my outlook in a positive way, which has made me happier (it didn't change what was happening, just the way I reacted to it).

                      It's been a positive thing (even apart from the weight loss). I'm glad you are finding a way to get it back into your program, despite the ongoing stress, which I hope eases soon.

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                      • It wasn't that hard yesterday, so maybe I am selling myself short on what I need as a way of coping with stress. I've used food as a coping tool for so long, I don't know if I've really developed other methods.

                        I was never encouraged to express my feelings as a child, or even FEEL them, so the thought of having an empty space in which to just feel and think is more scary than relaxing.

                        Maybe someday.

                        But I still had a good breakfast this morning.


                        • Food yesterday:

                          8:30 fried ground beef with
                          1/4 white onion
                          1C leftover stir-fry vegetables, mostly broccoli
                          2 fried eggs
                          1T green chiles

                          2:30 1 rotisserie chicken leg

                          6:30 bratwurst (on a stick!)
                          1 large bite fried cookie dough
                          4 fried cheese sticks

                          lots of water

                          I consider this a Fair Food success! I'm going to fast again today, just because I feel like it. I am planning pot roast for dinner, which I'll be sad to miss, but which tastes great as left-overs. And since I won't be eating, there will be plenty of left-overs!


                          • Sabine, I can surely relate to your comments about expressing feelings. I surely know how to feel them. What has occurred to me (late in life, unfortunately) that by not allowing your children to express themselves, even if negatively, you thrawt their ability to mindfully express them. I often blurt out things that would have been better with a mindful thought process. The minute I do it, I know it and feel bad. Once spoken - too late.

                            I was an only child for 10 years and was often talked about in my presence like I wasn't there. I would hear how shy I am or how much I pouted. Hard to explain. Perhaps I was pouting because you guys all acted like I didn't have a brain, opinion, or the ability to express myself never developed. Sad. For. Me.
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                            • Hi, Perennialpam, thanks for stopping by. That's one thing I have been successful in: allowing my children to express their feelings. Just because of reacting to how my parents raised me. Of course, my children will surely be doing some things opposite from me, but hopefully not that!

                              Feelings can be so scary when you don't know how to handle them. It feels almost impossible to me to 'just feel' negative emotions. I don't know what I think is going to happen, but I get very apprehensive. And then I have the apprehension to deal with as well! (Usually by stuffing something into my face.) Just another life challenge, I guess.


                              • Originally posted by Sabine View Post
                                Feelings can be so scary when you don't know how to handle them. It feels almost impossible to me to 'just feel' negative emotions. I don't know what I think is going to happen, but I get very apprehensive. And then I have the apprehension to deal with as well! (Usually by stuffing something into my face.) Just another life challenge, I guess.
                                Heh. Welcome to my world. I was raised to believe negative emotions don't actually exist. If I were to emote them, I'd usually get in trouble for it. So, to this day, I have trouble with letting out negative emotions at the tright time in the right way. I usually bottle them up until the straw breaks the camel's back, and then I'm a screaming sobbing mess until it's all gone. Obviously not the right way to go.
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