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  • The duct tape worked nicely. Another bath with reclining. For the first time, I checked the temperature at the end of the bath, as well. It had gone up 4 degrees from my body heat. Very interesting.

    The enchilada assembly was delicious, but my nose began to run as I was eating. I think an elimination test is in order. I'm going to jot down what was in the meal here, as a reminder.

    Sauce- onion, coconut oil, garlic powder, tomatoes, green sauce(tomatillos, onions, serrano peppers, salt, cilantro), basil, oregano, cumin, fish sauce
    turkey meat(not chicken, as previously thought)
    guacamole(avocado, salsa, lemon juice)
    sour cream


    • Cold Baths-Brrr! I turn my shower to a colder setting for the last minute or two.

      Books - We are moving all of our books to the basement guest room / study soon. I hope to pare down then.

      Keep hanging in there Sabine.
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      • Mmmm that recipe makes my mouth water.

        Books- Love them, have a collection and add to it often.

        Hope you have a great day!

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        • Your enchilada recipes makes my mouth water. But after I mentally removed aged - pickled - fermented - nightshades, I wasn't left with a whole lot. So I'll just have to imagine the taste:-):-)


          • Well, no nose difficulties after having the guacamole. I'll be trying the sauce next, but it has so many ingredients that it won't be much of a test. Maybe it was just a fluke. Hmmm. I don't really think so, it was so sudden. Just as my nose clearing up once I stopped eating CRAP was sudden. I'm so glad that I am still at the state where my body can fix itself quickly. I pray that I get my act together before I go past the point of no return.

            I'm starting to feel annoyed when I hear people refer to grains as a food group. Just because we ingest it, does not mean it is food for humans. Grrr. I know this is over-general, that some people do fine with grains(that we can see- who knows what is happening inside, long term? I have my suspicions!), blah, blah, blah. More grrrr. Just feeling very anti-grain and four-food groups right now.

            Why do they have to taste so good?

            Well, do they? Not really. It is mostly the stuff we add to them. That pumpkin bread had pumpkin, spices, and of course, SUGAR! Flour is just a good binder.

            Okay, why does it have to be such a good binder?!? Insidious stuff!


            • LOL! I know what you mean. But miracles can be done with almond meal and eggs. I am going to have to make primal pumpkin muffins. I missed muffins so badly - they were my favourite comfort food - and I was so glad to find primal substitutes. I know they're not totally ideal, so I wouldn't eat them daily, but just knowing that I can now and again is so nice.

              Now if only my favourite coffee shops would start carrying them, I would be set.
              5'2", 55 years, Primal since April. Pre-Primal weight loss, from 216.6 to 157.8
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              Main Primal goal: beating back my CFS enough to function more normally and start writing again

              More and more, our life has been governed by specialists, who know too little of what lies outside their province to be able to know enough about what takes place within it.
              - Lewis Mumford


              • Sabine, to edit the title, click on the Go Advanced button. And don't worry, we all know your mistakes are just fingers going too fast.
                5'2", 55 years, Primal since April. Pre-Primal weight loss, from 216.6 to 157.8
                Primal low: 140.2 (Dec. 3) Goal weight: 135?
                Main Primal goal: beating back my CFS enough to function more normally and start writing again

                More and more, our life has been governed by specialists, who know too little of what lies outside their province to be able to know enough about what takes place within it.
                - Lewis Mumford


                • I DO have an almond meal plan set up for Thanksgiving.

                  I love pie. Very much. So much that I only let myself have it twice a year as a rule: apple or cherry on the Fourth of July, and then there's Thanksgiving.

                  I make every kind of pie I want to for Thanksgiving. We have an open house party the day after Thanksgiving where we serve pie, coffee, and hot cider. Last year we had 16 different kinds of pie. That was down from our high of 23 a couple of years ago.

                  Pie, pie, pie all day long and with every meal for the next week.

                  The same way I have a special carrier and piper for devilled eggs because it is my signature bring-along, I have many pie plates, servers, three five-layer display stands, and cake/pie stands. Someday I will get myself a pie safe.

                  I love pie.

                  Last year, I left a lot of crust behind on my plate, but I would like to have SOME crust. So my play this year is to make mini-tarts of each variety I make, with almond crust, just for me.

                  One of the problems with almond meal (no, I don't care about the o-6 or oxidation!) is that I have LOVED everything I make with it. I could easily eat too much of it.

                  Mmmmm, now I am thinking about primal banana muffins! Judg's fault!


                  • I'm the piemaker in my family too, last year I made over two dozen pies throughout the season. I bring them to every holiday gathering from Halloween through New Years.

                    I haven't quite figured out what to do this year. But I think I'll stick to the recipies I've developed over the years and just not eat any (except a tiny slice of apple).

                    I am interested in trying leaf lard though, I just can't find a good source for pastured lard.
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                    • Try Whole Foods, they might be able to order you some if they don't carry it.

                      I miss chicken pot pie. A little. Not enough to do anything about it. Oddly I don't crave sweets although I have maybe the biggest sweet tooth in the world when unleased.

                      A pie that shows up here in New England this time of year is beautifully named, "Fruits of the Forest." A combination of berries. Luckily I don't remember what it tastes like.
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                      • A strange treatise on housecleaning.

                        My two favorites for the past few years: Shaker Lemon pie(made with sliced lemons, grated lemon peel, sugar and eggs) and Rhubard Custard. Mmmm. How long until Thanksgiving?

                        Anyone remember that saying, 'Housework, if done properly, can kill you?'

                        I considered taking care of my children when they were small, a full-time job. And I was working fourteen hours a day, and on call the other ten. So I feel I earned quite a bit of comp-time. Any housework that got done was just a bonus. Now that they are older, my standards have gotten a little better, but really, I think housecleaning is over-rated.

                        I like things clean, but not sterile. And I don't want to spend a lot of time getting things clean. Nor do I mind some cobwebs in the corners, even if they have a few bug carcasses in them. We no longer live in homes heated by fire, so smoke and ash do not accumulate on things. I sweep, vacuum occasionally, wash the dishes, and wipe things up. My biggest challenge is clutter, but that's just tidying, not cleaning. I do NOT wash my walls until I notice there are grey smudges around the light switches. Then I go around and hit them all. This happened every few years. I only clean my ceiling fans when I notice that they are grimy. As you can only notice that when they are stationary, and I live in Texas, this happens about once a year. I clean my oven once a year- right before Thanksgiving, to get ready for the pies. I dust about twice a year. Yes, twice a year. There's not much in our house that stays undisturbed long enough to get dusty, and the things that do, well, they are perfectly happy with some dust on them.

                        I know some people like to have their houses very clean. And that sure looks nice. I am just not willing to spend the time to do it.

                        Don't know why this came spilling out.


                        • I am so with you on the housecleaning. My oldest grandson was sitting on the Himalayan's ottoman the other day in his black jeans. We all burst out laughing when he stood up. And I do vacuum. Dusting and washing walls, however, are only done on a very "need basis."

                          Organizing and tidying -- now those two I like -- as well as moving furniture periodically!

                          Pies, hmmm? I'm not going there. Hmm! I was the pie and salad maker. Pies. Pies must be homemade. My favorites: All of them. Pecan sounding good right now. No. I am not going there. Period. Did I say that? I am ignoring this discussion. I really am.


                          • PIES!

                            You know you wanted it.


                            • I'm glad dachshund hair doesn't stick to you the way cat hair does!

                              Overslept this morning due to not sleeping well last night. Woke up about 3:30, and started worrying. Nix on that, so I turned on the light and started reading. Fell asleep at 5:30, then started hitting my snooze button when the alarm went off fifteen minutes later.

                              So, no cold bath.

                              This morning I am shampooing my hall carpet. (Maybe my rant yesterday was because I knew this was coming.) I have an old shampoo machine that a friend gave me that works fairly well, but it is a definite PROCESS! Vacuum, scrub, let sit, do it again, switch out the tanks, let dry a little and see if you got it all. Give it another pass. Wiggle the machine in arcs, to really get the good scrubbing action. Wonder about the chemicals you are pumping into your home. Think grumpy thoughts about dogs who don't like to go out when it is raining. Do one more pass. And another, just to be thorough. After all, if you are going through all this, you want it to look GOOD!

                              Rats! I was going to do some substitute work tomorrow, and it just got cancelled.

                              The dogs are starting to snuggle a little more when they are lounging on the couch. I think they are slowly forming into a new three-pack, instead of a twin-pack.


                              • You do realize there's a way to make primal-ish mini pies, right? As in just enough in one ramekin for one serving? I've nailed down the primal apple pie and berry pumpkin cheescake and I'm worknig on the primal pumpkin pie.
                                No, I'm not enabling you....
                                We have more books than bookcase right now. There's the programming bookcase, his nonfiction bookcase, my nonfiction bookcase, the two shared fiction bookcases, the cookbook bookcase, and the piles on the floor. I try every once in a while to pare them down and get rid of maybe 2-3 books each time, (usually duplicates or things I never want to see again.) Paring down beyond that is like choosing between children to give up for adoption. It ain't gonna happen.
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