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    Inadvertant IF


    I was going to eat dinner by 6:00, but here it is, 7:30, and I'm just starting to get hungry. I'm going to bed in an hour and a half,,so no way am I eating something now. I'll just have to tough it out. Maybe a little broth?

    Before I discovered low-carb eating several years ago, I had no idea how obsessed I was with food. To me, it was completely natural to always be thinking of what I was eating, would be eating, could eat. I would sneak food, treat myself with food, make food treats for others. I thought about food, planned food, loved food.

    But it wasn't a true love. I was a crazy food stalker, and I didn't even know it.

    The first time I realized I had FORGOTTEN to eat, it blew my mind. (Let us not discuss at this time how I could still slip back into bad eating habits after being shown the light.) I didn't even understand how it could happen. Gradually I learned how sugars affected me. Still learning, there's always more to learn. (Once again, I recommend 'Fathead', 'Science for Smart People', and 'Big Fat Fiasco'.)

    Now, I am finally to the point where I can count on this stunning event. When I realized I had missed dinner time, and that I was hungry, I knew, if I just put it out of my head, the hunger would pass. Because I am longing for food/energy, not just a hit.

    And true love can wait.

    At least until breakfast.


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      I love how I don't think constantly about food anymore too. It's so liberating!

      We didn't eat until 7:30 either... and now it's time for the kiddos go get ready for bed... the nights are always so short.

      Enjoy your evening.
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        It's as though you were writing about me! So nice to know that I'm not alone...trying, struggling, periodic success - and yet still the weight doesn't move. But determined - stubbornly determined - to get this right! Not in this necessarily for the weight loss (though I sure do need to lose about 50 lbs), but to be healthier, not bloated, not in a fog, and not on a statin.


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          Oh, that is so me! Good German girl - must be nice to everyone, don't rock the boat, put all others (even strangers) before yourself. And you're right - being competitive just feels so wrong. I do it - but I swear I pay a price for it!


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            Spoken like a woman in control of her health again. Proud of you Sabine!
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            Long Term Goal: 166lbs (One day!), Buy whatever cloths I want to wear.
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              What an amazing journal! Thank you so very much for sharing! I can't tell you how inspirational it has been for me - you (and everyone else posting) has really given me the shot in the arm that I needed today!! I'll poke around to find that subscribe button and keep following. It has really been such a tremendous help to me - and I'm going to try to put some of the suggestions to work...starting with my goals. WIIFMs!


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                wren...its under thread tools!

       are so amazing & have such a great way with words! excellent post & I can certainly relate as well!!
                Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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                  * high five *

                  I like how even when I do get hungry, I'm not a ravenous freak trying to recuperate from big blood sugar swings. I find in general I like to eat about every 4-5 hours depending on how active I've been.
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                    I'm still amazed that I don't get hungry in between meals, or I don't get all shaky when I'm hungry (it's just a funny feeling in my stomach now). I'm not 'into' IF yet, but am considering it....I know the "old me" would have NEVER even considered it: not eating for half a day, are you serious??? I couldn't even get through 3 hours without needing a snack!

                    But hey, no looking back the future is all ours!
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                    Goal for 2013: lose 10 kg and keep new weight (+/- 65 kg)


                    • A question, I am wondering why you set a time to stop eating? I don't like to eat within a few hours of going to bed as it tends to disrupt my sleep, but if I am hungry I will eat a little something because a growling stomach disrupts my sleep as well.
                      "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain."

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                      My "Program": doing my version of a 4:3 - 3 day fast diet with real food every day, with a little twist of anti-inflammatory mixed in.


                      • Wow! Thanks for all the comments, kudos, and high fives, everyone. I woke up to this nice chunk to read. It is always fun to know someone has read your post.

                        Wren- glad to meet you. Reading other people's journals on MDA has been such a big help to me. And I am getting a lot out of keeping my own. It is making me really think about my relationship with food, and slowly, as I get more into primal, the other aspects of my life that I should be thinking about(sleep, exercise, stress, play!). Also, whenever I read non-fiction books, I love the sections where a personal experience is related. Journals are like an endless supply of them. It gives me a lot of inspiration to see others overcome their struggles. Or not, but keep going.

                        DeMuralist- I am trying to go to bed at 9:00, so having at least a few hours between eating and sleeping puts me at 6:00. It is from a combination of factors: not wanting to lay down while I am still digesting(hold over from my heartburn incidents), something I read on Leptin Reset, just a general feeling that sleeping right after eating doesn't give you time to 'burn off the calories'- a hangover from CW, I guess. My body COULD use those calories to rebuild, but my imagination has it making little fat building blocks. Need to get over that, but anyhow, that's my reasoning.


                        • Not hungry

                          Woke up- not hungry!

                          I was expecting my stomach to be saying, okay, I complied yesterday, now FEED ME, but nothing yet. Guess I'll just go back to normal. Normal. What a lovely sensation.

                          This was yesterday, short and sweet:

                          Up at 6:20

                          8:00 grilled porkchop (last one)
                          2 eggs fried in
                          1C spinach, red bell pepper, mushrooms

                          2:15 bratwurst with
                          1/2C spinach, red bells, mushrooms
                          1 1/2C niwatori slaw
                          1 small apple(so cute, almost bite-sized)
                          almond butter

                          Bed at 9:15

                          This daylight savings is brutal. I'm having to get up to the alarm every morning, instead of my eyes popping open on their own. I'm setting the alarm for 10 minutes earlier every day, so that by the end of spring break, I'll be back to my regular schedule. I WAS able to fall asleep at the 'new' normal time yesterday, instead of staying up late, so hopefully I am getting used to it.

                          Today, a day of socialization with friends. We are getting together to sew. We swapped quilt blocks a week ago. Some of us will be putting those together, some will have other projects, some will just show up to talk. Yay! There's nothing like time with friends. Very primal.


                          • Sometimes I think about food now wondering why I don't think about it:-)


                            • Sabine, your day sounds divine! I would LOVE to have time to spend with friends and just get some crafty projects out of the way - like the many scrapbooks I want to complete/start that I haven't been able to work on since February 2009... I miss it.

                              I think you're doing great and will continue to do great.

                              Speaking o food... getting hungry now.
                              Primal since March 5, 2012
                              SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                              • ooo, sounds lovely to do a quilting bee! I am going to do a quilt with my daughters favorite t-shirts, and a couple of other moms want to get together to do the same. Never quilted before so this will be an adventure. Have fun!
                                "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain."

                                My journal:

                                My "Program": doing my version of a 4:3 - 3 day fast diet with real food every day, with a little twist of anti-inflammatory mixed in.