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  • Peter409, let me introduce you to Janet404. I think you're perfect for each other.


    • I was thinking last night at the gym. (Yes, I went to the gym. I even did weights, which I can feel this morning.) I have been enjoying seeing my graph line rise to greater heights, but it has been going up five days in a row. I knew a plateau (not in the true sense, just in the graph sense) was due anytime, and I started thinking about what my attitude SHOULD be, rather than letting myself be surprised with any old attitude that showed its face. Since I had been thinking of my graph, I tried to figure out what would be the exact opposite of my usual reaction.

      I decided that every time my number stayed flat or increased, I should do something special, enjoyable, indicating that my body was still working at weight loss, even if it wasn't visible. It should be nothing to do with food or exercise, but should be sensual and creative, fun! And nothing I do all the time anyway, a real treat. Oh, and it shouldn't cost much money because I just don't have much money right now.

      I decided on putting together and using my rug loom. Every day that I am holding steady, or bobbing about, I'll work on the rug. Just like my body, progress may be so little as to not show up, but bit by bit, it will get done. I've been wanting to try the 'old t-shirts' rag rug, so that's what it will be. And I will make it out of yellow, to match our small bathroom.

      In recognition of all this hard thinking, my body bobbed back into the 190s, so I get to start today!

      Everything was good yesterday. I enjoyed my sashimi, and managed to squeeze in a protein shake before the gym. NO creme brulee or rice was consumed. I walked, did weights, had good sleep, drank plenty of water. I'm pleased.


      • Wow, what a great idea. Hope it keeps you on track.
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        • Oh, can I tell you how bummed I was to find out you can't get "Nourishing Traditions" as an ebook. I tried through my Nook. I love having cook books on my Nook tablet because, sheesh, my kitchen counters are busy enough. If we lived closer to each other, I'd buy "Nourishing Traditions" and share it with you.

          Do you follow the blog "The Nourished Kitchen", I love her fermented foods recipes. I made the lacto-fermented ketchup and my kids devoured it. I felt all "bwahahahahah, you are succumbing to my evil plans!"


          • Avocadogirl- I'll have to check that out. (Oh no, another blog to follow!) I bought some yogurt today so I can make whey for a few of the recipes: beets, and ketchup are next on my list. I've got the fish sauce all ready to go. Soon I will be like Betorq, with a row of jars bubbling away on my counter.

            Pebbles-when I was thinking of what to do I considered belly-dancing at first! Heehee.

            Dinner tonight is going to be Sweet Potaco. I wish I could have it for lunch, now that I've started thinking about it.


            • Whoops. I forgot I was not having cheese and sprinkled it all over my Sweet Potaco. (Delicious.)

              The rug is not going exactly as planned. Littlest was jazzed to see the frame going up, and plunged right into the weaving with me. I have done a little, she has done a lot.

              My muscles are sore.


              • 8 days down, 115 to go

                There will be no rug weaving for me today. Now, I just have to keep Littlest away from it!

                Food went well yesterday, except for the cheese incident. I just completely forgot about the 'no cheese' thing. I will count it as a slip, rather than a cheat. Water, good. Sleep, good. Vitamins, check. No walking .

                There was much cooking, and I also now have a jar of beets pickling away.

                Got hit by some mega stress in the afternoon, and actually sat down and cried from worry for a while. Dealing with the first step of that today, which will either resolve the issue, or usher in a new period of stress in my life, due mostly to my personal failings. (No, I'm not going to jail. Still, I feel very bad about this.)

                I felt so anxious that I went beyond the 'eat to relieve stress' state straight into, 'I cannot eat at all, you are an idiot for suggesting it' state. So when I said food went well yesterday, I did not eat everything that I should have (skipped lunch and protein shake) but the meals I ate were normal.

                Special goal for today: remain calm. Reflect on my good qualities, and refrain from bad behavior. I CAN improve myself!


                • Whew!

                  Stress resolved. Still need to work on the character flaw, but without extra obstacles. I am so relieved.

                  Littlest is going crazy on this rug. If I don't want her to get all the fun, I'll have to do some even on my non-plateau days. I think I need to come up with a more private plateau activity. The texture is really nice though, I am looking forward to having it underfoot in our bathroom. Littlest wants one for her room when we are done with this.

                  Time ran away from me again, and I did not get my protein shake in. Wasn't really that hungry, either, but I want to get my grams in, so I am thinking of adding a shake to dinner. I'll be rolling away from the table, I guess. Dinner tonight is going to be turkey tetrazzini, minus the noodles, plus broccoli and eggplant relish. Yum.


                  • MUST walk!

                    Everything was good yesterday except for the walking, so after I post, I'm going to get off my duff and walk to the post office with the dogs while it is still cool enough. Then I am going to do some shovelglove.

                    Yes, Gravyboat inspired me. I dug out our sledgehammer. Eight pounds, which seems like a good heft. Now I just need to find something good to wrap around it. I'm going to set my timer and go until I feel tired, and use that as a starting point to work up from (I am certain it will be under the suggested 14 minutes.) If you don't know about shovelglove, go to the dotcom site and check it out. It is an amusing read.

                    Eggplant relish is intriguing. It would be great on crostini . I know, I know. Probably great on jicama slices as well.

                    I'll be doing some rug weaving today. We are already halfway through our pile of yellow t-shirts, and only one-third of the way through the rug, so come what may, it won't be done before next allowance day, unless I find a great garage sale and clear them out of yellow t-shirts at 25 cents a pop. Or even better, one where at the end of the day they say 'Everything you can stuff into a bag for a dollar!' I love that.

                    The ones we have we got at the thrift store for 79 or 99 cents a piece. It works out to a very reasonably priced hobby, considering hours spent and the nice rug you get at the end of it. I'm glad we've set up the loom again. Also, I have been getting SICK of all my clothes lately, don't know why. If I go on a wardrobe refreshment, I now have something fun to do with all the discards!

                    Middlest's eye was swollen yesterday, after a paint incident the day before. I tried to console her my saying it just shows she has a vigilant immune response, but she was not consoled. It was going down by the evening, so I am hopeful she will wake up good as new. Since she's a teenager, that will probably not be until this afternoon!


                    • Little bits of nothing

                      Cannot...stop...weaving! This rug will be done by next weekend. And only because I have to wait until Thursday to acquire more t-shirts. Otherwise, I think we could finish it on Monday! Taking a short break now so I won't get a repetitive stress injury. No more than half an hour at a time.

                      Shovelglove is interesting. I did five minutes worth. The dogs thought I was nuts for the first minute, then ignored me.

                      Had a temptation for something sweet during dinner, but squelched it. Tomorrow we are going to a charrascuria for my honey's birthday, and I expect to eat lots of meat and one fried plantain. No, wait, that's fruit. Shoot. Okay, just salad. I can go back for a fried plantain in November. They'll still be making them. There's only one food that I remember fondly that I can no longer get: the wedding cake we had, 23 years ago. It was called Pave d'Amour, and had ground hazelnuts in it. We did the traditional stick-the-top-layer-in-the-freezer thing and had it for our first anniversary, and it still tasted marvelous. The bakery is closed now.

                      This is my tenth day of only meat and vegetables (plus, you know, butter and cream). It is delicious and yet, rather boring. Probably how food should be. Very 'in the moment', but when it is not happening, I'm not thinking about it. Except to wonder if I have some protein available for lunch. Dinners I plan, and breakfast is eggs plus, but I have been caught a time or two, wondering what protein I am going to throw on top of my salad. Yay for canned salmon!

                      Very thirsty today, I don't know why.


                      • 11 days down, 112 to go

                        This was yesterday:

                        8 hours of sleep, woke naturally

                        11:30 3 eggs, 3 sausage, 1C greens, a bite of meatloaf

                        5:00 small salad with ranch dressing and LOTS of meat!

                        Walking 30"
                        Shovelglove 7"

                        As you can see, I did NOT stick to the DIET. Two meals instead of four, and way more meat at dinner than 30grams of protein worth. But I planned that, what with eating out for my honey's birthday. I DID manage to refrain from the fried bananas and the grilled pineapple. (Oh, my goodness, this grilled pineapple. It is heavenly!) No cake or ice cream, either, but that was actually easier. There is no way to justify that cake and ice cream is good for you, but fruit...well... You can see why I am not one of those people who can have 'just a little.' I'm always able to find a justification for MORE!

                        Woke up a few hours ago (2:00am our time) and could not get back to sleep. Too many money worries going through my brain. So I came and perused the Cold Thermogenesis thread here on the forum. Interesting stuff. I decided to poke my head in because of a book I saw at the grocery store. The title was impossible to resist: Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends. So I was leafing through it, mostly for a laugh(expecting extreme calorie restriction, and exotic combinations), and saw he had a section on cold therapy, which reminded me of the post Mark did a few weeks ago, which led to...2am thread browsing.

                        Seems like it would be an easy (and inexpensive-always good) thing to try. And it does fit in with the whole idea of living more in tune with the natural world that we evolved to live in.

                        One of the things I am moving toward is eating more seasonally. Exposing my body to seasonal temperature variations seems very much part and parcel with that.

                        But I don't need another variable in my life right now. One of the things I have learned (intellectually, still struggling to put it into consistent practical use) from the forums is to stick with something for a while before determining if it works for you or not. I've seen too many people jumping from one new thing to the next, and attributing every little micron of success or failure to the latest thing they've done. I don't want to go down that road. I've just started this whole idea of a DIET, and I want to stick with that, and only that, for a good chunk of time.

                        123 days. What was I thinking? But I am almost 1/10th through. And it hasn't been so hard in retrospect. Maybe I should read through my past 11 days of entries, to see if it was hard in the doing. Amazing how quickly we forget our experiences. Yay for journalling!

                        Ugh. 5:15, and I am starting to get tired enough that I think I could fall asleep. But I have to get up at 6:00 to see Middlest off to her school aide adventure (a one-week part-time volunteer job). I'll need to tough it out for another hour and a half. Then maybe I can crash for a few hours--no, just remembered, Littlest is going to be painting the master bathroom for me today. No way to sleep through that! Rats. We were planning on going swimming this afternoon, that always wears one out. Looks like an afternoon nap will be coming my way.

                        Oh, and I AM still enjoying my greens with breakfast. Bought broccoli rabe for the first time yesterday, to try in my next batch along with kale and green cabbage. Also got some red cabbage, for cooking, and to make a small batch of red cabbage kraut. Pickling adventures continue apace!

                        Wow, being up in the wee hours sure makes me chatty.
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                        • I saw this on facebook yesterday. Melissa (or maybe it was Dallas) questioned whether the the bookstore just over-purchased the one book or if others are choosing their book over the other...

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                          • That picture looks like it was taken at a Costco, Jenn. Maybe? Just from how the books are stacked.

                            Sabine- how is your stress level? Are you feeling better today? I think eating seasonally and flowing with the temps outside is a great long term goal. I say that in summer, when I tolerate the heat much better than the cold. But I do try to get outside everyday in the winter for some vitamin D, exposing my forearms and face if I can tolerate it.


                            • I don't know where it was taken. I stole it from either the Whole9's or Whole30's facebook page.
                              Primal since March 5, 2012
                              SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                              • Do you use an eight-lb sledgehammer to shovelglove? Did you start out with a sledgehammer, or did you practice the movements with something lighter first? I'm trying to figure out how to start.
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