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  • Sounds like you're on the right track though I'm weary of the idea behind a "diet". As I guess most people would be on a lifestyle forum. The ideal goal should be a pound a week. Any higher and you're setting yourself up for disappointment. If that sounds like too little just remember that there are 52 weeks in a year
    SW (Nov 22nd 2011): 333
    Current Weight as of Nov 25 2015: 248
    Short Term Goal: Fit into the shirts I got on my honeymoon at disney and universal in august next year when I go back to for my 1 year anniversary
    Met Goal: Be a 2x Shirt, Fit in a standard airplane seat belt without the use of a seat belt extension
    Long Term Goal: 166lbs (One day!), Buy whatever cloths I want to wear.
    Pain is temporary, quitting is forever- Lance Armstrong #NoExcuses


    • I am leery, too, but I'm willing to give it a try. At the least, a primal-based diet will be healthier than the conventional ones.

      I will be very happy if I am back at 179 by the end of the four months. I was feeling great at that weight.

      One of the things I found so enchanting when I first went low-carb(Atkins, before I discovered primal) is how my relationship with food completely changed. I wasn't obsessing over it all the time. It was a revelation to me that I could feel that way, and I literally lost track of 'being on a diet'. I just ate that way, and the weight came off without me thinking about it. And ironically, it was because I was following a DIET, and strictly.

      The down side is, ever since then I have been VERY aware of food-awareness, and feeling bad. When you're acclimitized, it is nothing, that's just how life is. Once you've gotten a feel for the good life, though...! I KNOW what I am missing!

      80/20 is great, but it just might not be for me, at least as I am trying to lose weight.

      And I need to lose weight. It is not a matter of 10 pounds. I am 50 pounds overweight. I can grab huge handfuls of fat.

      Okay, how did this turn into a full-on post, instead of just a quick reply? Back to my chores!


      • Hi Sabine, I want to wish you good luck with your diet-approach. I'm planning to do a Whole30 in September, which is also like a short-term diet , I still want to loose some weight too and it's not happening right now (too much sugar ).
        My Journal: Candy in Primal Wonderland
        My Blog: Candy in Wonderland
        Goal for 2012: keep weight steady (+/- 74 kg): check
        Goal for 2013: lose 10 kg and keep new weight (+/- 65 kg)


        • It's a good point you make about stopping the "temporary restriction..." just before Halloween. I haven't really considered what I will do, this holiday season. I always do a lot of cooking, pies, and other treats. I really don't much care to find Paleo/Primal substitutes for dishes made with conventional ingredients, except where it is easy...lard instead of Crisco in pie crust for instance.

          But I do need to work on a strategy so I don't binge. Good luck with your four month temporary restriction!
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          • Hi Candy! I like your new avatar. It shows off those beautiful cheekbones! This is as about as close to a Whole30 as I've ever gotten before. I still have regular bacon and sausage, though, and there may be a few preservatives here and there. But otherwise, mostly meat and veg. Pebbles is doing a Whole30 now, and Jenn, too. I love hearing about people's experiences on it. Seems going that strict really highlights what is going on in your body. I'll look forward to seeing how you do.

            Thanks for stopping by my journal, DCarr. I've found the two aspects of journalling here, the accountability and the social interaction, to be so helpful. I'm a big pie-baker (and eater) at Thanksgiving, too. We always have an open house the day after Thanksgiving, where we serve pie, pie, PIE! I think there were 23 different kinds last year. And last year was the first year I didn't try every kind. Being newly primal, it was all too sugary. I think I had the equivalent of about 6 pieces. And left most of the crusts, too! Very moderate for me.


            • Fabulous Monday Morning

              Whoops. I clicked 'reply' before I was done.

              Here's how yesterday went:

              I skipped more meals. Not that I meant to, but it just happened. Ate a late breakfast(eggs, sausage,greens!) and meant to have a regular lunch. But one of our guests showed up an hour early, and things got busy. By the time we ate our meal, I was HUNGRY. My fasting experiences really came in handy, for me to deal with it in the two hours leading up. I told myself it was just a feeling and to FEEL it. I ate hearty(3 chicken drumsticks and 2 veg) but stuck to the plan. I meant to have a protein shake when everyone else was having their dessert later in the evening, but got distracted. Started feeling hungry again, but by then it was bedtime, so I hit the hay instead.

              So, one of my goals for today is EAT ALL FOUR MEALS. I don't mind- and even planned- the occasional skip, but this is getting a little ridiculous. I've got my next batch of greens- Napa cabbage and kale- bubbling away on the stove as I post.

              Everything else went well-sleep, vitamins, walking, and water.

              Oh, and did I try the sauerkraut yesterday? No, I forgot again. Sheesh.


              • Ah Sabine, you keep us all curious for the suaerkraut!
                My Journal: Candy in Primal Wonderland
                My Blog: Candy in Wonderland
                Goal for 2012: keep weight steady (+/- 74 kg): check
                Goal for 2013: lose 10 kg and keep new weight (+/- 65 kg)


                • Oh, my!

                  I just prised the layer of fat off the top of the beef stock I made last week. It is marvelously gelatinous. I scooped up a blob and tossed it in with my greens. Yum.


                  • Begone, Janet404. Return to the spamire from whence you came.


                    • 5 days down, 118 to go.

                      Is it funny, or sad, that my 1,001st entry was a response to a spambot?

                      Okay, back to the regular business. I'm just back from a walk to the grocery store for vegetables. I did the first mile barefoot, which was fun, on this already toasty summer morning. (Middlest and I both agreed yesterday that it was such a nice day yesterday, really pleasant, only 97!) The route I took had quite a bit of broken glass, which kept me on the lookout, engaging all my senses. No blind stumbling forward for this gal. Did my foraging, then made it back home ready for the comforts of modern A/C.

                      I had resolved to bring back a new vegetable, and ended up with Persian cucumbers. I'll have some in my salad at lunch. Also got two charmingly plump artichokes for dinner tonight. We're having pot roast and cauli-rice. I AM liking this two veg with dinner aspect of my DIET. I am amazed at how large a one-cup serving looks on the plate, though. I think I have been over-eating meat, and under-eating vegetables. (We shall not discuss chocolate amounts.)

                      Yesterday went well. Water, walking, food, vitamins. The only downside was my sleep. I kept being woken up, and though I got 7 hours(not SO bad) it was dis-jointed and unsatisfying. So I went to bed strictly on time (no reading) and got 9 hours last night. Had to use the alarm to wake up, and felt a bit grumpy for ten minutes, but at least I woke up well after that.

                      The water weight continues to come off, though at the typical crawl after the first two days. I can't complain, but that doesn't seem to stop me. What is it about our brains that wants ALL the reward, as soon as we start an endeavour? I AM enjoying putting the little dots on my upward moving chart.

                      I was hungry on and off yesterday, but stuck to my plan. Waiting for the last of the sugar to drain from my system so that I'll switch to burning fat. It is taking longer than when I fasted, I suppose because I keep shovelling vegetables in. But I like vegetables, they are good for me, and really, fasting for 123 days is just not appealing.

                      Speaking of, are any of you following Piscator's fasting journal? I am waiting for his updates once he gets back to a regular keyboard. Right now it is just the bare bones numbers. He is going for a LONG time. I am interested to see how the aftermath goes for him.

                      Okay, time for me to go have breakfast. Eggs, sausage, and GREENS! (Still loving them.)
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                      • I had the same breakfast! I hope yours was as great as mine.
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                        • It was delicious! Plus, I remembered to try the sauerkraut. Tangy, and crunchy, so different from the canned stuff. I'm going to let it sit at least another week before I put it in the fridge, to increase the tang.


                          • Verytired today about an hour after lunch, just like yesterday. Looks like it might take a while for my body to adjust to this.


                            • Denied!

                              The plan for today was to have an early dinner, then do the child transport, and have my protein shake as an early evening snack/dessert sort of meal.

                              Dinner didn't happen until 5:30, so here I sit, mentally wanting food, but just not hungry, and about to go to bed. I keep missing food opportunities. I may have to plan for more protein at each meal, to get in the amount I want. I would rather go over once in a while, than be under, day after day.

                              I got a copy of 'Nourishing Traditions' from the library, and am devouring it. I definitely need to get a copy of this to own. I am enjoying it more than 'The Art of Fermentation'. I'm getting an education with the second one, but I like the chattiness and recipes in NT. With TAOF, I keep thinking, 'that sounds great, how about a recipe?'

                              I think I will buy two bunches of beets for my next greens mix, and make a batch of pickled beets to add to the sauerkraut and garlic. I offered my honey a clove to test for me yesterday as he was brushing his teeth. For some reason he turned me down. I had to crunch it myself- it still needed a little while. I do have a bit of a quibble with the universal time for pickling in NT. Everything seems to take three days. Really? My garlic has been sitting here for four now, and still has a 'raw' center. But I guess it is a good place to start.

                              Have I ever mentioned that it is my dream to someday own a pie safe? Since we make so many pies at Thanksgiving (but only then) it would be quite a sight. If I get into fermenting vegetables, it could be a place for all my jars of yumminess in the off 51 weeks of the year. What a nice fantasy.


                              • Back in the 180s! Yay!

                                Yesterday went well, except for missing a meal. I walked almost two hours total! Woot.

                                Today will likely be another missed meal day, but I'm planning for it this time. I'm about to eat an early breakfast, lunch is going to be my sashimi feast, and then I will try to sneak in a protein shake before going to work out. I don't like to eat after I get home from the gym usually, but after gorging on raw fish at lunch time, I think I will have met my protein needs.

                                Hmmm. Just realized it is likely to be a low vegetable day. They don't have much in the way of suitable vegetables at this place; too many mystery sauces. Maybe instead of a shake, I should have turkey and veg. But I doubt I will feel like eating at that point, I was just going to chug down a shake for the protein. Dilemma. Oh, well, I'll see what happens.