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  • Timely post Sabine. I just decided to completely clean up my program and do whole 30. For me, the 80/20 permissiveness even with things like dairy and rice has just created a slippery slope. Here goes: no sugar (even artificial), no dairy, no legumes, no grains.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do. We'll support you.
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    • Yes, down with slippery slopes:-)


      • I'm with you, I have to do things all the way. Aim for 100% all of the time. Expect to succeed, but also expect setbacks. Don't let them derail you. (I'm giving myself a pep talk here.)
        My Primal Journal:

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        • Thanks for your comments, ladies.

          Lopisheep-I'm glad you could understand it. Isn't it strange how something can seem so clear in your mind, but when you try to express it, it is just a bunch of jumble? When I read over what I had written, I wondered if it made any sense at all. You're right about the "I've got so much more still to lose' effect. I went 5 months without a cheat before as my longest run, so I am setting my diet length at 4 months,

          Pebbles-I'm glad you are doing a Whole30. I can follow along for inspiration. I figured out my parameters, and my first thought was 'ooh, pretty strict'. Then I remembered it was for a limited period of time -not all time- and a real feeling of release came over me. I think I am getting myself into the mindset of facing a challenge, and it feels good, not daunting.

          Siobhan-100% is much easier than compromise for me. I must have a fanatic's soul. And yet, I let myself be talked into (by myself, others, environment) into compromise after compromise. I really need to put myself first, and be aggressive about it. As an example, there are food items I keep for my family. Really? I say I don't want to inconvenience them, but what about MY inconvenience? Time to put my game face on. Grrr.

          Here is the plan I came up with:

          Breakfast of eggs, meat, and 1 cup of cooked greens.
          Lunch of 2C salad greens, 1C mixed veges, 3oz meat or 6oz fish, oo&v dressing
          Snack of protein shake or protein/vege leftovers
          Dinner of 4-6oz meat, 2 different veges, 1C each

          I will cook my meat and veges with fats, and not worry about them. Butter and cream, yes. Cheese, no. Nuts, no. Fruit, no.

          This gives me 120+g protein, 1400-1600 calories, and 8 servings of vege daily.

          Walk every day. Take my vitamins, drink my water, get my sleep. Lift weights once a week, for pity's sake.

          Planned sashimi outings once a week. NO rice, NO creme brulee. Fish and vege, that's it.

          Skip dinner once a week. Skip breakfast once a week.

          This is the kind of strictness that I would have (and have) rolled my eyes at in others, but it feels very energizing, I confess. I made it through yesterday with a little talking to myself. I think my fasting experiences helped here, because when I felt 'hungry' I was able to address what the feeling really was, and just FEEL IT. 1 day down, 122 to go.

          When I weighed out my turkey at lunch, and ground beef at dinner last night, I realized I have been overeating my protein like a fiend. A standard portion is SO small. I dealt with it.

          I walked to the store, bought greens, and made a batch ready for my breakfasts. Today, I am clearing out the fridge and reordering the pantry. I put my food-scale on the counter, and used a measuring cup to plate with. I'm putting non-Sabine foods in a cupboard in the front room, and the drawers in the fridge.

          I weighed myself, and started my n=1 journal that I bought during the promotion. I do not want to tell my weight, because I have gained a CHUNK in the past couple of weeks. I'll tell it anyhow. 196. I want to erase that. I'm not going to. It is what it is. I fell off the wagon, I've gained a bunch of water weight, and probably a few real pounds. Face it. Move on. I feel very Sisyphusian, but sometimes we have to go through that in our lives. Deal, Sabine!

          Woke up insanely early after a nightmare which made me start worrying about money, so I got on the forum to distract myself in a positive way. It is working.


          • What a wonderful plan! It looks so workable, and I am sure we are all going to hear super reports. As for the last part about your weight -- it will erase itself in a day or two -- never looking back, and just going forward.

            For some reason, the idea appeals to me of erasing the starting weight every so often and just going on. So, like forget that weight we had and didn't like and just focus on the new low weight each time. I know this probably doesn't work so well for most people, but -- I don't know -- I just like the idea of saying: "I weigh ... now."

            "Getting better all the time," so to speak:-) Does that make any sort of sense to you?


            • Mini-super-report:

              I made a delicious breakfast and ate it in grateful silence. I love greens with eggs! I could eat them every morning. (You may now place bets as to how long it will be before I say 'If I eat anymore greens with eggs, I will explode!')

              I am taking my friend out to celebrate the sale of her book. I looked at the menu online, and decided what I will eat. Skewered shrimp, and Greek salad. I will bring my own dressing.


              • What kind of greens? I had some fried eggs over avocado. Tomorrow is my farmer's market so I'll get a restock of greens. I love this sweet and spicy blend of arugula and other field greens. An over easy egg on top those greens = bliss.


                • Hi, Avocadogirl, thanks for stopping by.

                  My standard greens recipe now is:

                  Sweat half an onion, thinly sliced, in 4t of butter.
                  Add a mega-bunch of greens, at least two kinds, maybe more, sliced into ribbons. As much as can be crammed into the pan and have the lid balance on top of it, at least, until they cook down, so about three or four bundles. This batch was green cabbage and collards. Kale and chard are big favorites.
                  Cover and cook until tender, adding stock if needed to keep moist.
                  Sprinkle with a little coconut flour to thicken, and add 1T of cream per 1C of greens.
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                  • My bet is you'll like greens and eggs longer than ever before as now you're going whole hog! You could always give yourself the option of IFing if your body doesn't want greens and eggs. Amazing what a little threat like that can do. Bodies being bodies, your body will probably say: "Ok, greens and eggs sound great."


                    • Some kind of start

                      I inadvertently skipped a meal yesterday, but I'm not sure which one. Had my breakfast of eggs, bacon, and greens. And lunch of standard salad with salmon. When I met my friend, I realized I wasn't in the mood for MORE salad, so I skipped that and just had the skewered shrimp, along with cream in my iced coffee.

                      And that was it for the day.

                      I was hungry in the evening, but told myself 'no', when all that was on offer was pesto pizza and oatmeal cookies. (Bad luck, really; this lady almost always has vegetables and dip.)

                      I DID walk, and drink my water, and get an fair amount of sleep. (Not a great amount- I woke up early due to a nightmare.) I left scrapbooking early to get to bed at a reasonable time.

                      The water weight is coming off in a very satisfactory manner, so that's a mental boost.

                      Today we get to sample the homemade sauerkraut. I am anticipating letting it ferment for a longer time, but still want to taste it. Did I mention I made pickled garlic, too? From the 'Nourishing Traditions' book- I took a quick look while I was at a friend's house. I've got to get my own copy.

                      And now, I'm going to go see how Pebbles is doing on her Whole 30.


                      • Sounds like a good food day! I bet your body ate some toxic fat when it didn't get that pesto pizza and the oatmeal cookies!


                        • Good heavens!

                          A rather alarming intestinal evacuation happened this morning. Don't know if it was related to breakfast or something I ate yesterday. Those shrimp, maybe? These were rather sub-standard in taste. Maybe the quality was off, as well.

                          I got the pantry done yesterday, still need to do the refrigerator.


                          • We love our homemade sauerkraut! But we prefer it when it has matured more - just gains a lot more flavour in my book Maybe the shrimp were off! They can be risky what with being little garbage disposals and then not necessarily the freshest at the place you ate at - sorry about the upset tummy. I always have kefir on hand for upsets and that settles things down nice a fast usually. Glad you are doing well again - hooray for a clean pantry and soon the refrigerator! Always feels nice to get things ship shape...
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                            • Originally posted by Sabine View Post
                              A rather alarming intestinal evacuation happened this morning. Don't know if it was related to breakfast or something I ate yesterday. Those shrimp, maybe? These were rather sub-standard in taste. Maybe the quality was off, as well.

                              I got the pantry done yesterday, still need to do the refrigerator.
                              Your descriptive writing style often gives me clear visuals. I lol'd, but I imagine it wasn't as funny for you. :P
                              Primal since 9/24/2010
                              "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within." Miguel de Cervantes

                              Created by - Free Weight Loss Tools
                              MFP username: MDAPebbles67


                              • Three days down, 120 to go

                                Coll-Can you believe I forgot about tasting the sauerkraut!?! Today for sure.
                                Pebbles-Don't think anyone wants a clear visual on THAT episode!

                                I mention to my honey yesterday that I was doing an official DIET, and he got my point immediately. 'You mean a temporary restriction in the way you eat?' That's why I love the man. He was surprised at the time period I had chosen. I decided to go for a length of time, rather than pounds, because I can control the one, and not the other. So, four months it is. It was three months at first, to fit in with the n=1 journal, but I realized where that would drop me off: right before Halloween. Not a good idea.

                                Halloween, and the thought that I could have 'just one' treat, was the end of my first real successful weight loss using low-carb. I went from not even thinking about food, to going crazy over it.

                                I've learned a lot since then, but there's no sense testing myself with candy opportunities. I'll feel better mentally, if my end date is AFTER Halloween. Having fruits, and cheese, and nuts again just in time for Thanksgiving seems better.

                                And I made myself a 'Reaching New Heights' chart. I realized that one pound a week would put me right at 179, the weight I got down to last time. Two pounds: 162. I would be smoking at 162. Three pounds: 145. So close to my 'ideal' weight as to make no never mind. I can't even imagine what I might look like at 145. Or if I even really want to get there(someday-I have no expectations of getting there in 4 months. Just pondering out loud.)

                                Skipped my afternoon snack yesterday due to time management issues, so I doubled up my dinner protein with a 8oz steak. Otherwise, everything was as it should be; water, walking, vitamins, sleep, food. There is a challenge ahead today, with guests over, but I am counting on my 'plan' to keep me on track. There's no question of what I can have - just stick to the list.

                                And NO RICE!