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  • Hi Sabine, I'm glad to see you're "back on the wagon" . I love your idea of the weight graph going up to smaller numbers .
    My Journal: Candy in Primal Wonderland
    My Blog: Candy in Wonderland
    Goal for 2012: keep weight steady (+/- 74 kg): check
    Goal for 2013: lose 10 kg and keep new weight (+/- 65 kg)


    • Good food yesterday, and good sleep. No exercise. The bare minimum of water. Humph. A little too much rice- I felt it urging me to eat MORE of something, but I squelched the feeling, and held on until we got home to have a protein shake. Lots of vegetables. (The red onion tian is a winner. Also, the green beans.) NO banana bread!

      Today I have many chores to do. I'll be using journal reading as my reward, so make your posts fun. I'm counting on you!


      • Ecks, there are NO innocent cavemen!
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        "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


        • Chores and errands, chores and errands. That was my whole day. Collapsed in an afternoon nap, and woke up very groggy, to do...more chores and errands. The food was all primal, except for some dark chocolate-covered plum bits, and those weren't TOO bad. No exercise. Adequate water. Enough sleep, but boy howdy, that nap did me in for a couple of hours. Mid-day sleeping is not kind to me. And I used food as a crutch to help me wake up. Luckily, nuts and seeds, rather than banana bread; still, I stuffed myself to the point of making dinner an impossibility.

          Highlights from yesterday's food included bacon and eggs served with cabbage/beet green/kale gratin and some of the red onion tian. Oh, such goodness! Greens and eggs really are a wonderful combination.

          My plans for today include steak and sweet potato for lunch, and salmon and baked leeks/celery for dinner. I'm driving out to the boonies to see a friend, so the exercise will be non-existent again, unless I get wild.

          Did I mention I started a small batch of sauerkraut? It is fermenting away on my kitchen counter. Very exciting. It should be ready for first tasting this weekend, or, if I can stand to wait, at the end of the month. This was prompted by getting 'The Art of Fermentation' from the library. What a tome! Few real 'recipes' but tons of information. It emboldened me.


          • I never liked sauerkraut, but come to think of it I only had the 'supermarket sealed bag' kind. Let me know the outcome Sabine, I might consider making it myself! I'm even considering to eat liver again, I NEVER liked liver! My mum used to make it and I still vividly remember one time I had liver as a child: it was me sitting at the table for hours with this piece of liver on my plate and I couldn't leave the table until I had eaten at least part of it . NOT a happy childhood memory! Luckily my mom realized I was not just 'faking' it, the texture just makes me gag (like pears, it has a granular texture I just don't like in my mouth) and she never forced me to eat it again.
            My Journal: Candy in Primal Wonderland
            My Blog: Candy in Wonderland
            Goal for 2012: keep weight steady (+/- 74 kg): check
            Goal for 2013: lose 10 kg and keep new weight (+/- 65 kg)


            • Just got a dish ready for dinner: baked leeks and celery, so that I only have to pop it in the oven later. I have never baked celery before. You parboil it first, and I confess, it smells intriguing.

              Also getting to try out my new little glass ziploc dishes. They have a flexible lid for storage, and can go into the freezer, microwave, or oven(not the lid for that one). I'm wanting a smaller size so that I can do multiple vegetable dishes and put half in the freezer. That way there won't be so many leftovers.

              I like having vegetable leftover available, but I like variety, too, and eating the same thing for three meals in a row gets old. (Yes, I know I am spoiled.) My family eats the veges at dinner, but I am usually the only one who eats the leftovers, unless I am making them a plate. They almost never go for a scoop of zucchini when they want a snack. At least they eat it if I put it in front of them.

              But...Littlest did ask for cut-up carrots and bell pepper for her summer school snack today, instead of banana bread! Apparently, one CAN get tired of banana bread.


              • HI Sabine! All caught up again. It sounds like you're doing great. I like your upward graph idea. The first thing I thought of was pounds lost rather than current weight being the data plotted.

                Good luck with the sauerkraut! I look forward to hearing how it turns out.
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                SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                • Aaaaughhhh!


                  I got chiggers somehow yesterday, and I am hating it!

                  Hating, hating, hating. I can barley think for the itchiness.


                  Last night I happened to glance at the ingredients list on the milk carton. Never even thought of checking it, because it is ORGANIC WHOLE MILK. What's to check, right?


                  Certified Organic Grade A Milk. Fine. That's what I came here for.

                  Fish Oil(ingredient not found in regular Whole Milk). Oh, thanks for pointing that out! What the heck?!? I've got nothing against fish oil, I take it regularly, but it does NOT belong in milk. Fish-Milk, NO!

                  No more buying my organic milk from Costco. I must read every label on everything. I am irked.

                  Also, the baked celery-leek was a big disappointment.

                  Maybe I should just go back to bed.


                  • Don't give up! It's a brand new day -- despite chigger itches! Gosh. I had to look chiggers up. Sounds awful. Hope the itch goes away within the hour!

                    I had the exact same thing happen with the milk. It is gross, isn't it -- not the taste, just the idea. Fish oil just doesn't belong in one's milk.

                    I think today you will make something exciting to eat and have lost some weight. Somehow, leek and celery -- two vegetables I don't get excited about -- would make anyone lose weight.

                    Have a super and much better day today!


                    • Eeeeeeeeeee!

                      A dear friend just got her book accepted for publication!


                      Dancing around the house!

                      In a more sober (though still happy) tone: Well, hey there, Lopisheep. I'm glad to hear from you. The exciting thing I had to eat to today was sushi. I didn't mind not making it myself.


                      • See, I told you. Your friend got her book accepted and you had yummy sushi! Definitely better than yesterday!


                        • Fish oil in milk? I would like to hear some explanation for this. There must be a reason!
                          My Primal Journal:

                          "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


                          • It's so you get your omega 3's:-)

                            I think I'll stick to getting them from vegetables and nuts and animals!

                            Originally posted by Siobhan View Post
                            Fish oil in milk? I would like to hear some explanation for this. There must be a reason!


                            • Very convoluted post

                              I was introduced to a new quote on Tuesday: Let go or be dragged. Very Zen.

                              And it made me start thinking (of course!) how many things are dragging us through life because we cannot or will not let go of them. (I had a typo there for a moment: man things instead of many things. Also appropriate. Man[humans, I mean] generates a lot of 'things' we don't really need.) My relationship with my mother popped into mind at once, but I don't even want to think about that. I have been thinking about her less and less; I think I AM slowly letting go there.

                              But back to food. What am I hanging on to that I need to let go of? The first thing to pop into my mind was the term 'diet'. And I ended up somewhere I didn't think I would.

                              (This is all somewhat jumbled. It was clearer in my head, but I am not going to labor over it enough to make it crystal.)

                              Even CW speaks of 'lifestyle changes' now. "I'm not on a diet, I'm changing the way I eat." "Change your way of living, not your way of eating." Blah, blah, blah.

                              One of the things that drives me crazy about Atkins-bashing(if you recall, I am pro-Atkins) is that people take one aspect of the plan, and ignore all the rest. It has this in common with Primal Blueprint: people don't read the whole thing! They take a sound bite and think that is the whole deal. Atkins has you start at low-carb, then slowly add things back in until you are at the carb-level that is right for you. It is NOT a no vegetables plan. It is a DIET that transitions into a new way of eating.

                              My first official DIET was Weight Watchers, back in my late teens. I succeeded until emotional issues got in the way. I've gone back on it a few times, but always in a half-assed way. Otherwise, I mostly tried to 'eat healthy'. You know, make a 'lifestyle change' and 'not obsess about it all'. After all, 'diets aren't good for you'. And 'they don't work'. Even CW will tell you that now.

                              Only, it did work. And when I went on a low-carb diet, that worked, too. That's not 'sustainable', though, THEY will say, and I believe them.

                              Up to a point.

                              Thanks to Primal, I know what and how I should be eating. It is the doing that is hard. I've never gotten to the point of being at my goal weight and having to learn how to sustain it. I've always quit before then.

                              I haven't learned how to live my 'lifestyle' and so I can't keep it up.

                              Maybe I need to let go of a 'lifestyle', and actually DIET, to get to a new place. Look at it as a period of intense effort that I will not have to keep up forever.

                              Will it be easier to eat the way I want to once I am at a normal weight? It can't be harder. And what I am doing now is NOT working. I keep falling off the wagon- how appropriate a term for this train of thought- and since I can't let go I am being dragged.

                              Even being dragged by Primal is no fun.

                              I don't want to let go of the things I have learned, but if I can't do them naturally, maybe I haven't learned them thoroughly.

                              Could a DIET be the re-education plan I need?

                              I feel great when I am eating right, but that is still not enough to keep me on it. Could appearance do the trick? Hey, if I'm going to be shallow, I should at least make it work for me, right?

                              Is it easier to eat right when you look great? Is it easier to exercise when you are 50 pounds lighter? (My guess is yes, for the exercise, that is.)

                              I think I have two different challenges.

                              The first is sticking with weight loss long enough to get to challenge two, which would be learning how to maintain it. CW will (now) have it that you do both of those at the same time. But that's not working for me. Maybe I should let go and try something different. DIET in a primal way and make that my only challenge until I get to the next step. Maybe I have been trying to do the hop, skip, and jump when I should have been just hopping- for a long, long time.

                              Be extreme, knowing I will not be extreme forever.

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                              • Wow! I've been going through similar thought processes. I thought you wrote them quite clearly. Well done!

                                I think there's the rolling stone effect too. If, that's the biggy, if we could lose enough, so it's not still "G-d, I have sooooo much still to lose so what's a pint of Haagen Daaz," then we'd feel better, and it would be easier to DIET and EXERCISE and just BE and it would get easier and easier instead of remaining hopeless.

                                Have a great day!