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  • I know Gravyboat has gone through a couple of cycles of firm -> wiggly -> firm. Guess I should have thought of that, but the shock of actual extreme wiggliness left me unable to think. Thanks for the reminder, Ecks.


    • Sabine! You're no Gravy Boat! You know you're hot stuff! Heck! The hubby knows it too! He wouldn't have gone at it the way he did if he didn't You're a strong, sexy woman and you should recognize that. The loose skin is proof that the weight is coming off and if anything you should be proud of that!
      SW (Nov 22nd 2011): 333
      Current Weight as of Nov 25 2015: 248
      Short Term Goal: Fit into the shirts I got on my honeymoon at disney and universal in august next year when I go back to for my 1 year anniversary
      Met Goal: Be a 2x Shirt, Fit in a standard airplane seat belt without the use of a seat belt extension
      Long Term Goal: 166lbs (One day!), Buy whatever cloths I want to wear.
      Pain is temporary, quitting is forever- Lance Armstrong #NoExcuses


      • Wiggliness makes me think

        Although my hips are smaller, Gravyboat is much prettier than I am. But my honey likes me, and I'm not going to be flashing him pictures of Gravyboat in any case.

        Sometimes I know I'm hot stuff. Isn't it funny how often our sexual confidence (although we interpret it as 'looking good' in our minds) has little or nothing to do with how we actually look. We just FEEL it one day, and start strutting our stuff, and that very confidence makes us sexy.

        Other days, our fat wiggles, and we get freaked out.

        I am an ordinary 'plain-Jane' woman. Getting older now, too, so I don't even have the bloom of youth to make me more attractive. But I still get some looks. More now that I am losing weight, though whether it is from losing the weight, or carrying myself differently because I am enjoying my body more, who can say.

        I wrote before about my rather horrible experience with feeling good about my body and having some jerk make me feel like it was dangerous to look good. Being older helps with that, too. I know what to do and how to react if anyone gives me inappropriate looks/gestures/whatever. I'm not timid anymore. (Being a mother makes you brave!)

        But as I've gotten looks, I've realized that this is something new I will have to get used to, and learn to deal with. Hopefully, not by eating! Good looking girls figure this out at a young age. I just haven't had to. Please, maturity, be a benefit in this!

        I'm still struggling with dealing with anxiety (over The Thing) in some other way than eating. Hopefully, what I learn with that, will help me with the other.

        For now, I will accept that some guy leaned out of his truck and hooted at me (what does that mean, anyway?) this morning. Maybe it was in spite of my wiggliness, maybe it was because of it. Either way, he can look in vain, 'cause it is all for my honey.

        As for food:

        No sooner had I decided not to journal my food, than I found myself writing it down. I'm sure it helps that it was all good stuff. But I'm not going to post it here. Guess I'll be talking about FEELINGS and stuff instead. I will say that I drank 10 glasses of water and walked for 70 minutes yesterday.

        And, as a family primal victory, when I picked Middlest up from her sleepover, she told me she was STARVING. I said, 'how about a beef and vegetable stir-fry?' and she was all over it. A year ago, it would have been a sandwich. Small steps.

        I was reading the guest post about road trips yesterday. Really liked how he covered all aspects, not just the food. I was intrigued by the Prison Workout. (Yes, I said that! I was INTRIGUED by an exercise. Go figure.) Also, the Gas Pump Workout. What a fantastic way to embarrass your children! Our tank holds 25 gallons, so I could do each of the exercises for 4 gallons worth, and still be on my feet before the pump clicks off.

        I'll report back if I ever have the guts to do this.

        And how many hoots it gets me.


        • ROFL! You are hilarious.

          Somehow, Ecks, I had a feeeeeeeling that was the answer. But I did a few counter push-ups the other day and reactivated the tendonitis in my shoulders. That has been holding me back for a while, to be quite honest. Sheesh.

          Sabine, maturity definitely helps. That is one thing I absolutely love about being an older woman; having the life experience and confidence to handle a lot of situations that threw me for loops when I was younger. And the fact that I royally don't care what most people - especially strangers - think of me now is great too. Of course, I am blessed like you to have a husband who thinks I'm hot, so that is a big plus in the confidence department. I don't have to prove myself to anybody else. Let's face it, no matter how gorgeous you are, there is always somebody who looks better, so there's no point in competing. To be comfortable in my own skin, and to make hubby happy, that's plenty. Everything else is just icing. And I would just as soon not having creepy strangers leering at me anyway. Not that that is happening, but I have become aware that some looks are lasting longer than they used to. Very strange.
          5'2", 55 years, Primal since April. Pre-Primal weight loss, from 216.6 to 157.8
          Primal low: 140.2 (Dec. 3) Goal weight: 135?
          Main Primal goal: beating back my CFS enough to function more normally and start writing again

          More and more, our life has been governed by specialists, who know too little of what lies outside their province to be able to know enough about what takes place within it.
          - Lewis Mumford


          • Silence is Golden

            I was with a group of friends last night, and the general conversation turned to diets. I kept my mouth SHUT.

            One gal who has done Weight Watchers earlier this year was also noticeably quiet. As she usually is happy to talk about it, I am assuming she's OFF WW again. Second WWover-the-years lady, mentioned she was doing more lower-carb/few grains 'like Sabine' ( ! ). She was happy with the weight she lost, and the yummy foods she had been eating(almond flour pancakes). She's treating herself to bread once a week. Quinoa was broached. (I actually ate it for the first time ever the night before, which was a funny coincidence.) Most enthusiastic talker was a lady who has been doing calorie restriction. Apparently, she is down to 1100 calories per day to lose any weight. They were talking about low-fat yogurt, and measuring. I felt very sad, especially when she mentioned this cool new app she had, where if you scan the barcode of your food, it will do calculations for you.

            Food should not even HAVE barcodes!

            I wanted to say I have been losing slowly, while eating 2,000+ calories per day.

            I did not.

            I am still one of the plumper ones in my group. As I was telling my honey this morning, when I am down to a healthy weight, and have held it for a while, THEN I'll feel like I can spout off. Although I FEEL so much better, people don't see feelings. They see pounds. And I still have plenty.

            So I passed on the chocolate eclairs and chocolate chip cookies, ate the nectarine and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts which I brought along for myself, and waited until the conversation turned.

            I am a paragon of discretion!

            I walked yesterday, drank water, ate good things. Also stayed up WAY TOO LATE due to child shuttling, so I am planning a nap for this afternoon. (I had to get up at the crack of dawn for a hike with my honey and friends.) Then I'll be making some food for a potluck tomorrow. And maybe finally having some fried bananas. I meant to have them yesterday, but got too full. Then at lunch today, but ditto. I don't want to eat them alone, but eating the protein first makes it tricky to have the right amount of hunger 'left over'.

            More sewing might be done, and some of The Thing. And reading. What a blessed life I have.


            • You are happier today and serene. So glad. It's hard to keep quiet, at least for me, but I try.
              SW: 243
              CW: 177
              Goal: Health


              • I don't think I've mastered discretion as well as you have. On the other hand, this topic and variations on it has been discussed so much by me and others around me over the last couple of years that I am getting happy to give it a rest.
                5'2", 55 years, Primal since April. Pre-Primal weight loss, from 216.6 to 157.8
                Primal low: 140.2 (Dec. 3) Goal weight: 135?
                Main Primal goal: beating back my CFS enough to function more normally and start writing again

                More and more, our life has been governed by specialists, who know too little of what lies outside their province to be able to know enough about what takes place within it.
                - Lewis Mumford


                • "Youth is wasted on the youth"
                  F, 48, 5'10"
                  Start Date: 25-06-12 @ 161lbs
                  Goal Reached: 30-09-12 @ 143lb. Now bouncing between 145lb - 149lb. I'd like less bounce and more consistency :-)

                  Started Cross Fit 20.12.12 ---- Can't wait to submit my success story on the 1st anniversary of starting primal.


                  • My houseguest this weekend is very interested in paleo/primal and so I have talked and talked. I talked so much I woke up Saturday with a mildly sore throat, which vanished after a cup of tea. He works with celiacs who still can't stay away from wheat and this makes him even more curious. He can't believe how much weight I've lost, and in his own estimation, all fat. He is astounded at my recovery from plantar fascitis - he works with a couple of those sufferers too - and my lack of sunburn after all day in the hot sun. Actually I look a little brown today, perhaps only to myself.

                    But yeah, it is hard both to talk or not talk about it all the time. I wish I had someone to talk with, but then it gets to be too much because I am just lecturing as the other person doesn't have anything to add. I'm happy to share information, but I wish I had someone to give me info. Of course I have all of you here, for which I am very grateful.
                    My Primal Journal:

                    "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


                    • One of the ladies in the Willy Wonka production eats Paleo. We have plans to get together again soon. It was so nice to talk to someone who "gets it".
                      Primal since 9/24/2010
                      "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within." Miguel de Cervantes

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                      • Hello Sabine, where are you? Busy with a lovely real life I hope! I'm getting caught up on journals and found yours way back - hope to hear from you soon -
                        My Primal Journal:

                        "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


                        • Deadly combination

                          It has been a busy time- summer school starting, which makes for a busy morning (my usual posting time)- and lots of poor eating choices, which makes me not want to post. Or even read other people's journals. I'm in a funk, and really pissed off with myself. I am almost at my lowest weight in many years, and here I go, sabotaging myself left and right. I mean, cake for breakfast?!?

                          I've stopped doing The Thing, also. Too much stress.

                          So, what have I been doing? Driving the kids around and feeling sorry for myself. Not my best behavior. Or even my average behavior(except for the driving!)

                          I DID have a Big-Ass Salad on Monday, though! And, what with the nature of BAS, there are plenty of cut up vegetables floating around, so there is a stir-fry planned for lunch today.

                          And cake.


                          • It is not my job to point out hypocrisy in others. Just keep working on yourself, Sabine.


                            • Well, I'm probably going to hell for it, but I consider it a moral imperative to call out hypocrites. Can't stand hypocrisy. However, working on oneself is always a good idea.
                              My Primal Journal:

                              "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


                              • Primal is not just about food

                                We were gifted with 23 bananas on Tuesday, so yesterday I cut and froze banana chunks, and made 4 loaves of banana bread. I had two slices, but I have no fear, because one of the loaves is already gone! My children love banana bread. Two loaves are going straight into the freezer for the future, and that last loaf will be gone before I know it.

                                We have two new things going on in our lives this week. Summer school has started, and we are dog-sitting. These two combined have been seriously messing with my sleep schedule. I am groggy and cranky.

                                One of the changes I made after reading 'Primal Blueprint' was to go to bed earlier, and get more sleep. The difference it made was amazing. I have always been a good sleeper, but insisting on getting to bed a few hours after it gets dark really made for a good change. And unlike the eating changes, it was easy enough to do that I did it almost ALL the time.

                                With summer here, and no need to get up early, I have been getting a little lax. But still getting a solid 9 hours, or more, so my body was happy.

                                No more. My body is not happy. It is tired.

                                And, as I type this, I am starting to wonder if the food compliance difficulties these past weeks, might have been affected/made worse by the change in my sleep habits as of early June. Well, that would be easy enough to test, wouldn't it? Back to bed with you, Sabine! 9:00 tonight, and no more shenanigans.

                                But back to the dog sitting. Weenie(why, yes, he is a dachshund, why do you ask?) is anxious being away from his own family. If I leave the room for more than a few minutes, he cries. But he is not so keen on going to bed on my schedule. His regular time is 10:30, apparently, and he wants to wander around until then. And whine, since I am not there, but rather, in bed, like a normal person. Or dog.

                                He is getting better as the days pass, so maybe by the time he goes home, he'll be completely comfortable with us. But this is of no use NOW.

                                As for RIGHT now, I am off to walk three dachshunds. Wish me luck.
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