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  • Originally posted by Sabine View Post
    Also noticed yesterday that a skirt I haven't worn since last summer, when it was tight around my hips, is pleasantly loose.
    Primal since March 5, 2012
    SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


    • Where did the walking go?

      This was yesterday:

      Up at 4:30 (dogs!)

      8:15 2 eggs scrambled topped with
      2T salsa
      1/3 sweet potato and
      4 mushrooms fried in
      coconut oil
      3 pork sausages

      1:45 2 beef patties with
      tomato slices
      blue cheese

      4:15 smoothie made with coconut milk
      1/4C frozen raspberries
      1/2 banana

      6:15 3 slices roast lamb
      broccoli sauteed in
      coconut oil with
      roasted red and orange peppers, kalamata olives, garlic
      blue cheese
      3 squares dark chocolate

      Water: 12 glasses

      Bed at 9:00

      Was feeling in the mood for sweet yesterday, hence the smoothie and chocolate. Had to restrain myself from eating more than 3 squares, because it tasted so fantastic. Walked away to another room and stayed there, reading, until I felt able to be in the kitchen to wash dishes without pouncing.

      Felt very good through out the day: lots of energy, positive mood. Having my clothes be looser sure helped. My general body state doesn't seem much different, though I will mention, now that I am eating again, I realize my teeth felt fantastically clean while I was fasting. Now they are getting the typical little roughness (though of course, not the mega-roughness I find when I am eating grains and other starch/sugars).

      Of my meals today, I was really only HUNGRY for lunch. I ate breakfast because I was going off to work, and wanted to fuel up, and not be struck by food desire while I was working. In the afternoon, I wanted something sweet. And dinner, well, it was dinner time. Will do better today.


      • Don't we all LOVE pleasantly loose!

        I'm amazed by your fast. Won't do it myself, though. I am afraid it would wake up some sleeping eating disorder dragons!



        • So glad I don't have those issues. And yet, I worry about setting something off for my daughters through my example. I'm glad they mostly showed absolutely zero interest in what I was doing.


          • Fasting numbers

            So, I weighed myself daily throughout the fast, out of curiosity to see what no calorie intake would do with my weight. We have all had the experience of being 'super good' and gaining, or 'bad' and losing, so we know there is more going on that just what we ingest. But I wanted to see.

            Wednesday..191.0 Finished my last meal by 2:00pm
            Sunday.......188.0 Began eating at 6:30am, after I weighed in.
            Monday.......187.0 After a day of eating

            Naturally, the drop of 2.5 pounds was exciting. Then to go up a pound and a half while still not eating, puzzling. Ditto, dropping back down after beginning eating. Really, why do we even use numbers?

            My next regular weigh-in will be this Sunday, the 15th. I am hoping and expecting (not from the fasting, but just my regular behavior) that my weight will be down a couple few pounds. Although I AM curious to see if my weight will gradually creep back up to or near my 'starting' weight of 191, or level off at a pound or two under, I will not weigh again until my regular weigh-in. Any weight loss from the fast will be a bonus. And I can't see if my fast achieved what I really have as my goal: cellular rest and renewal. That will be a long-term thing, seeing if I feel better, if my body reacts better, and maybe, if my weight-loss pattern accelerates.

            Thus ends the weighing.


            • great report Sabine! Thanks for sharing your results, very interesting! I didn't weigh yesterday before I broke my 24 hr. fast. Just didn't care really. Will weigh Sunday too. Just curious & you don't have to answer if you don't want you have any "health" issues? I don't remember if you've ever mentioned any or not. Like type 2...thyroid...high blood pressure...just curious in how that relates to your loss during your fast.

              have an awesome day!!
              Goal: Don't worry be happy!


              • Sounds like you had a good fast Sabine! It is fascinating what the scale (and our body) get up to. It would be so amazing to be able to watch a documentary on your own body with the narrator giving us all the insights. "and here you see your cells were experiencing such and such because of the fast and therefore they hung onto some extra water - but this hormone increased over the next 13 hours and then your body let go and you lost 2.5 lbs ..." As much as we now 'understand' about how our bodies work they are still the most incredibly intricate and mysterious organisms and they are very good at keeping us guessing!
                Start weight: 225.5 lbs Feb 14th 2012. Height: 5'7"
                Primal low: 186 lbs
                Current weight: 221.4 lbs
                Goal weight: 140 lbs

                "You are free to choose, BUT you are not free from the consequences of your choices."


                • Thank you for the detailed report, Sabine. I am also intrigued by your gain while not eating... unless it was just water?? Overall, nice loss. Hopefully it sticks.

                  I hope the fasting helped your body concentrate less on ridding waste and more on cellular growth. It seems both intuitive and counterintuitive to use a fast to facilitate cellular growth. one would think that cellular growth would require some sort of nourishment to happen, but at the same time, how can our bodies concentrate on cellular growth and repair if it's also concentrating on insulin production, glycolosis, digestion, blood pumping, etc? Hopefully it works for you so you can avoid the cancer that runs in your family.
                  Primal since March 5, 2012
                  SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                  • Back at y'all!

                    PrimalCajun- I don't have any severe issues (that I know about- we don't have insurance, so I don't go to a doctor unless I am super worried or something is sticking out through my skin!) The last time I had blood work, it all looked good except for slightly high cholesterol. I no longer give a flip about that.

                    I have minor issues, some of which I didn't even realize I had, until I started eating, first low-carb, and then primal. I guess I was just so used to feeling that way. Since improving my eating I no longer have the mystery chest and stomach pains, I am not as tired as I used to be, my mood has improved, I don't get heartburn or 'twisty stomach', my skin is better. Several people have told me I am 'glowing' (no, I am NOT pregnant!). Fewer allergies, and what I still have seems to be helping my body, rather than dragging it down(not to get too graphic, but I get the yucky stuff out of my lungs much better).

                    Still on the table is my weight (I am 5'8", 191lbs coming down from 211, about 40% fat), energy level(while much better than it used to be, I feel there is better yet waiting in store for me), and probably some more minor things that I won't know were bothering me until they are gone. Oh, and my periods are better too, less cramping, though I might be more bloaty. This month I suddenly felt fat, got my period early a day later, and I'm wondering if it was pre-menstrual bloat. Maybe I am finally getting thin enough that I can notice it.

                    Coll- I SO want my own narrator!

                    Jenn- It's something about the cell walls becoming temporarily less permeable. Apparently they get the equivalent of cabin fever, and start fixing up the place, since they can't go shopping. Yes, that is not very technical. But it is the image I got in my head when I read the science. And I guess we've got plenty of supplies for fix-it-up projects in our cells. We just have to go out for the tacky tchatchkes.


                    • Grumpy face

                      After all the eating without hunger yesterday, I thought I should wait until I was hungry before I ate today. Seems reasonable.


                      I'm still waiting.

                      All that delicious food in the fridge, waiting for me, and...nothing. My mind wants to eat, but my body keeps saying, 'no, I'm good'.

                      Off to do some errands to see if that helps. If not, I might have to resort to running with the dogs.


                      • I have a terrible time fighting my mind when it decides it wants to eat. My mind is so devious and deceitful that it actually tricks me into FEELING hunger. our minds are pretty freaking powerful!
                        Primal since March 5, 2012
                        SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                        • If only they would use their powers for good, not evil!


                          • Aaaargghhhhh!

                            I finally hit up on a sure-fire way to get hungry: I decided not to eat until dinner. Sure enough, about an hour before dinner time, I began getting hungry. Yay!

                            Dinner was to be a good assortment of leftovers. Pot roast, lox, stir-fry chicken, broccoli with olives. I was going to enjoy myself.

                            Except, at 5:45 I got a call. 'Where are you?' I was supposed to be at Girl Scouts with Littlest! We both completely forgot! I grabbed some food to scarf down on the way, and we were off.

                            It was not really enough, except it was. I ate my pittance, and my stomach was satisfied. My mind was another matter. When we got home, I ate some more. Not hungry, but wanting to enjoy the food.

                            So, not the best of days.

                            Here's how it went:

                            Up at 5:30

                            6:00pm(!) lox
                            hard-boiled egg
                            1 chocolate coconut oil cup

                            8:00 more lox
                            3 chocolate coconut oil cups(3gC)

                            Bed at 9:15


                            • I hate it when my body says I'm not hungry but my brain is unsatisfied... It's such a struggle to ignore our brain, while our body is easily ignored.

                              What is in your chocolate coconut oil cups???
                              Primal since March 5, 2012
                              SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                              • Hi Sabine, glad to read your fast (and breaking it) went so well! And interesting to see the numbers .

                                Originally posted by jenn26point2 View Post

                                What is in your chocolate coconut oil cups???
                                Me curious too
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