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  • You are doing fantastic on your fast, I am thinking I may fast today since Easter is tomorrow.. Hmmm may have to consider this. I love fasting whether it is one day or 3 days.. I love that you learned you can let a pot roast go by How cute was that?

    Have an awesome Easter girl!


    • When MDA suggests fasting, it's never for more than 24 hours. There's one-day fasts, alternate days fasts, but where did the multi-day fast ideas come from?
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      • wow Sabine!!! how awesome you've lasted this long!!! Do you have a plan to stop fasting on a certain date?
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        • Originally posted by Lex26 View Post
          When MDA suggests fasting, it's never for more than 24 hours. There's one-day fasts, alternate days fasts, but where did the multi-day fast ideas come from?
          The one story of the guy who fasted for two hundred and some odd days that mark posted a few weeks ago... I agree that longer than a day can be a concern from a nutritional standpoint but really as long as you are still nutritionally covered (vitamins n whatnot) it should be relatively safe. It is also a way to force your body into ketosis if you feel like you are getting off track sugarwise... I always figured that religious fasting was put in place in order to keep people healthy and focused. In moderation (I'm thinking every 2 weeks) I'd see nothing wrong with a 24-36 hour fast. Maybe a bit longer... Just as long as you're fasting out of primal health and not as a means to calorie restrict. I did a 36er after the maple syrup festival then loaded up on protein after so that I made sure my body knows where to light the fire. Don't wanna go thinking that sugar is food again... And I like the 36 hour fast myself only because If I finish eating at 8pm one night I don't want to restart at 8pm the next (seems to late). I'd rather wait til the next morning after a fast day and eat at 8am. Feel like I'd screw up my food clock if I started late in the eve... hope that all made sense... it's late so it's a half ramble but I saw this come up on my blackberry earlier and wanted to get back to it.
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          • Hi Sabine, how are you doing now? Did you end your fast, and how?
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            • The fast is ending

              My honey needed the computer for work yesterday, so I wasn't able to post in the evening.

              Lex- The idea for a multi-day fast came from some additional reading I have been doing, on cell recuperation while fasting. I am pretty sure that my years of eating SAD have affected my health. Weight gain as the easiest to see indicator, but gradually rising blood pressure, general blood sugar symptoms(don't want to make sure I am getting all the terms right, but you probably know what I mean), little skin problems, fatigue, allergy-like issues. And who knows what's going on inside, that I am in generally good enough condition to mask. So the idea of letting my body/cells heal themselves is VERY appealing. I'll be watching how I am feeling AFTER the fast, to consider whether I might like to do this as a regular thing.

              Candy-I planned for a three-day (at least 72 hour) fast, to end on Saturday afternoon/evening or Sunday morning if I felt I could go that long. I was doing fine yesterday about 5pm, so I decided to wait until this morning. I still feel very good, but I am sticking to the plan. In a few minutes I will be having some bone broth with pesto in it.

              Ecks-I am not doing this to hasten weight-loss, though I sure wouldn't mind it if that happened. That said, you might like to read the article about fasting in this month's Harper Magazine. Among other things it covers fasting for weight-loss(that's why the modern day author is doing it), and I'm thinking that CW might be giving fasting for weight-loss a bad rap, just as so many other things. I definitely thinking it is worth learning more about.

              I still had hunger yesterday, on and off, which I found mentally annoying. I thought I would get to the magical spot where you just aren't hungry anymore. I guess three days isn't long enough for that for me. But I was very pleased that I could banish thoughts of hunger and food so easily. Yesterday I made dinner for my family and stuffed Easter eggs with treats, and the only time I was really tempted, strangely enough, was when I was cutting up the raw chicken.

              Had one episode of light-headedness, not bad, went away after sitting down a bit. After my morning bubble-head feeling, I had a VERY clear mind, and started feeling FANTASTIC. Got a lot done during the day. Then felt very tired in the evening, but whether that was from fasting, or staying up later the night before is a toss-up (yes, 10:00pm IS later for me!).

              This was yesterday:

              Up at 6:30
              Water: 16 glasses
              50 minutes walking
              Bed at 9:00

              I am drinking regular water, mineral waters, and electrolyte water(lemon juice, salt, sweetener added). I am finding it is extra delicious.

              Okay, off to have my broth!


              • Sabine after you mentioned that article in a post a while back I went all over town looking for that Harper's magazine. Couldn't find it. Also went to their website to see if I could read the article there but you have to have a subscription to their magazine to be able to access it. Real bummer! I found a Harper's Bazarre magazine but its not the same thing. Does that Harper's magazine you have come out monthly or bimonthly or what? I may wait until the next issue comes out & then order a back issue.

                great job on the fast! Glad that it worked for you. I will probably start a 24 hour fast starting after supper tonight. After the last couple of days my digestive system needs a rest!! lol

                Hoppy Easter!!
                Goal: Don't worry be happy!


                • It comes out monthly. I found mine at Barnes & Noble. You might call around to the different branches near you. It is in the general interest section. I found it very interesting, with his personal story, and some historical uses of fasting.


                  • Eating again.

                    Finally, something to write under food. Water: X# glasses, was a little tedious! Here's what I ATE yesterday:

                    Up at 6:00
                    6:30 1C broth with
                    1T pesto

                    9:30 ~4oz lox
                    ~1 oz cream cheese

                    1:30 1 1/2C chicken and
                    broccoli stir fry
                    horseradish mustard sauce (5gC)
                    4 strawberries

                    5:30 1 1/2 beef patties with
                    colby jack and bleu cheese
                    1T A-1 sauce
                    slice of tomato
                    1/4 avocado
                    sweet potato with
                    2T butter
                    2 squares dark chocolate

                    Water: 12 glasses
                    30 minutes walking

                    Bed at 9:00

                    I was not hungry in the morning, and can see why it is a good idea to determine ahead of time when you are going to break the fast. I feel I could have easily convinced myself, 'why not one more day?' And one more, and one more. Still not hungry for lunch, but felt I wanted to re-establish the idea of eating. A LITTLE hungry at dinner, so I indulged my appetites( mental and physical).
                    Decided to track my water and try to keep it up in at least the 12 glass range for the next few days. Usually I am at around 8 glasses.

                    I was surprised that I still felt hungry every day. I had thought the hunger suppressing mechanism would kick in.

                    I am kind of amazed that I did the whole three days. When I set the goal, I wasn't sure if I would cave before the end, and was counting on publicly stating helping me keep to it. But keeping to it wasn't that hard. Having plenty to keep myself occupied was probably a big help: I didn't spend much time thinking about food. Except for a strange cookbook reading incident on Saturday evening.

                    Do I notice any sense of improved well-being? Well, I felt fantastic Saturday during the day. Clear-headed and energetic. That was very nice. A skin tag on my face dried up and fell off spontaneously. That's never happened before. Thank goodness, too. I don't like skin tags, but put up with the few I have, except if they appear in 'public areas'. Can't stand that. The last one which appeared on my neck a few years ago, I removed the old-fashioned way, by tying off, and it took a few days. This one popped up and fell off over the course of the fast, very quickly. If it wasn't too fanciful, I would imagine it was almost like a violent detox on my face. "Here's something yucky, let's get rid of it!' Up, out, off, super-quick! Probably just coincidence, but I noticed it, so I'm writing it down.

                    I had anticipated starting eating again would 'set me off'. I was ready to have a hard time restraining myself, meant to do small meals every two hours to ease into it. Well, I ate that broth,and nothing happened. Forgot about eating two hours later, and ended up eating at our regular breakfast with the family. Wasn't hungry, but it did TASTE good. Then...forgot about food again. Finally ate after four hours because I thought I should. Had the tiniest bit of hunger for dinner, and was glad to feel it. I'll be curious to see what my hunger pattern is over the next few days.

                    Now, back to what passes for normal around here.


                    • Congratulations on completing your fast. You are stronger than me, that is for certain! I hope you notice some significant changes in how you feel over the next day or two after the reintroduction of food.
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                      • Triumph to Tragedy, or My Pants Bite Me in the Butt

                        It is hard to find a pair of pants that fit correctly, especially at the thrift store. So when I started shrinking out of my black jeans I did what any self-respecting tightwad would: I took them in.

                        One dart in the back, first. Then two matching ones in the front. Then a second one in the back. Then deepening the ones in the back.

                        I have been wearing these jeans every morning for my weigh-in at the store. (And as a side note, I realized since I am being socially acceptable, and wearing clothes for my public weigh-ins, that means I would weigh LESS if I weighed at home naked, which is what I used to do. WOOOOO!) Being the schlub that I am, wearing these pants in the morning, usually means I am wearing them for the rest of the day, too.

                        I've had a backache the last two days. Was thinking it might be 'fasting lumbago', or my kidneys dealing with the increased water, or constipation, or who knows what.

                        This morning as I jumped into the car, I figured out what it is.

                        The enormous pleats of denim on the inside of the back of my jeans are pressing on me with vigor. No wonder.

                        Time to suck it up, and buy a new (used) pair.


                        • I'm impressed that you know how to sew pleats.
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                          • Originally posted by Sabine View Post
                            The enormous pleats of denim on the inside of the back of my jeans are pressing on me with vigor. No wonder.

                            Originally posted by Pebbles67 View Post
                            I'm impressed that you know how to sew pleats.
                            me too
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                            • Sabine~congrats on the completeion of the fast.. Three day fasts are my favorite, and usually I am not hungry by the third day althugh it takes almost 40plus hours for hunger to even kick in! lol.. Then I always figure it looks around and sees all the stored fat and is like duh? never mind! we're good!hahahah...

                              I will add my awe to those about the sewing of pleats!!


                              • If I could only tailor, I'd be set. But I am limited to the simple things.
                                Also noticed yesterday that a skirt I haven't worn since last summer, when it was tight around my hips, is pleasantly loose.