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  • Glad you're safe too - just another reason I prefer earthquake country over here.

    I wish you luck, as well as myself, in trying to get away from perfectionism. That's one thing I'm trying to remember here: I may be focusing on losing weight, but this effort is teaching all kinds of things about how to work hard for anything. Some things just take a lot of tinkering and patience and time - and it's a lot easier when you've got people around you supporting you as you keep on going.
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    • Taking the Plunge

      Now brain health? What can't it do? Is the next article going to be that fasting can make you fly? (GayPanda will be fasting in a flash!)

      So, I've decided to grab hold of this holiday weekend as my opportunity to do a fast. I have no work on Friday, and the girls, no school, so the schedule is getting easier. Here's a funny thing: after I decided this, I looked at my calendar, and saw I am getting together with a friend today, midday, and have my monthly girls' night out tomorrow. I decided I am still going to fast. This from a gal who used to not start a diet on Monday, because there was an eating opportunity coming up the following Thursday, and what was the point. I AM changing.


      Up at 5:40

      8:15 1/8 quiche lorraine
      3 pork sausages

      1:15 1 1/2 plates sahimi
      1/2C rice
      3 chocolate covered strawberries
      1/2C creme brulee

      40 squats in the morning (dedicated to Winencandy).
      Walking and lifting heavy things at the gym with my honey.
      Relaxing hot bath in our fixed bathroom!

      Bed at 9:30

      Finisdioujaauuughhhh! Crazy bug running all over my desk!!!! Freaking out!!!!!

      Okay, let's try again.

      Finished eating by 2:00 Wednesday afternoon. That will be it for a while. I am planning a three-day fast, to Saturday afternoon, possibly Sunday morning, if I get on a roll. I am going to go to the store this morning, weigh myself (a separate weigh-in- it will not go on my chart of weights and measurements), and buy some mineral water to have as 'treats'. I am doing this fast for body repair, but I still want to know if it does anything incredible for my weight-loss.

      I told my honey I was going to do a fast. That was a piece of advice from the radio interview that I thought very good: tell someone when you are planning to stop, in case you get into the hunger-less state, where you really can no longer judge if you need to stop or not. I don't see much danger over three days, but I love safety precautions, so I'm going to start off right. I guess this prompted him to actually FINISH the article on fasting that I left by his reading station, as I saw him with it. Yay, maybe now we can discuss it!

      Got a little eye-rolling form Middlest. About as expected. In the end I refused to do it stealth-mode, as I am worried about the message the girls might get from that. If I have to have a little 'my mother is a crazy woman' attitude in exchange for openness, I'll go with that. I did tell both of them a little about my hopes for cellular healing as connected to my worries about cancer because of my father. It went well, in the sense that there were no worried looks, and just the normal 'my mother is talking to me about meaningful subjects-help!' faces.

      I am not worried about physical hunger- I feel after my experiences these past weeks, that I will be able to ignore it. I AM worried about mouth hunger, and social pressure. For the first, I am getting the mineral waters in fancy bottles. For the second, I am planning to use my spine and show some gumption. Or maybe, lie. Whichever is easier.


      • I love that you weigh yourself at the store. Is it one of those old get your weight and horoscope machines?
        I almost checked my waist to hip ratio because I was reading something in Cosmo last night, but then couldn't find my tape measure. I took that as a sign that I was to wait for 4/15.

        Good luck on your fast.

        EDIT: OMG I just found out that they sell those scales online at BMI gaming. Fun. Of course I do not have $1500 to waste on something like that.
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        • I don't know HOW you can do a 3 day fast. Your drive is amazing to me. I'll be watching and waiting to see how it turns out. Of course I wish you strength and luck and all those things needed to follow through with a goal. I can't imagine it. I have a hard time lasting from breakfast to dinner!
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          • Fasting Notes- 28 hours in

            Although you can be sure I will count yesterday's hours when I see how long my fast lasted, I didn't really think of myself as fasting yesterday. I had the late lunch that I usually do on gym night, because I know I won't be eating when we get back home. 8:00 is just too late for me.

            But this morning when I woke up, knowing I wouldn't be eating at all today, well, GAME ON! I went and weighed myself(190.0. No horoscope, but when I think of the phrase, 'going to the store to weigh myself' I imagine walking down to a feed store, and climbing on a huge scale for hay bales and sacks of grain. Sort of like they weighed the dinosaur on, in 'The Enormous Egg'. Anyone remember that book? I loved it!), then started drinking water. I've bought myself some Pellegrino, Perrier, Metromint, Fiji water, and Acqua Panna (yes, I recycle).

            Morning was the usual rush of school and chores, then I walked down to the train station, musing on my strategies for the next two days. The friend I spent the day with is open to the idea of fasting, so I just told her straight out I wouldn't be eating. If I get antsy tonight, I am going take myself out to the movies. I planned out sewing and chores to do for tomorrow, daytime, to keep myself busy. And I crafted my lies for tomorrow evening. (Feeling a little off, going to let my stomach rest, yes, the dessert looks great, can I take a piece home to enjoy once I 'feel better'?) I do NOT want to get into a discussion of fasting with my whole group of friends, so this is the path I am choosing.

            I was thinking a lot about FASTING, but not really about FOOD. Then someone on the train opened up their lunch. Wow, did it smell good. But I turned my mind to my book, and found it surprisingly easy to forget about the deliciousness of it. I enjoyed the Pellegrino water.

            Good time with my friend, and I just kept sipping water. Now I'm back at home. About five o'clock I felt the first real hunger pangs, but I'm banishing them as they arise, and looking forward to trying the mint water next. Don't think I'll need to go to the movies for distraction,after all. But it is good to have a plan. Did a total of an hour's walking today and lots of talking, and feel ready to lounge around with my book. Which has an interesting section on stress in it, which I''ll have to post about on the 'Best Your Stress' thread.

            I do have a slight headache, which is not usual for me. The family is making their own dinner tonight, but tomorrow I expect to be making pot roast and potatoes for them to enjoy while I sip...water!


            • Jenn- well, I've never done a three day fast before, but I feel good about it. Not as if it is an impossible task. We'll see how far I get. I am really hoping I'll feel DIFFERENT (better!) afterwards.


              • sounds like you're off to a great start Sabine!!! yay you!! I love the Fiji Water. Tastes so pure!

                good luck on the 3 days!!
                Goal: Don't worry be happy!


                • You amaze me. I don't know how you can make a pot roast for the family and not drool! I love pot roast and the smell of it cooking in the crock pot is agony for me. Makes my mouth water!

                  You're definitely stronger than me at this point and I look forward to being inspired!!
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                  • Originally posted by Sabine View Post
                    40 squats in the morning (dedicated to Winencandy).

                    Originally posted by Sabine View Post
                    If I get antsy tonight, I am going take myself out to the movies.
                    That would NEVER work for me! I have this programmed "need to eat" in the theater problem

                    Originally posted by Sabine View Post
                    Good time with my friend, and I just kept sipping water.
                    Very good! Sounds like you are off to a great start with your fast!
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                    • So, this was yesterday:

                      Up at 5:00
                      Water:12 glasses
                      1 hour walking
                      Bed at 8:30

                      Makes for a short entry!

                      I WAS hungry on and off after 5:00. Nothing I couldn't ignore, but habit kept me thinking, 'well, I'll get up and start dinner now'. Then I would remember I wasn't eating. Sort of funny.

                      I was able to make a bratwurst snack for Littlest without being tempted (!). I did get sleepy very early. Fell asleep on the couch sometime before 8:30, then woke up and waddled (due to the squats aftermath) off to bed at 9:00. Woke up this morning (40 hours in) feeling alert and not hungry. I'll be taking notes on paper throughout the day, partly as something to do instead of eating, then posting before I head off to an evening with my friends- what I consider to be the big challenge of this fast.

                      Thanks for your support, all. It helps to know people are rooting for me to do well.


                      • Is it wierd that I switched to flavorless chapstick for my fast?


                        • Hi Sabine, looks like you're doing great on your fast! I admire you (and all other people fasting), just like Jenn I couldn't imagine doing such a long fast. I am considering a 24h fast, but not immediately yet .
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                          • More fasting- 65 hours in

                            This fasting sure makes for short entries:

                            Up at 5:30
                            Water: 16 glasses
                            1 hour walking
                            Bed at 10:00

                            I got pinched for time, and didn't get to post before I went out last night. My plan to keep myself busy worked; I barely got everything done before my ride showed up! But I DID finish the quilt top, very satisfying, and showed it to my friends. Also did a lot of reading on the forum, and chores around the house. Also made a frustrating trip to Home Depot, where every ten steps someone popped out of the walls to ask how I was doing, did I need any help, had I found what I was looking for. Usually it is hard to find someone to help you- this is the opposite extreme. I resorted to the self-checkout, which I usually HATE, just so I wouldn't have to make polite chit-chat with one more person. Maybe this is their ploy to get people to use it. But I digress(what else is new?).

                            Fasting news: I WAS hungry throughout the day. I could ignore it, but it always came back, a little soft request for food.

                            At 11:30 and 1:30 I felt a light-headed. I sat down, drank some more water, and it passed.

                            My stomach gave actual GROWLS at 1:30, 3:15, and 4:45. It was peeved. However, I noticed that the first of these came only after 47 1/2 hours of no food. Seems it takes a lot to get my stomach peeved. And it doesn't hold a grudge: after 4:45, not a peep. No, wait, I forgot. It growled once more while I was at my friend's, while everyone else was eating. Can't blame it for that: the food smelled delicious.

                            I used my lie twice. A friend called last minute to see if I wanted to go to lunch. I regretfully turned her down, saying I was getting over a stomach thing (why today?! I would love to go to lunch and hang out!). And as everyone was serving themselves for dinner I made my excuses to the hostess, giving my story. We were sitting casual style, so no one else even noticed I wasn't eating, or they didn't say anything, which is even better. Best of all, dessert was store cookies, which smelled great- cinnamony- but didn't tempt me at all with their looks, so I didn't have to ask for some 'to go'.

                            I made pot roast, potatoes, and gravy for the family before I left, and felt detached from the food. No desire to taste, didn't notice the smells, even. I have a vague hope that there will be some leftovers for Sunday or Monday, but I can always make pot roast again. What a concept. I don't have to partake of every pot roast that comes by!

                            I discovered I do not care for naturally alkaline water. Had to pep up the Eternal water with lemon juice and Himalyan salt. The Fuji was okay, but I don't love it, as PrimalCajun does. (More for her!) And Perrier is too fizzy. The Pellegrino, though- delicious! The MetroMint was...strange. I tasted the mint, nice, but then kept having a coconut after-taste, which was puzzling. I would drink it again for a fast, but not as a regular thing.

                            And last, for all the water I was drinking, I did not feel I was going to the bathroom THAT often. My pee was normal color, and only got very light at the end of the evening. Wondering if this means more toxins are being flushed out of my body. Also wondering if I am getting a little wacky, noticing my pee. And writing about it!


                            • The Fathead website has a very interesting video clip up, about a doctor who alleviated some of her husband's Alzheimer symptoms with a diet rich in coconut oil. Much to consider. Not least, how pharmeceutical(how do you spell this, anyway? Nothing I try works!) companies will try to turn this into a pill, so that people don't have to go to the 'bother' of changing how they eat.


                              • I went for my walk to the store(peeps for Easter and my weigh-in) and felt very bubble-headed, as though my mental processes were floating along behind me, and I was strictly a physical creature. Interesting.