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  • Yesterday:

    Up at 7:00

    9:00 turkey fried in butter
    yogurt with cream and blackberries

    2:00 shrimps in butter

    4:45 walnuts

    6:00 rabbit with prunes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cream
    eggplant, green bell pepper, and tomato

    8:00 strawberries with coconut sugar, prunes

    Water: 7 glasses
    Walking: 20"

    Bed at 9:00

    Although I haven't been tracking my pains, per se, I noticed some sharper ones last night. I am fearing for dairy and nightshades as categories. But...early days, early days. I need to collect my data and not jump to conclusions. Tracking starts over today, now that I have gone through a full 4-day cycle, imperfect as it was. A couple of family overlaps, mostly due to herbs/spices. They are tricky little buggers. I have also decided I need to get some maple sugar for alternate sweetening options. I don't consider myself a crazy sweet fiend*, but some things, I just like some sweetness.

    *This will seem very ironic, considering the paragraphs at the end of the post. But really, I don't think I am!

    Happy news of the day: BOOCH!

    Honey is trying to get back into the Down Day swing. Day before yesterday he had his first no-cheat Down Day in quite a while. His weight had been creeping back up, and it finally got to a point to motivate him. He asked for help to keep on track today, ie; don't let him eat this evening. We might zip out to a movie to keep him occupied. There is a new Stallone-Schwarzenegger that looks fun.

    We watched an Alton Brown Halloween show yesterday, where he made homemade candy corn. I really like candy corn as a seasonal item. I usually eat it once per Halloween season, finishing the bag over the course of a few days, and then saying, whoa, that was too much (even in pre-primal/low-carb days). But I am seriously considering having NO candy this Halloween. When I think about the individual Halloween treats I like, none of them seem worth the down-side.

    For me, Halloween candy means the items you really only get at Halloween: candy corn, caramel eyeballs, Willy Wonka soda caps, caramel popcorn balls, caramel apples(Hmm...I sense a caramel theme.). The rest of the stuff is good, but you can have it any time. It is just CANDY, not HALLOWEEN CANDY!

    We started off October with pumpkin pie. Maybe that would a fitting way to celebrate Halloween without having a candy orgy.


    • I love candy corn. But not the candy corn flavored M&Ms.

      You're right - the rest is just regular candy with a Halloween wrapper.

      My favorite candy holiday is Easter - marshmallow eggs anyone? Coconut nests? Yum yum yum...

      *and now my sweet tooth is talking*
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      • And for Christmas I like those nougats with red and green candied peel in it.


        • I may be completely weird, but I enjoy the Kosher-for-Passover marshmallows that are made with fish gelatin. No corn syrup or gluten or anything objectionable. No, they don't taste fishy at all. Pretty hard to find except for a week or so around Passover, although I imagine they can be ordered online. I don't need to be ordering marshmallows online.
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          • A step too far

            I am naming my SCOBYs. They were going to be A, B, C... but it seems so sterile. Very un-SCOBY like. A is now Alice. Her sister will be Lucy.
            I want to keep them named on the bottles, so that I can see if particular SCOBYs give better results.


            • Mmm... Nothing like naming your (now pet) bacteria! When you give it a name it's officially a pet!
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              • Mini Updates

                Sewing fringe on for Littlest's costume for a school project tomorrow, and needing to take a break. I had already done some sewing on MY costume today, and my back is protesting.

                Alice and Lucy are ready to go in their new jars of tea. My old SCOBY is going to go to a friend's chickens this Friday. Recycling at its finest!

                I have a batch of rabbit broth chilling in the freezer, so it has been a productive day. (Also took the dogs for a trot around the pond this morning while it was still dark. They were very good, not barking at any joggers.)


                • I bounced back down to the 160s this morning, and this time, I am keeping it! I plan to hit it regularly after my Down Days without feeling like a fluke, moving past it, and then seeing it as my new post-Up Day normal.

                  Yesterday was my booch Down Day, and strangely, I did not go crazy and have two, three, four bottles. Just my usual one. I foresee trouble with over-stock if this is a regular thing.

                  Honey did not make it through his Down Day. He had a donut at work, and then I heard him eating after I went to bed. I feel bad for him, that he keeps slipping. I know it pisses him off, afterwards.

                  Finished the maniacal fringe in good order last night. Littlest will look fantastic in it.

                  I have some items on the chart that did not get eaten in the 4-day rotation, so I am going to see if I can stretch it a bit to 4 1/2 days. This means exotics such as tapioca and coconut milk pudding for breakfast this morning.


                  • Yeah for the 160s!

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                    • Congrats on the 160's Sabine!! That's awesome!!
                      Goal: Don't worry be happy!


                      • Got a comment from the checker at the grocery this morning.

                        "You've lost a lot of weight, babe. Hell, I can tell every time I look at you."

                        I'm noting it down (besides the obvious reason ) because I think it is too easy to not see when we go down in weight, and think we just look the same. It is important to remember that just because our vision of ourselves is not changing to match reality, does not mean that we are not changing.

                        Making my pudding as we speak. I will be having pistachios with it for some protein. Not a lot, I know, but I am planning on a ridiculous amount of mussels for lunch.


                        • In the 160s and checkers are checking you out...nice, very nice. Congrats!


                          • Nice Job Babe!
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                            • male or female checker? I mean.......... it matters Cuz........... male = hey I look HAUTE! female = hey I really look smaller!!!
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                              7. Cultivate joy
                              8. Find my passion
                              9. Meditate on peace in my soul


                              • Woohoo congrats on all counts
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