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  • I think my DH likes Leverage... A lady on the plane recommended a BBC series called "Call the Midwives". If it is on Netflick or Amazon prime, I will see what I think.

    I will be going through Dallas on Monday afternoon and back through on Thursday. Of course, an airport stopover is not always a guarantee of rain, but I'll do what I can

    Recipe for the onion tart?
    -- Ruth


    • Slice massive quantities of onions (I used two for this last small batch, and it made 8 'muffins'. Usually I use about 10 for a baking sheet mega-cake.)

      Caramelize in bacon grease or coconut oil over low heat, slowly. Let cool.

      Add sour cream (1/2C per 2 onions) and eggs(1 per 2 onions, I used 2 this time, because I want more volume), stir together.

      Pour into a prepared pie crust and top with chunks of bacon OR pour into bacon-lined muffin tins.

      Cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes for muffins or about 45 minutes for pie. Let cool. Serve room-temperature or chilled.

      Oh, man. Now I want to have a piece!

      And what am I doing, back on the forum, you may well ask? Taking a break. Pricing these bags is tedious! But I have the timer set.


      • oh, thanks for that, I searched in Pinterest and there was nothing.
        "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain."

        My journal:

        My "Program": doing my version of a 4:3 - 3 day fast diet with real food every day, with a little twist of anti-inflammatory mixed in.


        • Was going to make it for lunch, until I realized I had no eggs...
          -- Ruth


          • A very nice Up Day yesterday. I went to my fair (did okay, but not great) and successfully ate ONLY the items I brought for myself. Then went to a party with Honey, and had only the toppings of four slices of pizza(I consider this the perfect primal pizza compromise). No soda, which was easy, (compared to booch, who wants a soda?) no ice cream, which was less easy, but still not hard.

            Then home and zonking into bed. Woke up very thirsty this morning. I didn't drink enough yesterday. Ready for an all-liquid-and-lots-of-it Down Day.

            Here's the details:

            Up at 5:00(not on purpose)

            5:45 2 zweibelkuchen cups
            1 low-carb crepe with jam and cream

            9:00 salami

            11:00 mushroom quiche

            12:00 heroin wings with ranch dip
            1 zwiebelkuchen cup

            2:30 3 crepes with cream and strawberries

            4:00 more heroin wings with ranch
            mushroom quiche
            lara bar

            8:00 tops of four slices of pizza

            Water: 8 glasses
            Walking: a little here and there
            Pains: 24(down from 33 yesterday, ugh, a bad day)
            Sun: not much, but probably more than I think

            Bed at 10:00

            After I finish my tea, I'm going to walk the dogs(it is beautifully crisp outside), pick up Littlest from church, then slug around a bit until Honey and i go to see WorldWarZ at the dollar theater.

            Oh, and I'm checking my latest batch of booch today, to see if it is ready to bottle. Fingers crossed. If it is, I will have new booch just as I run out of old!


            • For the Zwiebelkuchen, Iforgot to add, salt and pepper to taste. Mostly depending on how salty your bacon is.


              • I think my booch may be SLIGHTLY more alcoholic than 1%.

                Just sayin'.


                • Oh, ho......That's either good or bad, eh?

                  How's the writing going these days?
                  -- Ruth


                  • It means I better have just half a cup at a time of this batch. hic*

                    Writing, not so good, but I'm not thinking about it right now.


                    • A rambling weekend post

                      I took a look at one of the Peat threads. My eyes bugged out when I read 'fruit juice with ADDED sugar' (my emphasis). Yowza. I don't think my ideas are in sync with that thread.

                      Still parched. Hmmm...only up to 8 glasses of liquid so far. No wonder. I better get cracking.

                      This morning Honey and I weighed the same. I told him it was time to stop 'cheating' on Down Days (him) and get back on a losing streak. (He has been 'resting' for two months now.) He said he would consider it. I want us to be on the same page again. It is fun doing it together.

                      Trying the high strength booch mixed with water. Interesting is about all I can say for it at this point. Checked the new booch. It needs another day or two.

                      Tomorrow it is our 24th wedding anniversary. Strange as it sounds, we may be going to McDonald's to celebrate. I know, weird. But our local McDonald's just got remodelled. It is where I used to always take the kids for playgroup years ago. Now it looks more like a cross between Starbucks and McDonald's(I checked it out, but didn't buy anything...that time.) To celebrate, they are having various specials, and we thought it would be fun to try it out. I may be having two quarter-pounders with cheese, no buns. Then we could go across the street and have a shake from Braum's. Yup, we live the high life here in Texas.

                      The latest batch of chicken broth is ready to pack up for the freezer. It smell fantastic. The dogs will get some with their dinner tonight, and I might treat myself to a cup, as well. Not feeling very hungry this Down Day. Which is nice. But when I am hungry, I tell myself it is the feeling my body gets, when it is emptying fat storage. So when I'm NOT hungry...well, I just figure I overate the day before. Which I probably did. There was some eating from nerves/boredom at the craft fair yesterday. Them's the breaks. I don't feel guilty about overeating quiche. Vitamin Q! Maximum dosage: not yet discovered.


                      • Oh yummmm I love a good quiche!! Got a good recipe??
                        Goal: Don't worry be happy!


                        • I just do the 'saute vegetables and/or meat in bacon fat, add five eggs, cream, and cheese method'. Nothing written down. But it always comes out good. (Well, maybe not the artichoke heart one. Needed more bacon!)


                          • Two pairs of size fourteen jeans, and one size twelve that I can get into, and ALMOST zip up!

                            Why yes, I am sexy hot today! I must remember this feeling next time I am at the evil mirror-gym.


                            • You know, the often-vilified McDonalds is actually a good choice. Beef - 100%, no fillers. Maybe not actually humanely raised, but not as horrible as our usual feedlot stuff. Their slaughterhouses use the pioneering methods of Dr. Temple Grandin to make the experience as pain and trauma free as possible. The cheese is made with milk, no fillers, no soybean oil. No, it isn't organic, grass-fed, or any of that stuff, but it is really pretty good. I have often thought of making a stop on the way to work when I don't have much time and getting a double cheeseburger or two, no bun of course. In fact...maybe that will be on the menu next week.
                              My Primal Journal:

                              "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


                              • Not a good night's sleep last night. Nothing in particular, I just woke up unrefreshed and cranky. But I had a 50 minute walk in cool autumn air to blow away the cobwebs, so I'm feeling pretty good.

                                Yesterday went like this:

                                Up at 7:45

                                8:30 tea

                                12:30 booch - whoo!

                                5:00 booch

                                Water: 13 glasses
                                Walking: no
                                Pains: 13
                                Sun: not really

                                Bed at 10:00/11:00

                                I'm wearing one of my new pairs of jeans, and feeling pretty sassy. Size 14 is a real step forward for me. Also, I found a dollar on my walk this morning.

                                I followed the link on the blog post yesterday, for how to stay motivated. I'm going to make my list of reasons why I am primal, and make a nicely drawn card for reminder purposes. It will give me a chance to get all the markers out and use some swirly fonts.

                                Still not fully hydrated. I MUST drink lots today!