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  • Happy Father's Day

    It's great that so many people are journalling, but fishing for your journal on page five is tiresome.

    What with Father's Day yesterday, there were many treats eaten.

    Up at 7:00

    10:00 Denny's Farmhouse Skillet- 2 eggs, sausage, potato, bell peppers, spinach, cherry tomatoes, cheddar

    3:00 vanilla shake

    4:15 cheesecake and salami

    7:00 roasted chicken leg, roasted root vegetables(beet, sweet potato, potato) cheesecake

    9:30 apricot, chocolate chips, salami

    Water: 11 glasses
    Walking: no
    Pains: 15

    Bed at 10:00

    I think my next Up Day will be fish-centic. I have a desire for lox!

    Eldest is flying back to Indiana today. We have had a good visit. It went too quickly.

    Honey is biking this morning with friends. This afternoon will be spent taking Eldest to the airport. And this evening, Middlest and I will be filling out financial aid forms.


    • Sabine, if you go to thread tools, you can subscribe to the journals you like, including your own.
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      • Thanks, I need to remember that. I have some subscriptions, but I've never gotten into the habit of going to the list to access things. Also, never thought about subscribing to my own.

        Later...that feature is awesome!
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        • Very awkward encounter

          Yesterday a neighbor from further down the street stopped by.

          Background info: He and his wife have lived on the street for twenty years. Two sons, 18 and 14. He works out of town during the week. Last fall his wife left him and took the two boys. He is very bitter about it, and has criticized her and the boys to me very fiercely twice since then, with me mouthing 'I hope it all works out' sorts of things. She told me her reasons for leaving, but is very careful not to bad-mouth him, saying she's sure she did things wrong, too, but she just couldn't go on anymore.

          So, he stopped by yesterday, apparently while on a bike ride, said he wanted to congratulate Middlest on her graduation, which was nice. I asked about his 18-year old's plans, and he went off into a very horrible rant about how bad his kids are. I was so taken aback, but when I gathered myself, I said, 'Name-of-guy, I really don't like to hear parents speaking like that about their kids,' and started to back away. He just went on, so I repeated it, and went inside.

          Fifteen minutes later, he was back, wanting to justify himself, I guess. I made sure to check for any sign of weapons before I opened the door. Not that I have a reason to think he's violent, but his violent SPEECH really creeped me out.

          I have a strong 'don't talk trash about your kids' boundary, I guess.

          I listened to him for a minute, said 'I hear you' a couple of times, and repeated my 'don't like to hear parents talking like that about their kids' statement. Honey came to the door, wondering what was up, and together we sort of shut him down. I suggested he find an appropriate person to talk to about his feelings, and that we were NOT it.

          I felt I had to tell the girls to stay away from him. I don't want them hearing him blast off about his kids like that, and also, I have the tiniest worry that he might feel jealous of our 'perfect life' and be mean in some way.

          I definitely won't ask him about his kids again, should our paths cross, and I am unable to avoid him. I'm wondering if I should tell his wife about the encounter. I don't want to gossip (I consider posting this in my journal as getting it off my chest, similar to how Honey and I talked it out last night, not gossiping.) but I also wonder if him speaking so harshly about the boys is something she NEEDS to know.

          I'm glad I said something, and that I didn't just let it turn into a 'silence means consent' kind of situation. But I wish I had been able to shut him down completely. The whole thing upset me quite a bit.


          • This guy is paranoid to an unhealthy degree and possibly a sociopath. I would say unequivocally that you should talk to his wife, but be confident that she will respect your confidentiality and not let him know about the discussion. Err on the side of caution.

            I am ferociously anti-airing-of-family-matters in public and anti-bad-mouthing-of-the-other-parent. That is what journals, professional counselors, and very, very close friends or family members are for. Not neighbors. Not co-workers.
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            • He probably feels that since she left with the kids, the kids misdoings (in his eyes) are her fault and that whatever the kids are doing now would not have happened had she not left and he was still a prominent figure in their life (i.e. under his roof and immediate control). It pains me to know the anger and pain he's living with and that his feelings about his kids seem to be affected by it. It's too bad he can't let his anger for his ex-wife go long enough to be open-minded about what his kids are doing/not doing.
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              • I so want a polka-dot dress now!


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                  • Paleo-lady, indeed! I love it!


                    • so cute!

                      DD and I made a Goodwill run yesterday and it was one of our more successful ones. For $40 we each got 2 new dresses, I got 2 new tops, and she got 3 pairs of shorts and 2 pair of capris. Every single one was a name brand and 2 still had tags on them!
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                      • That dress is so cute! Reminds me of a 1950's tv ad.
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                        SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                        • Upset

                          Very distressing news from a friend has led to some stress eating.

                          I don't care-- it is completely appropriate to the situation.

                          Please send prayers for a lovely girl.


                          • <3 and prayers
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                            • What can you do

                              Thank you, Kalli

                              I had a tense kind of evening, worrying about the news, and how we were dealing with it. Littlest cried a lot, cleaned her room, and threw up. Honey sort of shut down, and retreated to his lair to do computer programming. Middlest was gone for the evening. I tried reading and movies to distract myself. Spent some time on humor sites, trying to immerse myself in funny things. In the evening, I ate. Not the best way of dealing, but my way, I guess.

                              Here are the last two days:


                              Up at 5:30

                              7:00 green smoothie- celery/broccoli/spinach/apple/strawberries/molasses
                              11:00 catfish fried in butter
                              1:45 lox
                              5:30 salmon sashimi, shrimps, seaweed salad
                              1 banana

                              Water: 12 glasses
                              Walking: nope
                              Pains: 6

                              Bed at 9:00


                              Up at 5:30

                              9:30 iced cafe au creme
                              2:00 probiotic drink
                              6:00 iced cafe au creme
                              6:45 2 slices liverwurst
                              8:00 seaweed salad
                              8:30 1 slice cheesecake
                              8:45 2 slices cheese

                              Water: 11 glasses
                              Walking: 20"
                              Pains: 13

                              Bed at 10:30

                              You can see where the Down Day fell apart. But calorie-wise, it was only the cheesecake that took me over. If it was planned, I could call it a Medium Day. As it was, I'll call it better than it has been in the past. I like that I started out with good stuff, and that I threw some protein on the flames to end it. And after that, I really had no mental desire to keep going, as has been the case in the past when I am upset.

                              I'm also pleased that I wrote it all down. I wasn't trying to hide it from myself.

                              In a show of sympathy, my weight was DOWN this morning.

                              In a show of hilarity, last night as I was falling asleep, with Littlest reading beside me, Salem crawled under the covers and PEED on me!

                              It's like having toddlers again. I wonder if she was feeling the stress level in the house as well.


                              • Sorry for the bad news.
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                                "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within." Miguel de Cervantes

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