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  • Very cool - weight drop after an UD!!!! As long as I see an overall trend down, then I figure I must be losing. And, my measurements are decreasing, even after an UD.

    Have a lovely DD today.
    -- Ruth


    • You too, RMS. I am so glad I don't have your travel challenges. You are doing a great job working the system into your life.


      • Yeah for lower weight!
        1. Love ME no matter what noises are screaming at me, or who is trying to tear me down.
        2. Eat to heal
        3. Move to live
        4. Embrace today
        5. Live with intention
        6. Respect my body
        7. Cultivate joy
        8. Find my passion
        9. Meditate on peace in my soul


        • Sabine - have you thought about taking pills in place of yogurt? I know for yogurt recipes, you basically go buy the stuff (sometimes) in capsules and dump it into the yogurt. Of course, the yogurt may be working, so ignore this if that's the case
          -- Ruth


          • I'm taking a probiotic pill, as well. When I talk to the doctor next week, I'm going to discuss dropping the yogurt. It will depend on how I am doing, if I feel it is helping, etc.

            Yesterday was a good Down Day. Good energy, not too much hunger or thinking about food. I even enjoyed my vegetable slurry! Here's how it went:

            Up at 5:30

            11:00 medium spinach salad with
            1 bacon
            1/2 hard egg

            4:30 1C vegetable slurry with
            poached egg

            8:30 1/2C yogurt

            Water: 9
            Walking: 40"
            Pains: not many

            Bed at 9:00

            Did I mention that we are putting the dogs on JUDDD? Salem needs to lose 1.6 pounds, and we are interested to see if it will help Chloe's skin(which got much better after switching her to raw, but is still a little issue). They get 125-150% on their Up Days, which they are LOVING! They seem a bit puzzled on the Down Days.

            Last night we colored eggs. Got a little crazy, and it was fun. We also filled our plastic eggs(candy, quarters, and lip gloss). We are ready for the Easter Bunny to do some hiding! One of Middlest's friends joins us, since her parents don't do egg hunts (!). And it looks like the weather will be good, so Honey can get his bike rides. Looking forward to the weekend.


            • My dogs eat a raw diet and it's amazing how that helped them lose weight. In addition, their coats are shiny and soft. Mine spoiled babies would probably have a heart attack and UDDD
              -- Ruth


              • Curse you, frozen yogurt!

                I had some, and it set me up for some problems.

                Note to self: frozen yogurt is not an acceptable substitute for plain yogurt.

                Here's what happened:

                Up at 5:30
                8:45 smoked pork chop
                grated zucchini with pesto

                11:30 potbelly salad with
                double meat and cheese

                2:30 frozen yogurt while out shopping with the girls(I was in 'treat' mode)

                3:30 real yogurt with
                1T jam

                4:00 pork chop(trying to stop those froyo induced cravings)

                6:00 sashimi-swordfish, salmon, herring
                1/2C rice
                1/2C seaweed salad
                carrot, cucumber
                1/2C blackberries
                small dark chocolate bar

                8:30 small chocolate bar

                Water: 10 glasses
                Walking: 60"
                Pains: yes

                Bed at 9:30

                I am looking forward to my Down Day today. But I do think I pinpointed the problem yesterday. The frozen yogurt made it too easy to say yes to the berries AND the chocolate, and then have another chocolate before bed. At least I didn't stop and have the vanilla shake that was calling my name while I was doing an excessive amount on driving in the evening!

                I made a ridiculously complicated chart yesterday, for the pains. Time, intensity, position, food. I had hardly any the day before(a down day) and was disappointed when I had PLENTY to put on my chart yesterday.


                • Two for one

                  No time to post yesterday, as we were having Easter fun. So here's two days worth of info.


                  Up at 6:30

                  10:30 vegetable slurry with poached egg

                  2:15 medium spinach salad with 1 bacon, 1/2egg, 1T vinegar

                  6:15 1/2C yogurt

                  Water: 10 glasses
                  Walking: no
                  Driving: too much!
                  Pains: yes, plenty

                  Bed at 10:00


                  Up at 6:45

                  9:30 lox, cream cheese, capers, fruit salad

                  12:45 lamb chop, zucchini, butter, pesto, 2 coconut macaroons, dark chocolate

                  2:45 jr vanilla shake, lox, cream cheese

                  6:30 chicken in a little barbeque sauce, caulicheese, 1 small sweet potato, butter, dark chocolate

                  9:00 turkey slices

                  Water: 6 glasses
                  Walking: no
                  Pains: some-fewer than yesterday, yay!

                  Bed at 9:30

                  I broke and had some cauliflower yesterday evening (on the FODMAPs list). Since I have restricted my vegetables, I have noticed much less poop activity, and not in a good way. I had told the doctor that i was puzzled by the IBS suggestion, as my bowel movements had not changed. Well, now they have. I did feel quite gassy in the evening. Of course, I had chocolate (also on the list) too. But I had a normal bathroom experience in the morning. man, how am I supposed to eat more of the veggies that are on the good list? There's only about 6 that I really like. Let's face it, lettuce, radishes, bean sprouts and bamboo shoots aren't the most exciting things in the world.

                  However, I am loving this new way of cooking zucchini- grating it, then frying it in butter. Delicious.

                  Read an interesting link on Winencandy's page. A disturbing piece of information, though, that a gluten experience can have effects of up to 6 months. Not that I think I have the condition that the article was describing, but it made me wonder if my pains(if caused my the Girl Scout Cookie Incident) might take a long time to vanish. I may need to consider that grains MUST vanish from my life.

                  We had a nice Easter Egg Hunt yesterday, except for the storm that rolled through between the time the treats were hidden and they were hunted. Some of the candy in the eggs got melty. I was not as properly sympathetic as I should have been, apparently, that some of the sugar was spoiled. Oh, well!


                  • A brief pause for a Pebbles Happy Dance:


                    those are shimmies!


                    • Originally posted by Sabine View Post
                      A brief pause for a Pebbles Happy Dance:


                      those are shimmies!
                      I am dancing with ya!
                      "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain."

                      My journal:

                      My "Program": doing my version of a 4:3 - 3 day fast diet with real food every day, with a little twist of anti-inflammatory mixed in.


                      • Originally posted by Sabine View Post
                        However, I am loving this new way of cooking zucchini- grating it, then frying it in butter. Delicious.
                        That is one of my 2 fav ways to eat zucchini. The other is to make "boats" and stuff them with feta & sun dried tomatoes & olive oil & bake them! I'm sure you could stuff them with something FODMAP approved...

                        Originally posted by Sabine View Post
                        Read an interesting link on Winencandy's page. A disturbing piece of information, though, that a gluten experience can have effects of up to 6 months.
                        Yes, the 6 month thing makes you think...I don't think I've ever gone 6 months without a small slip...

                        Why are we dancing???
                        "Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be." Kurt Vonnegut
                        "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." Douglas Adams
                        "Moderation sucks." Suse
                        "Wine is a vegetable." Meaty
                        "Every decision you make, from what you eat to what you do with your time tonight, turns you into who you are tomorrow and the day after that." Cmdr Chris Hadfield



                        • Originally posted by winencandy View Post

                          Why are we dancing???
                          Because Pebbles' break was just a long weekend, and not seven months.


                          • This is what happens

                            ...when you are reading other people's journals.

                            On my counter I have spread the ingredients for mini primal cheesecakes. Temptation brought to you today, courtesy of Pedidoc. I need to go to the store to get some more almond flour before I can proceed, though.

                            I also need spinach. Yesterday I was ready to whip out one of my small wilted spinach salads, only to discover I had none of the starring ingredient. So, I had liverwurst instead. It felt like a Fat Fast Down Day!

                            Here are the details:

                            Up at 5:45(yes, I hit the snooze)

                            11:30 vegetable slurry with poached egg

                            3:15 2 slices liverwurst

                            7:30 yogurt

                            Water: 9 glasses
                            Walking: 80"
                            Pains: yes, 33

                            Bed at 9:00

                            I also treated myself to three episodes of Fringe, Season 2, and knitting on my shawl. This will be repeated today. And I want to paint the other corner of the house. If I do it, I will give myself a prize. (Sometimes, that's what it takes.)


                            • No prize

                              It started to rain before I started to paint.

                              I made carnitas last night, but they weren't as satisfying as the first batch. I don't think this chunk of meat was fatty enough.

                              I did have a good 9and reasonable) Up Day, however. Here are the details:

                              Up at 5:30

                              6:45 bratwurst
                              1/2C cauli-cheese

                              11:15 sushi and sashimi
                              1/2C rice
                              1/2C seaweed salad

                              2:30 2 coconut macaroons

                              3:30 salmon patty with mayo
                              zucchini with onion and bell pepper leftovers
                              dark chocolate

                              5:30 modest portion of carnitas with
                              avocado, sour cream, cheese on
                              mini cheesecake(primal) with
                              1T raspberry jam

                              Water: 10 glasses
                              Walking: 60"
                              Pains:yes, 23

                              Bed at 9:30

                              Honey Update: He had an interview last week which went well. We are seeing if an offer will result. There was a phone interview on Monday which is leading to a face-to-face later this week. Either would be great work environments for him.


                              • Raw data

                                Ok, I have been doing JUDDD for more than 4 weeks now, so here are my numbers. I have bolded the numbers taken AFTER an Up Day.

                                202.0 3/5
                                DNW 3/6
                                202.0 3/7
                                198.5 3/8
                                195.5 3/9
                                198.0 3/10
                                198.0 3/11
                                198.5 3/12
                                197.0 3/13
                                196.5 3/14
                                193.5 3/15
                                196.0 3/16
                                193.5 3/17
                                196.0 3/18
                                195.5 3/19
                                196.0 3/20
                                194.0 3/21
                                194.0 3/22
                                192.0 3/23
                                193.0 3/24
                                193.0 3/25
                                195.5 3/26
                                193.0 3/27
                                192.5 3/28
                                191.5 3/29
                                195.0 3/30
                                192.5 3/31
                                194.0 4/1
                                191.5 4/2
                                193.0 4/3

                                My lowest weight since beginning is 191.5, which would be 10.5 pounds, but I am thinking I will stick with my post-Up Day weights, which is presently 193, or 9 pounds. Just over an average of 2 pounds per week. I am getting my mind into the 'one pound per week would be great' mode. So by the end of April, I hope to be in the 180s again.

                                I'm finding JUDDD to be fairly easy. You know I would rather fast entirely on the Down Days, but I have gotten into a habit for the meals, so I will continue for now until the pains go away. I am actually starting to like the vegetable slurry! Aside from being small, the spinach salad is divine. I guess the yogurt is the only down side. It does not feel like FOOD to me. But I can take it!

                                My Honey is still in, though wishing the weight loss were faster. He didn't write down his starting weight, but I think he has lost about 4 pounds. I'll need to ask him if he remembers. It is hard enough for me to remember what I weighed, much less his weights.

                                The dogs, well, they don't have much to say on the matter. They are LOVING their Up Days, though!