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  • In which I natter on and on about health concerns- fair warning!

    Today seems to be going easier, with the whole eating-just-a-liitle-bit-oh-no-yogurt-again plan. I think my brain has accepted that this yogurt is not really FOOD, more like medicine that takes a while to get down. I also had my second dose of yogurt sans stevia. Guess I've officially put my big girl panties on.

    Honey is off to the gym. Usually he has a slug of protein powder before he works out, and a huge, honking steak afterwards. His plan for today is...nothing. Workout, come home, slug around on the couch until he falls asleep. I hope it works for him. he is good with extremes, though, so it may. He had no problem with his first fasting day, and was surprised that he didn't feel like eating EVERYTHING on his Up Day. He just ate the normal amount. (Or maybe even a little less!)

    I'm looking at the FODMAP list, and quailing a bit. There's plenty of food TO have. I just seem to be stuck on the ones I can't have. I'm thinking a nice spinach salad with bacon and eggs, but no mushrooms or red onions. No mushrooms! Yikes. Or a salmon patty with some homemade mayo. No artichokes, though.

    And no nightshades, on top of this? What was I thinking?! That these pains suck. Oh, yeah. Okay, it is worth a try.

    I need to make up a nice pot of vegetable soup, full of the things that are safe, for a back-up. I can see it will take me a while to learn what is what.

    The doctor called back. I'm not going to go into results, because I don't want to get into any what-ifs, but I will mention that my electrolytes and liver function are fine, and there's no sign of infection. I am going back next week to redo one portion that is a little off. More tests may be indicated. Hmm, we all saw that coming, didn't we? Please, please, let these probiotics do the trick. Or the food elimination. Or the prayer.

    The pains are less/gone when I lie down, so I am making time in my day for some 'rests'. The dogs are confused by this.

    I don't (think) I have the bloating associated with IBS or FODMAPs stuff, but everybody is different. Maybe I don't recognize bloating when I see it? Maybe my stomach is actually concave! But I figure it can't hurt. And it is cheap to try. Certainly less expensive than an ultrasound, which seems to be the next step up after blood tests. And that's not going to happen until Honey has another job, so I may as well pass the time doing something!

    Luckily, other than this, I seem to be in great shape. Asking the questions, the doctor was surprised that at my age I am not on ANY medications. She even asked again, as if I might whip out a pill container I had forgotten. Down side, I had to pay the federally mandated new patient fee, since I have not been in to the office in four years. Three years is the limit. I'll keep that in mind for 2016.


    • A confession

      I do not like to watch basketball.

      Or baseball.

      I like football, I like golf. I like the Olympics. I even like watching billiards. But basketball-no. I am already sick of hearing about March Madness, and I mostly listen to NPR, which, as you may imagine, is light on the basketball coverage. How long does this go on?!


      • Amen. Preach it sister.

        Sorry you need more tests. I hope they all work out okay and that you get some answers.
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        • Thanks, Pebbles. I am trying to keep a positive mental attitude.

          Yesterday, though boring, went pretty well. Essentially: yogurt, yogurt, yogurt. Maybe making the yogurt as unmeal-like as possible made it easier. Maybe it was just chance. The rest of the stats:

          Up at 5:00

          Water: 11 glasses
          Walking: 90"
          Pains: some

          Bed at 9:00

          Made sushi for the girls and the Honey this morning. Tuna and eel. I am having none of it. There is not enough time to eat all the things I want to, in just one day in two, and choices must be made!

          One of my tasks for today is to make a list of the foods that are okay for me right now. I'm going to be fairly sparse, as if any food is exacerbating the situation, I want to get rid of it so I can heal up. I bought myself a lambchop for today, as a consolation prize.


          • I hope you're feeling better soon, Sabine.
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            • Thanks, Jenn. It has been up and down, so I am trying not to get too excited about a good day, or bummed about a bad one. (This is not my strong suit, but I'm trying!)


              • So sorry things are such a trial healthwise at the moment! I hope you can get on top of this and all healed up. Well done with sticking at it and I really hope that you can figure out what foods are the culprits and that you find some fun stuff to take their places!! Praying for you - hope you have a good day!
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                • Thank you, Coll. It's a challenge, that's for sure. I'm hoping that all my body needs is some time to heal itself.


                  • I'm sorry to hear you continue to have these pains. I know from own experience that once the guts are annoyed, they take awhile to return to health. Here's hoping for you to be better very soon!
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                    • The great hall floor adventure!

                      Thanks, Siobhan. Patience is not my strong suit. Maybe it will be by the time I am back in fighting fettle. I do feel more at ease mentally since the doctor visit and test, so that's good. And since I feel better when I am standing over sitting, I have finally been inspired to start switching my computer to standing-up style for most of my use. I figure the rest of the family can just lump it!

                      Yesterday was an Up day, the first where I was trying to limit FODMAPs and nightshades. mercy, I had to be thinking all the time! here's how it went:

                      Up at 5:30

                      9:15 wilted spinach salad with 2C spinach
                      2 bacon
                      1 hard egg
                      half of the bacon grease and 1T vinegar

                      1:00 lambchop
                      1 zucchini, grated and boiled, mixed with
                      1/4C basil pesto
                      many (too many) swiss cheese chunks
                      3 dark chocolate covered macadamias

                      6:30 salmon patty with
                      2T homemade mayo
                      buttered zucchini with salt
                      strawberry-rhubarb yogurt
                      3 chocolate covered macadamias

                      Water: 10 glasses
                      Pains-light until after dinner

                      Bed at 9:30

                      Fails on the FODMAPs: chocolate! yogurt!

                      Okay, I feel I need to continue the yogurt(at least for a little while), because of the doctor's suggestion(Though I was somewhat disheartened that she didn't know what I meant by FODMAPs. Or maybe it was the nightshade reference that threw her?). But chocolate? I could cut that. Sob. Not forever, Sabine, not forever!

                      I never really felt like I was gassy before, but now I feel super-aware of every gas incident. Maybe I AM gassy!

                      Today I do my hall floor. I decided to go for the whole thing in one day. Honey does not like disruption, and having to deal with a ripped u floor would be a stress to him right now which he does not need. Then Littlest told me that she has no practice this morning, so she's going in later, which means I am starting one hour later than expected. A challenge! I'm up for it.

                      Pry up the baseboards
                      Rip up the carpet and padding
                      Pull any nails and staples
                      Sweep up all the disgustingness
                      Wipe with cleaner
                      Lay down new padding
                      Start measuring, cutting, and snapping the boards
                      Squeeze that last one in
                      Put the baseboards back on
                      Laugh at the dogs skittering on the new surface

                      I can do all that in 7 hours, right? Oh, and did I mention I am delivering the quilt top to our quilter at lunch time? So, minus 1 hour hour that.

                      Wish me luck. And if you see me on the forums after 9:00CST, yell at me to get back to work!


                      • Look at you woman! You are my home improvement Goddess inspiration.
                        My spring break starts tomorrow and I have a to do list. I can't wait to get started.
                        Primal since 9/24/2010
                        "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within." Miguel de Cervantes

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                        MFP username: MDAPebbles67


                        • Quite a project! How did it go? Pics? At least a description of the dogs exploring the new surface.
                          My Primal Journal:

                          "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


                          • Oh, it's not done yet! I wish! I had high hopes, but all I was able to finish before I gave out was the prep(5 hours!), and the first two boards. I'll get going with my second wind tomorrow morning.


                            • 5 hours of home improvement is more than a lot really impressive.
                              "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain."

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                              My "Program": doing my version of a 4:3 - 3 day fast diet with real food every day, with a little twist of anti-inflammatory mixed in.


                              • Thanks, Demuralist, though with what you accomplish in a day, I feel like a slacker!

                                Yesterday was a Down Day for me, and my plan was to eat yogurt three times over the course of the day. Well, I was just too busy. I wanted to plunge right into the flooring as soon as the girls were out the door(and did) so I didn't eat any early. Then I wanted to keep going(and did) and only barely managed to make myself drink water every half hour. There never seemed like enough time to sit and eat yogurt(so I didn't). After that, I was driving children places, doing errands, cooking dinner. Finally, at 7:30pm I thought, I better eat something! So I did. Here are my stats:

                                Up at 5:30

                                7:30PM strawberry-rhubarb yogurt

                                Water: 9 glasses
                                Walking: nope, but plenty of crawling, bending, stooping, squatting
                                Pains: some, mainly aching, not cramps

                                Bed at 8:30

                                I got into bed right after the yogurt, because the house was FREEZING and I wanted to bundle up and read. But as soon as I was horizontal, my brain thought I meant to go to sleep. Just got a little reading done before I dozed off.

                                The day before yesterday I listened to the Dr. Lara talk on intermittent fasting. Interesting. He could go for better graphics, though.

                                The list of vegetables that are NOT on the FODMAPs list, is depressingly short. Yesterday I made a soup of the soup-appropriate ones (carrots, spinach, green beans, parsnips, zucchini[no turnips at the grocery]), and I regret to say it tastes like dirt. I will have to play with the seasonings today. I was thinking it would be a good have-on-hand item for Down Days, maybe with a poached egg on top. Of course, the poached egg would likely improve it, too. But, man! Parsnips have a lot of carbs! One cup of the stuff will have 12 grams. Of course, 1/2C might be sufficient if I don't improve the taste!

                                The Honey Report: He had his third Down Day yesterday, and is doing fine. I have not noticed him eating more on his Up Days, either. Last night he was joking that he was going to set the alarm for midnight so he could get up and eat, but this morning he was quite happy to remain in bed for a while before getting up, and then made himself a leisurely and (modest) breakfast of liverwurst on toast.

                                We're now thinking of putting the dogs on it. After all, most of the experiments have been done on non-human animals, and they all thrive. We'd like to have them around longer, and in better health. Though I don't know how I would give Chica smaller portions. Hers already look like a pittance!