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  • Mixed feelings

    ...about the chiropractor visit. I want to keep an open mind, because after all, I VIVIDLY remember saying, 'oh, I could NEVER give up pasta.'

    But I have also come to have more confidence in things I have learned about my body.

    The chiropractor believes in the Eat for Your Bloodtype method. (I personally think it is quackery, but, hey, I may be wrong.) She tested me by muscle resistance(which I sort of believe in).

    Here are her recommendations:
    Okay to eat:
    fish, turkey, pork
    corn, soy
    Greek yogurt twice per week
    rice, beans, lentils
    pasta, veggies, fruit

    Not okay:
    chicken, beef
    whole wheat
    cheese and milk

    I should limit myself to 30 grams of protein! That's per day, not per meal.

    Oh, and take these supplements(about $120 per month).


    Also, she pressed very hard on various parts of my abdomen, which hurt. Okay, okay, that was not her fault, but I sure didn't like it.

    Maybe those supps would be good, but I am not going to spend $120/mo. Uh-uh. Well, not right off the bat, at least.

    Now, I tried a chiropractor because I wanted something a little different, but maybe this was too different. I am going to think about her suggestions. Certainly it would not be hard to avoid beef, chicken, and dairy for a month. I am not going to add corn, soy, pasta, beans, or lentils to my diet, but she said I don't have to have everything I am ALLOWED to have. 30 grams of protein seems VERY low to me. Even lower than WHO recommendations. But she pointed to the area that first started to give me this problem, and said 'that's where you metabolize protein,' so, hmmm.

    I decided to make an appointment with my doctor for Friday. A few days to think, and then another opinion. I am going to continue my alternate day fasting. I asked her opinion of fasting, and she said she wasn't a fan because people got so hungry. But (at this moment) I am not doing it for weight loss, but for health. So what if I get hungry? Suck it up, woman, you're trying to heal yourself. Also, the hunger is not really so bad. I think I am definitely at the True Hunger stage. I get hungry, notice it, ignore it, and it goes away to try again later it. It is not that 'feed me now, I need something, something, anything, oh how about pizza' kind of hunger that seems more driven by emotions and out-of-control blood sugar.

    She also suggested I should be mostly vegetarian. Again, I'll try and think about it, but my immediate reaction was 'Oh, no, not going to happen. That's one of the things that started me on this downward spiral, years ago.

    Oh, the difficulties of being open-minded. I am hoping that by admitting my biases, I won't be trapped by them.

    Hahahahahaha-ha! (I know.)

    Also, a little too much reliance on anecdotal evidence to make her case for my taste. Now, anecdotes are fine when they are about ME (n=1) but someone else's experiences are not necessarily valid for ME. Give me the average of a thousand people as a starting point, not one other person, who may or may not be anything like me.

    So, tasks for the next few days:
    Keep on with the alternate day fasting.
    Try seafood and pork for my protein sources, and maybe keep it low.
    Remember- you are under a LOT of stress. Try to be calm, and don't let your anxiety about money, jobs, teenagers affect how you are thinking about your body.
    Take deep breaths, and trust in God.

    (Okay, I don't often pull God into the discussion on my journal, so you know I must be wiggin'!)

    Just realized she did not mention anything about fats. Okay, I'll cut the butter, since it is (kind of) dairy. No cream, though, hmm, might have to make some Coco-chocs.

    See, there's a silver lining to everything!


    • I think you need a second opinion. My chiro is Paleo.
      Primal since 9/24/2010
      "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within." Miguel de Cervantes

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      • The doctor I am going to see on Friday(she took over for my old doctor, who was an MD) is a naturopath, so I imagine her perspective will be different from what I used to get("You want to lose weight? Here's a sheet with a balanced diet of 1,200 calories per day. Eat plenty of whole grains. Go to it.')


        • Huh. Interesting. I just posted an "oxidizer" test in my journal. Interesting enough, the results are pretty consistent with what I've teased out recently.
          -- Ruth


          • My doctor is paleo too. So are both of my chiropractors (well, one is paleo, the other is primal). A naturopath will likely provide you with answers that fit the paleo/primal framework than your chiropractor did.
            Primal since March 5, 2012
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            • Oh, and the word "on" in my response to your use of the F word was supposed to be Oh... typos...
              Primal since March 5, 2012
              SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


              • Heehee. I should try and see how many different 'o' words can be used, and still have that sentence make sense!


                • Felt very stressed through most yesterday, alternately thinking about the job situation and trying NOT to think about it. If not doing the dishes is so easy, why is not worrying equally so?

                  It is going to be another, 'you're doing a great job, here, train your replacement who we're getting from India at half price' situation.

                  I told him he should make that his specialty, learn some more Hindi, and make a regular business out of it, since it looks like it is going to be happening all the time, now. Maybe he could charge more. Sigh.

                  I meant to stay very busy yesterday, to make the fasting fly by, but stress turns me into a blithering idiot, and instead I seemed to have frittered the whole day away. Even missed skyping with Eldest. We are going to try again today.

                  And yet, I kept to the fast. This has been the easiest day yet, in terms of hunger. The only problem was cleaning up after dinner for Littlest and Honey. I had to sort of chant to myself, 'don't lick the spoon, don't lick the spoon.'

                  You would think that after a fasting day, one would wake, raring to eat. But I've been up for an hour now, and still feeling normal, stomach-wise. Here's how yesterday went:

                  Up at 5:45

                  Water: 9 glasses
                  Walking: 45"
                  Pains: yes

                  Bed at 9:30

                  Today I will be avoiding beef, chicken, and dairy. I figure it can't hurt, especially since I have salmon and pork in the house.

                  But I did some more research on the Eat for Your Type plan, and since I can see no information on how he decides which food have which lectins in them to decided which blood types they were 'bad' for, I'm going to call shenanigins on taking it too seriously.(Simplified concepts following!) I can believe that the receptors on blood interact differently based on their shape. But then it seems a simple matter to say, look, these lectins are shaped to interact negatively with B, these with A, etc. But there's no explanation of how the foods were tested, or even an assertation that they were tested.

                  A rebuttal argument brings out the very interesting tidbit, that for three of the blood types, he recommends no wheat. The one blood type allowed wheat is abut 5% of the population. So 95% of people who try the diet, may have success just because they are dropping wheat. Something to think about.

                  Okay, Monday was my time to be in shock(about the job), yesterday was the day for being sad, depressed, and scared. Today I want to get back to getting things done. Those dishes aren't going to do themselves.


                  • Sabine, I have the "Eat Right for Your Type" book. I'll send it to you if you are really interested. It is in the give away pile. PM me your address if you want it.
                    Primal since 9/24/2010
                    "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within." Miguel de Cervantes

                    Created by - Free Weight Loss Tools
                    MFP username: MDAPebbles67


                    • Thanks, Pebbles, but I got it from the library yesterday.


                      • Oh, I forgot a thing which the chiropractor said which I thought was interesting.

                        She asked me what I had for dinner the night before.

                        Pork chop with red pepper pesto(olive oil, walnuts, pine nuts), cauliflower with cheese and egg, and 2 squares of dark chocolate.

                        Oh, too much food, she said.

                        I said, really, I thought it was very moderate.

                        The portions may have been moderate, but you have too many kinds of food there. Your body doesn't know what to work on.

                        Now, I have read a little on food combining. I actually got into low-carb the first time, years ago, after reading Suzanne Somer's book, which is mostly food combining. It makes sense to me, but after I essentially eliminated one of the 'food groups' I never really had to worry about combining, because I didn't have starch meals to contend with.

                        So, in terms of macros, that meal was mostly protein and fat, with about 5g carbs from vegetables, and 5g from the sugar in the chocolate. Doesn't seem like so many carbs that it would cause a ruckus, but hey, it is another easy thing to try.

                        Or maybe she meant meat protein, nut protein, cheese protein, egg protein, two kinds of veggies, plus chocolate? I wouldn't think stomach acid would be picky enough to judge between different proteins, but maybe it is!

                        So for breakfast this morning I decided to have eggs scrambled in ghee(Alright, it is sort of dairy, but the milk solids are removed, so I'm eating it!). That's it. No cheese(of course) but no grilled veggies, either. Or additional protein sources. Two pure ingredients.



                        • Interesting what your chiropractor had to say. It'll be interesting to see what your doctor has to say about the pains. I hope today is pain free for you.
                          Primal since March 5, 2012
                          SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                          • I have yet to see the new picture of Mark lounging with computer. I did see the series of balancing ones.

                            Here's what I did yesterday:

                            Up at 5:30

                            7:45 2 eggs + 2 yolks, scrambled in
                            1T ghee

                            11:30 1 salmon patty, heated in
                            coconut oil
                            2T homemade mayo

                            4:30 1 bratwurst
                            niwatori slaw with chicken removed
                            1 chocolate/coconut oil covered frozen kiwi slice (interesting)

                            9:45 porkchop with
                            red pepper pesto

                            Water: 9 glasses
                            Walking: 45"
                            Pains: fewer, increasing again after 5:30

                            Bed at 11:00

                            I chose to avoid the last of the Candy's nomac and cheese, because of the dairy, but it made me sad. I'll try to get my Honey to eat up the rest of it today, so I won't be tempted. It's so good.

                            I've been eating later, I notice. Part of it may be staying up later for Spring Break kid activities, but I think there is also an element of 'I'm fasting tomorrow, so I'll have something now'. Also, last night, I was plain old hungry at 9:00pm. If I had been going to bed, I would have skipped eating, but I was still up for child transport duties, so I went ahead and ate.

                            The only thing with preservatives in it yesterday was the bratwurst, and, interestingly, an increase in the pains about an hour later. Makes me think it IS my gut being irritated. This did not stop me from having my imagination go wild, and imagining myself fighting cancer. I could actually feel the histimine rush through my body. Did some deep breathing and tried to calm down. When that was only halfway successful, resorted to distracting myself by singing along with the car radio. Sometimes an active imagination is a real curse.

                            Seem to be having a harder time getting my water in. Even when I am thirsty, I don't feel like slugging down a full glass. Don't know why.

                            Today I am meeting a friend to work on a project together. I know her husband is making us salads for lunch. Not sure how I am going to handle it. Try and have just a small portion? Say I am giving my system a rest? I don't know if I want to get into all the details. I think about it enough as it is, without talking about it some more.


                            • I finally saw Mark balancing. He's a hottie

                              I don't know where I've read it, but seem to have come across it a lot lately. Something about eating only 1 or 2 foods at a time makes it easier on the digestive system. I don't remember the logic, but if I come across some of the discussion again, I'll post the link. I grew up eating only 1 or 2 things with a meal (i.e., meat + potatoes), so I'm actually happy to eat that way. DH, on the other hand, grew up with eating a million small things (and lots of sauces, etc.), so he is not happy when I make meat + 1 veggie.
                              -- Ruth


                              • Another short post

                                Up at 5:45

                                Water: 10 glasses
                                Walking: nope, but I did 20" of stretching
                                Pains: started in the late afternoon

                                Bed at 9:00 tuckered out after a full day of sewing