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  • I did it.

    Four days/103 hours. Minimal hunger problems, only a little lightheadedness.

    Here's how yesterday went:

    Up at 7:30
    Weight: 203.5

    detox bath
    Walking: 30"
    Water/Tea: 13 glasses
    long massage before bed

    Bed at 10:00

    My liquid was slightly down due to being out and about a lot.

    I had an interesting experience yesterday. All of a sudden, I just stated to STINK. As if SOMETHING was pouring out of my pores. So, I am going to consider that a detox/autophagy success signal. Got back to a normal smell in the afternoon (and after a very good scrub, but I had been bathing as normal, so I don't think it was any 'pile-up').

    For those who are interested, my weight this morning was 200.0, a round ten pounds down from where I started four days ago.

    I broke my fast with a scrambled egg, and am planning a hearty sashimi lunch later today.

    Chloe threw up again last night, but other than that, is acting her normal self. We tried her on a little egg this morning, to see if she can keep it down.

    I am planning on going through the book basically from front to back, so my first sauces will be good old hollandaise and bernaise. There were just too many good looking ones to decide, so I am letting page order be my guide. I need to pick up some salmon burgers. I am planning on a good old beef patty for lunch most days, topped with a sauce, but some of them will be better for fish.


    • I think a beef patty sounds like a great way to try the sauces out .... as does a salmon burger! I think I might cook up a bunch of beef burgers and have them frozen and ready to reheat for lunches. Haven't had them for ages so will be a nice change. I also want to try making fish cakes too so there is more motivation to try a recipe for that purpose. I am hoping the kids will like the fish cakes (patties) too.
      Start weight: 225.5 lbs Feb 14th 2012. Height: 5'7"
      Primal low: 186 lbs
      Current weight: 221.4 lbs
      Goal weight: 140 lbs

      "You are free to choose, BUT you are not free from the consequences of your choices."


      • Yesterday:

        Up at 6:30
        Weight: 200.0

        7:00 egg with
        cream scrambled in

        12:00 2 plates of sashimi
        1/4C rice
        seaweed salad

        3:30 1/4 boiled cabbage fried in
        bacon grease with
        steak slices
        2 squares dark chocolate
        1/4C artichoke dip

        8:30 2 squares dark chocolate with
        whipped cream

        Water: 12 glasses
        Walking: 30"

        Bed at 10:00

        Off to see 'Skyfall' with my Honey this afternoon.


        • Looks like a good day hope you enjoy your evening with your Honey...
          Start weight: 225.5 lbs Feb 14th 2012. Height: 5'7"
          Primal low: 186 lbs
          Current weight: 221.4 lbs
          Goal weight: 140 lbs

          "You are free to choose, BUT you are not free from the consequences of your choices."


          • No! No! No!

            WHO is writing these scripts?!? This is not BOND! Three for three, and they are losing me. Maybe I could view them just a spy/action movies, but there were some serious quibbles with reality, as well.

            It was fun to go on a date, but the movie was NOT satisfying. Except that we enjoyed deconstructing it afterwards. Sat down and watched 'Dr. No' when we got home, to get the non-Bond taste out of my mouth.

            In non-movie related news, I had an adequate day yesterday:

            Up at 7:30
            Weight: 203.0 (I was expecting this bump up- it does not alarm.)

            11:30 snack plate with liverwurst pickle, goat cheese, cheddar, 1 almond roca

            1:00 WAY too much primal trail mix

            3:30 grilled chicken
            guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo

            8:30 dark chocolate ganache

            Biking: 30"
            Water: 9 glasses

            Bed at 9:00

            I made the ganache with 2 parts baking chocolate, 1 part semi-sweet chips, so it is just on the edge of being too bitter for me. A pleasantly challenging edge.

            THREE people stood us up for coming over for games, hence the excess of trail mix. I was waiting around, not able to start with the games, but not wanting to start anything else, because people might be arriving at any time. Finally we said the heck with it, had an early dinner, and went to the movie. At least the house is clean.

            Copied the '20 Mile March' article that Demuralist put on the 'Eat MOAR FAT January' thread. I am going to bring it to my money goals support meeting today. Very interesting read.

            Projects so far:
            Buttons on turbans
            Hooks in closet
            Made a small bag
            Tossed a paper project
            Darned my hot pink socks

            Yesterday was my first day off, but I still worked on something that will be completed at a later time.

            Water heater turned off again sometime last night. It is weird, because it is not exceptionally windy. The plumber could not find anything wrong with it last time, so we're just going to keep checking it and re-lighting. We CANNOT afford to do any water heater repair at this time (or any time in the near future), even though some would be covered by our home warranty. We HAVE TO build up a cushion again. CUSHION. CUSHION. CUSHION. I am tired of living on the edge. THIS is not a pleasantly challenging edge. It is a scary, soul-wearing edge.

            We are backing away, and we will not be distracted by cold water now and then.


            • Happy new year Sabine! Seems like you started it really well with your successful fast .
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              Goal for 2013: lose 10 kg and keep new weight (+/- 65 kg)


              • I enjoyed the feeling of doing a mindful thing at the beginning of the year(among other things). I'm already looking forward to doing it at the start of February, also.

                Glad to see your late night/early morning crabs worked for your son. Hope that is all that's required.


                • Happy New Year Sabine!

                  A 4 day fast, that is no small feat! Congratulations, I am sure it helped reset the system.

                  Looks like you are off to a good start on your goals and desires for the new year! This is the most excited I've been about a new year in ages.

                  To getting off the edge of the personal fiscal cliff, getting healthier, getting fitter, and feeling good!
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                  • I hear you about being so close to the edge financially... except you have an excuse with hubby's unemployment for so long. Brad and I have just been terrible about managing money and now we're fighting to dig our way out. I hope you can find a way to get the water heater to work properly so you can stop fiddling with it.

                    I plan to read the 20 mile march article later. I have it open on my computer so I don't forget.
                    Primal since March 5, 2012
                    SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                    • What am I making for dinner?

                      BACON NACHOS!


                      • Dr. Lustig was on the Diane Reahm show this morning. It ended with a bang as he passionately refuted a dietician who called in, asserting that it was all calories in, calories out, and sounding like she expected him to agree with her. Apparently, she had not even been LISTENING to the program. That's all I can think.


                        • Bacon nachos should be made with small bacon weaves, so they are bigger. That's the only thing I would change about them.


                          • Wow I just spent all day reading through your journal.
                            Glad your hubby got a job, that is exciting, mine was without one for 3 weeks back in nov, was scary thats for sure.

                            So do your neighbours not want Chica anymore? sounds like she is better off with you anyway
                            Need to try some of these longer fasts at some point, have plenty of fat for it to burn into.
                            Is 2-4 days best for this?


                            • Hah, I'm living proof that calories in, calories out is pure bunk. I remember reading Taubes's book and actually jumping up and down at his arguments against it. Like - who in the world could possibly regulate their caloric intake and energy output with pinpoint precision? And even 20 extra calories a day would mean that you would weigh like 400 lbs. by the time you were 40. (Just paraphrasing here - don't blame Taubes for my inaccurate rant.)
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                              • Id love to see a recipe for bacon nachos please