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  • Why do they call it fasting when it goes by so slow?!?!
    SW (Nov 22nd 2011): 333
    Current Weight as of Nov 25 2015: 248
    Short Term Goal: Fit into the shirts I got on my honeymoon at disney and universal in august next year when I go back to for my 1 year anniversary
    Met Goal: Be a 2x Shirt, Fit in a standard airplane seat belt without the use of a seat belt extension
    Long Term Goal: 166lbs (One day!), Buy whatever cloths I want to wear.
    Pain is temporary, quitting is forever- Lance Armstrong #NoExcuses


    • Good luck with the fast, Sabine!! Happy New Year to you. Congrats on accomplishing one project. How goes the secret project?
      Primal since March 5, 2012
      SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


      • Way to start the New Year Sabine! When do we get to see something of the secret project? Hope you have a good day!
        Start weight: 225.5 lbs Feb 14th 2012. Height: 5'7"
        Primal low: 186 lbs
        Current weight: 221.4 lbs
        Goal weight: 140 lbs

        "You are free to choose, BUT you are not free from the consequences of your choices."


        • The secret project is causing me despair

          All else is going well, though.

          Did my project for January 2nd: installing three hooks in my closet. Worked on a 'due-later-in-the-week' one, also. I'm liking it. Completing a task is supposed to give you a rush of endorphins. I'm looking forward to seriously upping my supply this year.

          Made it through day one of the fast. Here's how it went:

          Up at 7:00
          Weight: 210.0 (apparently a traditional ice cream sundae on new Year's Eve has a big impact!)

          15" cold bath-brr!
          10" dry skin brushing

          Walking: 55"
          Water/Tea: 17 glasses

          Bed at 9:00

          You may notice an absence of massage and detox bath. I had an issue with Littlest not being where I thought she was, and having to go through much driving, phoning, worrying, and serious talking-to. This ate up my private relaxation time for the evening. I still had family relaxation time, playing games, and I am going to wrangle a time and a half massage tonight. I need, it, too, because my period finally started (more than a week late, grrr), and the cramps are severe!

          I had a few thoughts of eating, mostly when I smelled the corned beef cooking, but they were very manageable. No TrueHunger until today, and TrueHunger being the polite thing it usually is, very manageable as well.

          I am jazzed to realize I am almost half-way done! The rest of my day is going to be busy, so I think the time will go by smoothly. Then a good night's sleep, and I'll be over the hump!

          I bought a box of Yogi brand(because it was the cheapest) detox tea, and I am having a cup each day. The flavor is...interesting. I'm also having my standard Good Earth decaf, and some of Naiadknight's Kill Everything. So, three cups of tea each day, the rest water, with or without lemon juice and salts.

          The dry-skin brushing was really enjoyable. I need to remember to do that more often. Maybe if I incorporate it as a regular part of my fast routine, it will become more of a habit?


          • Originally posted by ecks View Post
            Why do they call it fasting when it goes by so slow?!?!


            • Grrrr. No ginger for my bath! Well, just the scrapings from the jar, maybe 1T. Massive hunt through the pantry yielded nothing but the realization that I must not have bought it, after all. Double grrr. I hate it when it is MY fault.

              Made corned beef hash for Eldest. Smelled divine, but I was able not to taste. Had to wrap up the smoked oysters left out, though, as their smell was VERY tempting.

              Thanks for the good wishes, All. My plan to walk was foiled, but I am going to have a nice, though gingerless, detox bath.
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              • You're doing great! I have to get back into dry brushing. I remember when I first heard about it I thought it sounded crazy, then I did it...sooooo nice. Kind of like primal!
                My Primal Journal:

                "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


                • Fast update

                  Made it through day two pretty well. A few desires for food, brought on by good smells, but nothing major. Yesterday my period started, and to make up for being so late, the cramps have been VERY intense. It may be pushing any idea of hunger out of my awareness. It did make me start thinking, though...

                  Could women have a natural time to fast, coinciding with their menstrual flow? After all, this is a time when our body is getting rid of something it no longer needs. Fits right in with my autophagy motivation. As I was pondering this, I considered maybe making my period into a time to fast.

                  Two objections immediately raised their heads. First, I wouldn't be able to plan when I would do my fast, but would have to wait for my body to announce its intentions. Oh, no! Loss of control! Aughhh!!

                  Second, my period sometimes stretches out over a week. Umm, not interested in fasting that long.

                  First sub-objection: a week!

                  Second sub-objection: I believe from my reading on autophagy, the best results come in the 2-3 day period(I stretch this to 3-4 day period, believing that for the first day and a half I am surely living on my glycogen), and then there is a dip until after the 8-9th day. All this is off the top of my head, I would have to go back and look at, you know, science, to get the numbers right, and I believe we all know me well enough to know that's not going to happen in the context of this post. So a week may not be worth it for me, unless I were willing to hang on for a few more days after THAT. Which I am not!

                  Sure, I might lose some weight, which is also nice, but as my main desire at this point in my life, is for autophagy, it is not really driving me as much as one might expect, given how relatively easy the fasting has been. Certainly easier than 'dieting'. I DO see the appeal of the 'nothing' portion of 'all or nothing'. Very pure.

                  But again, that's not me.

                  So all this is just thinking. Maybe someday I'll be at the point where I'll say, 'A 7-day fast? Sure!'. Not now.

                  As for yesterday:

                  Up at 6:30
                  Weight: 208.0

                  15" cold bath- not so hard to keep my legs under this morning
                  10" dry-skin brushing
                  15" walk with dogs
                  detox bath-ahhh!
                  face peel mask- for fun
                  mini-massage- also for fun!!

                  Water/Tea: 16 glasses

                  Bed at 10:00

                  I ordered the Sauce book from my local Barnes and Noble, and am going to pick it up tomorrow. I'll peruse it for a day or two, making my choices, and once I am back on solid food, start sampling. Pretty sure all I have to do is follow in Siobhan's tracks to have a tasty time.
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                  • What brush do you use for your dry brushing? I got one from walgreens but the bristles are too stiff and it feels like dragging sand paper across my skin. Could you find a link to the one you have?

                    Let me know what you think of the sauces book. It's in my cart at Amazon, but I haven't committed yet.
                    Primal since March 5, 2012
                    SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                    • I use a Vidal Sassoon brush(I know, FANCY!). I have no idea of style number, or what not, as I bought it years ago. The bristles are stiff, but not sharp, and what I consider as just slightly too floppy for hair brushing(I have coarse texture hair). The feel is just one half step down in intensity from a vigorous back scratch. That's about the best description I can give. I have no idea as to a link. Sorry.

                      (I hope I won't repel anyone with my disgusting habits, but when I was looking for a skin brush, I sneakily tested them out on the back of my hand to find the right texture. I didn't want to have ten brushes all too soft or firm. It did take a while to find one that was 'just right'. Keep looking. Don't despair.)


                      • Made it through another day

                        Day 3 of the fast:

                        Up at 6:30
                        Weight: 204.5

                        15" cold bath
                        10" dry-skin brushing
                        Walking: 20"
                        Water/Tea: 16 glasses

                        Bed at 10:00

                        I was hungry in the afternoon and evening, but powered through. I did consider breaking my fast today. No hunger so far this morning. I'll see what I feel like when I DO get hungry. It is much more tempting to eat at the end of the day than the beginning.

                        We had a nice bon voyage dinner for Eldest last night as he is leaving today. Chicken enchiladas, with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole, and a strawberry/cream cheese thing I made. I enjoyed the smells and colors without feeling like I MUST eat some, even though I was a little hungry at the time.

                        It is strange about the hunger. You would think that in my third day of not eating, if I got hungry, I would be HUNGRY. But it really wasn't an all-consuming thing. Just kind of annoying. My habits made me want to eat, but my hunger wasn't DRIVING me, the way people imagine it must be, when you haven't eaten for a long time. Humans are really tougher than we give ourselves credit for being.

                        A little lightheadedness this morning, but not bad.

                        That is all.


                        • Well, at least you only brushed your hand. LOL at the mental picture of you trying to do this on the sly.
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                          "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within." Miguel de Cervantes

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                          • Good job, Sabine! I feel pretty good about making it 24 hours!! Its so good to see others setting and meeting goals!
                            1. Love ME no matter what noises are screaming at me, or who is trying to tear me down.
                            2. Eat to heal
                            3. Move to live
                            4. Embrace today
                            5. Live with intention
                            6. Respect my body
                            7. Cultivate joy
                            8. Find my passion
                            9. Meditate on peace in my soul


                            • Looks like I will make it through the full four days. It was just not convenient to eat this evening, what with seeing Eldest off at the bus station, so although there was a little hunger, I am not going to indulge. But tomorrow...!

                              I'm planning a little scrambled egg in the morning, and then a sashimi feast!

                              Chloe got into some chocolate last night, and has thrown up a couple times today. She has never gone hunting for things before (got it from Middlest's room). I can't help but think that Chica has turned her to the dark side. Hopefully she will be back to normal tomorrow. She was still very peppy on her walk, so I think she will be fine. But chocolate can be dangerous for dogs, so I was NOT pleased.

                              Bought the Sauce book this morning. (And a couple of others. Oh, bookstores, you are too tempting!) I'm going to work my way through it, roughly front-to-back, reserving the right to jump ahead to make, barbeque sauce, for example, if we are having barbeque. And I want to whip up some of the basics- ketchup, mustard, relish, horseradish -to have on hand.


                              • Well done Sabine! You have done really well with your fast, proud of you indeed. Funny - I used to fast regularly and sometimes for a decent period of time but haven't done more than IF for the longest time. Chocolate can be scarey with dogs - hopefully yours are ok. (It is especially bad in small dogs)

                                DH got me the sauce book too and I have been having a lot of fun reading it and planning which bits and pieces to use. Let us know which ones you try and how they turn out...
                                Start weight: 225.5 lbs Feb 14th 2012. Height: 5'7"
                                Primal low: 186 lbs
                                Current weight: 221.4 lbs
                                Goal weight: 140 lbs

                                "You are free to choose, BUT you are not free from the consequences of your choices."