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  • Originally posted by Sabine View Post
    I was up in the night with Chica- she was very bloated, and not feeling well. A quick trip to the vet this morning revealed that her stomach is PACKED! She has gotten some extra food somewhere, I guess. Treats that were left out?

    Doctor's orders: fast for two days, and some anti-nausea medicine to help her through. Poor little one. The vet said we could expect her to be a couch potato for a while.
    You just described me
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    • Originally posted by winencandy View Post
      You just described me
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      • Winencandy- I hope you got someone to rub your tummy.


        • Final verdict: 1 1/2 pounds gained over Christmas

          I was at the same weight for two days, so I'm going to call that my new normal (I know, too soon to tell. I'm calling it anyhow.)

          Very acceptable, I think. Now to begin my downward journey once again. This is a familiar hill. I've been on it before. Should that make it harder or easier?

          Chica is not enjoying her fast. But I think that's just because she can't take warm baths, and meditate. She IS getting tummy rubs. I'm looking forward to my fast. I'm planning some easy-to-make favorites for my family to eat, so they won't be deprived, but I can be in and out of the kitchen quickly. Corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes, one day. Hash the next. Enchiladas from the freezer. I think they'll be happy. Especially since they can have my portions.

          This was yesterday:

          Up at 1:30 with Chica
          Asleep again at 4:00

          Up at 7:00
          Weight: 206.5

          12:00 1 1/2C broccoli-cheddar soup
          the last of that casserole
          1 coco-choc with nuts

          4:30 caponata
          1/2 pickle
          1 coco-choc

          5:30 ham slices
          fried zucchini with ranch

          7:00 rote grutze with
          cream, lots of cream!

          Water: 9 glasses
          Walking: 90"

          Bed at 9:00

          I did an hour walking with Littlest, then tempted my Honey on a walk to the store after dinner, since he had been sitting playing games most of the day.

          The water was a little low. I could feel it, but kept finding it inconvenient to drink. need to be more careful today. I think part of the reason is I do not like ice cold water, I prefer tepid, and right now it is coming out of the tap ICY. I need to remember I can just add a splash of warm to it. Take action, girl. Don't be lazy!

          Okay, the rest of the dishes! I have got to clear the decks so I can make those cauli-tots in some semblance of sanitary conditions.


          • I love filtered hot water with juice of 1 org lime, little stevia, sooo good when I've had my coffee for the day and want to settle down with a good book. I use a bag of limes per week. After juicing I save them to put in chicken cavities and bake.


            • Where did you see the recipe for the cauli-tots? That sounds intriguing.... And well done on keeping that weight gain to a manageable amount! THe most awesome feeling to go through Christmas and not be out of control on a binge afterwards.

              JudyCr, I like the sound of your lime drink - shall have to try it!
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              • I'm in the middle of making the cauli-tots right now. So far, the baking is not going as planned. You are supposed to bake for 20 minutes, then flip so the crispy side is up, then bake 20 more minutes. Well, they did NOT want to release. I had to get creative(flipped the whole pan upside down onto another sheet of foil, let cool, then slowly peel back the original foil), and now I have some bedraggled looking tots baking for the second time. We'll see how they turn out. They SMELL fantastic.

                Can't remember where I saw the link. But it is from paleogurlkitchenDOTblogspotDotca, if you want to check it out.

                Just let myself be dragged into a thread that I will probably regret posting on. But sometimes comments just annoy me.


                • i'm gonna check out these tots. One of my favorite non-primal foods is tater tots.

                  Sorry about dear chica getting into too much food. I never would have guessed a Chihuahua to be a glutton. Beagles, yes... Chihuahua... no. Thankfully, my labs aren't gluttons. That would get expensive!! Odd how some breeds are and some aren't - unlike with people where it's a personal trait rather than a "breed" trait.
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                  • I think my problem with the tots was that I greased the foil. When I flipped them onto a new sheet (ungreased) they came up more easily, but still not until they had cooled a bit. They do not taste like tots- the predominant flavor is the green onions. I could totally see them as blini substitutes, with a dab of sour cream and a sprinkling of caviar on top. Mmmm.

                    Chica is once again a normal size. We will be giving her very small meals for a couple of days. She seems quite happy again, and only concerned that she's NOT GETTING ENOUGH FOOD! Any memory of being stuffed beyond comprehension is gone.

                    Have to go- problems with the water heater.


                    • Yup, the water heater is not working. The plumber will come on Wednesday.

                      On the bright side, this will make taking cold baths easy.

                      On the dark side...well, everything else. No warm detox baths, boiling water for dishes on the stove, incredibly brisk showers.

                      It is what it is. Sigh.

                      I am ramping up for my fast tomorrow by drinking plenty of water today. My goal is one gallon. I'm halfway there. I have lemons, a variety of salts and teas, and even a fun face mask thing to use. I've told my Honey I expect a massage every night. He has agreed to go along with this plan. Meals for the family: set! Thought about having a wild time today with food, but decided it wasn't worth it. Nothing seemed worth spiking my blood sugar or making my liver and pancreas work harder. I WILL have some of my Christmas dark chocolate, though.

                      Typing this at the library, so I don't have my notes from yesterday, but I ate way too much trail mix as a way of avoiding the delicious, non-primal treats our friends had for us. An acceptable method for me.

                      Okay, Middlest looks about ready to go. Adios!


                      • Happy new year!
                        -- Ruth


                        • Starting my fast

                          I had a fortune cookie just before midnight, so it is truly a New Year's fast, with no trickle over from yesterday.

                          My plan is to go 2-4 days, drinking plenty of water and tea. I have various activities planned, the first being cold baths in the morning. Accomplished that one today, and did some dry skin brushing, and took the dogs for a walk. So, so far I am feeling on top of it. Of course, I am only 11 hours in.

                          My stomach is making some gurgles, which I am expecting, but still need to deal with. No, food is not an option today, stomach! Get a hold of yourself.

                          Honey got the water heater working again, so I'll be able to have my warm bath tonight. Very happy about it. Now. I'm going to plop myself down, watch a Cary Grant movie, and knit.

                          Happy New Year, all!


                          • Happy New Year back atcha!
                            Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, steak in one hand, chocolate in the other, yelling "Holy F***, What a Ride!"
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                            • The smell of the corned beef is tempting, but I haven't had any True Hunger. Just, Isn't It Time To Eat Hunger. Went for a nice walk with Eldest, and now I'm going to lounge around reading, until it is time to feed my horde. Then I am planning a bath and massage.

                              Oh, and I completed one project today, to start my New Year off right!


                              • Happy New Year, Sabine! Good luck with the fast!
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                                2. Eat to heal
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