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  • Stress response is soooo challenging. I am about to embark on delving into creating better responses for 2013. Hmmm, sounds like the perfect resolution. I like to pick self care or adding more color to my wardrobe, something that I can hope to accomplish! Your meals sound so good. Do you like cooking?
    My journal:


    • I do like to cook. And I am blessed by liking most foods, so variety is easy for me. I have a friend who literally only likes one vegetable- iceberg lettuce- and it always seems so sad to me, not to be able to enjoy the bounty that is out there.

      Today I am thinking of trying Candy's 'mac' and cheese gratin (cauliflower instead of noodles) if I can dig out the recipe. I think it will go great with Salisbury steaks.

      But first: going to listen to the end bit of 'Sugar: The Bitter Truth' while I start Middlest's owl mitts. Only five days to get them done!


      • Yikes. The science is a bit much for me. I think I will need to watch it several times before it all sinks in. I did watch S:TBT, the Short Version, by UndergroundWellness, and that helped get some of it straight in my mind.


        • The bio-chem stuff can be passed over if it baffles your brain. I watched it cuz I love that sort of stuff.

          when you dig out that "mac" and cheese recipe - can you post and share please? that sounds wonderful!
          1. Love ME no matter what noises are screaming at me, or who is trying to tear me down.
          2. Eat to heal
          3. Move to live
          4. Embrace today
          5. Live with intention
          6. Respect my body
          7. Cultivate joy
          8. Find my passion
          9. Meditate on peace in my soul


          • Ready for the end of the world-maybe

            Up at 6:00
            Weight: 207.5

            9:00 spaghetti squash
            marinara with meat sauce

            2:00 2 bratwurst
            1C greens gratin
            1/2C sweet and sour red cabbage

            6:30 salisbury steak with
            mushroom and onion
            1 1/2C candy 'nomac and cheese' cauliflower
            with egg, cream, parmesan, bacon

            Walking: 20"
            Water: 10 glasses

            Bed at 9:00

            The nomac and cheese was good. I'll see if I can find which post # she has it listed under. Update: She has a link to her blog's recipe on Post # 482.

            We had a wind storm the day before yesterday, so when I went walking to the library, I found dozens of pecans rolling in the gutters. I scooped them up. I don't take from people's lawns, but gutters, I think, are fair game. I guess it made me think of one of our neighbor's comments on the subject, though, because I dreamt of him last night, and not in a good way. He was harrassing his estranged wife in the dream, and I was frantically trying to figure out where she was, so I could send the police. Weird. Not the kind of dream that promotes restful sleep.

            Getting together with a friend today, and starting my Christmas shopping, both activities which will be made so much easier by having a car! Yay. I'm so thankful for it.

            I'm still learning stuff every time I watch 'Fathead' so I think, S:TBT will be the same. There's only so much I absorb at a time. And he throws a big chunk at you.

            Updates: I found the Christmas album. Too late to show Girlfriend cute pictures of Eldest, but at least it is not lost. More than half-way done with the first Owl mitt for Middlest. The rain fly did not work. The windstorm ripped it down and collapsed the tent. So yesterday we set it up again to let it dry out.
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            • The day after the end of the world is upon us

              Best end of the world ever: we're all still here!

              Here's how I spent my last day:

              Up at 5:30
              Weight: 207.5

              12;30 salisbury steak with
              1C nomac cauliflower
              1C sweet and sour red cabbage

              4:00 iced coffee with
              2T cream and stevia
              1C chicken salad with grapes and pecans(very few)
              shoestring french fries with

              Walking: none
              Water: 12 glasses

              Bed at 9:30

              There was much shuttling of children and Christmas errands yesterday, so I'm not surprised I didn't get in any dedicated walking. Today my Honey and I are doing the Christmas shopping together, so I will have a lot of 'wandering walking', but that's hard to keep track of, so my official number for today might still be 'none'.

              The meals yesterday worked out a little strange. I was quite hungry by the time I ate lunch, and made sure I ate enough to really be FULL.

              Then, when I met my friend at the cafe for writing and gab, I wasn't really hungry. I ordered the coffee, and after a little bit, the food, because I wanted to order something that I could sort of pick at. (And yes, chicken salad and fries were the best option on the menu, unless I ordered two entrees. Funds did not permit. The chicken salad was a sandwich, but I had them leave off the bread.)

              The fries were delicious; nice and crispy. I made them last at least an hour. The chicken salad was okay, but nothing special. I ate it because it put some protein and fat in my belly to keep the fries company.

              I was a little concerned that the fries might set me up for munching later, but I stayed full until I went to bed. I wanted to eat something at home as an ACTIVITY, but since I wasn't hungry, I refrained. (Victory! After all, how often has not being hungry stopped me before?! Let's just say, it is not a common occurrence.)

              The first Owl Mitt is almost done. Just need to do the thumb and finishing. I think I will get them both ready in time for Christmas.

              Bless you, Auto-Save. My machine decided to reconfigure regardless of what I was doing. I'm so glad the forum has that function!

              My mother-in-law sent us a box of shortbread. I managed to not eat ANY of it.


              • Before the deluge

                Well, I out-walked my Honey. We got through, and he collapsed on the sofa while I took the kids out for round two. He is very fit, but almost all of his big muscle activity comes from biking, not walking. I think the muscle usage is just different enough that he gets tuckered after walking more than an hour.

                I kept up until the kids and I got home, eleven hours after I had begun. Started making myself some dinner, and suddenly felt VERY tired. Relaxed on the sofa with a movie for an hour, then flopped into bed.

                Today I will be doing more Christmas preparation: wrapping presents, making potato salad and rote grutze, cleaning the kitchen down to the bones to have a nice working area, madly knitting on Owl mitts and boot toppers.

                Littlest made chocolate bowls, so the kitchen is rather disheveled. And the house is bulging with treats for Christmas, but we're trying to eat the scraps of leftovers to clear space. Granted, the nomac and red cabbage was tasty, but I am having a hard time getting the last of the turkey tetrazzini out the door.

                Here's how the food went yesterday:

                Up at 7:00
                Weight: 205.5

                12:30 piece of turkey

                3:30 2 bratwurst with
                1C cauliflower nomac
                1C sweet and sour red cabbage
                11 wasabi almonds

                8:30 2 fried eggs on top of
                1C cauliflower nomac
                1/2C sweet and sour cabbage (the last of both of these)

                Walking: from store to store
                Water:10 glasses

                Bed at 10:30


                • I am suspicious of a new poster. S/he is already inconsistent in what they are saying, and yet, the posts seem too long for a spammer. I have a hard enough time with getting interested in someone's journal and comments, only to see them disappear from the forum. I do NOT want to start liking someone who isn't even real. (As real as any of us are online. )


                  • I wish more people posted on the weekends.


                    • I'm here, I'm reading, I just don't post. I did notice your drop up there^ though! Sounds like you are busy and almost ready for Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


                      • Man, you are one busy lady!

                        I am still working out better responses to stress than eating. I can't say I handle it perfectly, but things are improving. Prayer and meditation are up there, listening to music, preferably with ear buds, cuddled under a blanket (in winter) is another one that works well for me. Music really feeds my soul, at least the stuff I've chosen myself. Sudokus are another way I like to relax.
                        5'2", 55 years, Primal since April. Pre-Primal weight loss, from 216.6 to 157.8
                        Primal low: 140.2 (Dec. 3) Goal weight: 135?
                        Main Primal goal: beating back my CFS enough to function more normally and start writing again

                        More and more, our life has been governed by specialists, who know too little of what lies outside their province to be able to know enough about what takes place within it.
                        - Lewis Mumford


                        • Thanks for dropping by, Kim. I get so used to having plenty of stuff to read on weekdays, what with journals and the discussion threads, that the drop-off on the weekends is like withdrawal. I should try to hold off on Fridays, so that I have a bunch to read on Saturday. But I don't have the chops for that.

                          Judg- Sometimes I go for walks to de-stress, but my go-to response has for such a long time been eating, that often I find myself eating before I even realize I AM stressed. Sigh.

                          The holiday treats began this evening, with a chocolate Santa, potato salad, and a slice of fruitcake. I am NOT going to keep track for the next two days, but I hope to have the treats END after the 25th. If I can learn to have treats, and then STOP, I will be extremely happy.

                          Going to make the broccoli cheese soup from the LCHF board sometime over the holiday. And I just made a batch of Winencandy's coconut oil-chocolates (with walnuts) with the leftovers from the chocolate bowls (for serving the rote grutze).

                 kitchen is almost clean again, most of the presents are wrapped, the second Owl mitt is almost there, and ALL the gift acquisition is DONE! Meanwhile, Honey has not done the one thing I asked him to do(get the Christmas items [we decorate on Christmas Eve] down from the attic). However, he and Eldest have had a blast playing games together most of the day.

                          Tomorrow, we rise early and head off on our Christmas Tree Hunt. It gets harder every year to find a lot at all, much less one that is open on Christmas Eve. The year we have to fall back on Home Depot is the year we buy a tree to plant outdoors for the next Christmas. Last year we ended up driving 40 miles before we found one!!

                          When we get home we'll decorate the tree and the house, then have our special German Christmas Eve dinner. Then, Middlest will be going with friends to church, and Littlest will be going with friends to see 'The Hobbit'. Eldest, Honey, and I will probably play some Dominion, and watch Santa on the NORAD tracker.

                          Merry, merry Christmas to all my forum friends! I hope you are having a wonderful time.


                          • The holiday food begins

                            I guess I should count myself lucky, that I have held off this long.

                            Yesterday went like this:

                            Up at 5:30
                            Weight: 206.0

                            12:00 lambchop with cilantro sauce and
                            1/2 avocado
                            potato salad

                            3:00 more potato salad
                            turkey slices

                            5:00 2 pieces of candy

                            6:00 3 beef tamales
                            1/2C rice
                            1/2C beans
                            sour cream

                            1 small chocolate Santa
                            a slice of fruitcake
                            1C eggnog
                            potato salad.

                            Then I managed to STOP! I drank another glass of water, and stopped.

                            Walking: around Target.
                            Water: 8 glasses

                            Bed at 10:00

                            Definitely not primal, but I feel pretty good about it all. One, because I stopped when my mind was saying, 'go for it, it's Christmas. The neighbors were so nice as to bring you a fruitcake, are you really going to stop at one piece? You LOVE fruitcake!' (I do.) Two, because I wrote it all down. There was a temptation to say 'screw it' because I knew I was not planning to stick to a strict plan for Christmas, but I'm glad I wrote it. I think it feels good to see exactly what I ate, and not just know, vaguely, that I went off the tracks. And also, I think it might have been the thing helping me to stop. Not because I HAD to write it down, but because I was CHOOSING to.

                            I got up this morning, made my tea, and set out the breakfast items for the family( croissants- they are a couple times a year treat, that Middlest LOVES) without feeling any urge to have some for myself. Once everyone is up and fed moving, we'll be heading off to hunt down our tree.


                            • Holiday fun

                              Does everyone know that you can watch Santa's path around the globe courtesy of NORAD?! He is in South Korea right now.


                              • Hey Sabine, he's in Russia now.
                                I love fruitcake, too. I order the Vermont one, Old Cavendish, every year, sooo good with coffee.
                                Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!!