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  • It is cold. I do NOT want to go outside. But the dogs need chicken necks, and I need exercise. I have fortified myself with soup and will now bundle up and DO IT.



    • Originally posted by phigment View Post
      the grand jury dosn't judge innocence/guilt. They determine if there is enough evidence to prosecute.
      My bad... I missed the "grand" part of your statement.


      Sabine, It was 17 degrees here this morning. I do no sympathize. lol

      Glad you weren't picked for jury duty. That would be dreadful while sick!
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      • Well, I did the walking. But now I have a headache (I frequently get headaches when my ears get cold) in spite of an earband AND a hat. Grr. Also, the rest of me got over-heated, what with long underwear and a coat. Being cold AND sweaty is annoying.

        Cold (and heat) is all relative. I am a delicate Texas blossom(snort), so 41 degrees is COLD for me. Conversely, 98 is just a nice summer day.

        Also, they had no chicken necks. I got some turkey necks, but they need more chopping before my dogs can handle them.


        • Yeah, we all have different tolerances. I know that 98F is just horrid for me, and we were walking barefoot on the tarmac on the way home on our walk, barefoot for the last few hundred yards, and it was 32F and breezy. Those earaches from cold are terrible though - I get those too and can get pretty nauseated from it.
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          "You are free to choose, BUT you are not free from the consequences of your choices."


          • Pests and Pestilence

            Well, we caught the rat. I bought snap traps yesterday, and at 5:51 this morning we heard one go off. There was some brief skittering, but by the time Honey got to the trap a couple of minutes later, the rat was dead. I am glad it was relatively quick. I feel sorry for the rat. She was just trying to make a living. But no doing it inside our house! Not safe or sanitary for the humans inside, and as you can see, we fight back.

            But I still feel bad for the rat. I'm glad Honey took care of getting it, and disposing of it. I think I would have been crying. Would I feel this way if I was killing something for food? Probably the first few times, but I think I could get used to it. So if we had a serious rat problem, would I get used to that, too? In our old neighborhood, when someone was having some construction, several of us got roof rats. We hired an exterminator for that, though, because they were so big and many. He gave us an neighborhood discount because everyone used him.

            Okay, enough about rats. Onto disease!

            Honey started feeling sick yesterday- scratchy throat, and Littlest woke up in the night, saying, 'Mami, I feel REALLY bad." No throwing up, but she said she felt dizzy, and fell down on the way to the bathroom, and had to crawl there. Not good. We hung out in the bathroom for a while, then snuggled in her room for a few hours. She fell back asleep. We'll see how she is when she wakes up.

            I'm going to buy some Airborne for Eldest and Girlfriend to start taking as soon as they walk in the door tonight. I don't know if it really works, or if it even can, so quickly, but it is worth a shot. I'm also going to wipe Littlest's room down with lysol before Girlfriend takes up residence there.


            Up at 6:00
            Weight: 205.5

            11:00 ground beef patty with
            3 mushrooms and
            horseradish mayo
            1C tomato-cream cheese soup

            2:00 2 banana puffins with

            6:00 beef stir-fry with
            cabbage, zucchini, onion, bean sprouts, carrot

            8:30 2 cotlets(17gC)

            Walking: 90 minutes
            Water: 9 glasses, I think

            Bed at 9:30

            My father-in-law always sends us a box of grapefruit for Christmas each year. It arrived yesterday, to much glee. We LOVE these grapefruit! We eat them the standard American way (cut in half and wedged) but we also peel them, and take each segment out of the membrane, to eat to fruit with our fingers. Labor-intensive, but so delicious and worth it. Expect to see grapefruit in my journal frequently in the days to come.

            Pet peeve: self check-out lanes in any store except Costco. For some reason, it doesn't bother me there. I guess because the whole store is warehouse style, and you feel like you are meant to be self-servicing(You know what I mean! Minds out of the gutter!) although I have always gotten good service there when I needed help. But in any case, I cannot STAND the self check-out line at Home Depot. I still use it sometimes, because ever since they have put them in, I have only ever seen one check-out open besides self-service, and it is the one for contractors way at the end of the building. Usually I trek down there, but if there are already several people in line there, I might tough it out and self-check.

            Now, I can self-check. I'm not an idiot, or hindered in some physical way which makes it difficult. But: one, I don't want to; two, I shouldn't have to; three, hire some checkers, for goodness sake-people need jobs; four, I like to have a friendly relationship in the stores I shop at. At my credit union, the post office, the thrift store, the book store, the grocery stores I go to, I see the same employees over and over.

            And they see me.

            They know my name, we chat, we establish a human connection. It's nice. It gives me warm fuzzies when I think about their businesses. It keeps me coming back, even when I get an aggravation, as will occur anywhere, over time. Self check-out counters are never going to do that for me. Someday, I will decide I have HAD ENOUGH at Home Depot, for whatever reason, and there will be no memory of Darlene, always being so nice(I haven't seen her since the new stations went in) to haul me back. I will say 'enough is enough' and decamp to Loew's.


            • We tend to go to Menards (who doesn't offer self-checkout and usually as more checkers than are needed - plus those rebates!!) or Lowe's. No reason why we pick Lowe's over Home Depot except for maybe proximity. There's a Lowe's right in line with all the stores we shop at in Davenport (Kohl's, Gander Mountain, Walmart) and the Home Depot is about 2 miles south of that little strip of shopping facilities. Menards is even closer for us (10 miles away in Muscatine, also in line with other favorite shopping facilities - Farm & Fleet, Walmart, HyVee), but when we're in Davenport, we go to Lowes. My one complaint about Menards though, is that I have to bag my own stuff. There are two conveyor belts with the checker between them at the register. You place your items on the first belt, the checker rings them and then puts them on the second belt to the bagging area. *bagyourowncrap*

              I also hate self-checkout. The ones at Walmart aggitate me every time I use them. *Unidentifiedobjectinthebaggingarea*, *pleaseplaceyouriteminthebaggingarea* Why can't I just put it back in my cart!?!? Your danged bagging area is too small!!
              Primal since March 5, 2012
              SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


              • Hello Sabine! I am thinking that I may make some of your creamy tomato soup this weekend! My kind of recipe, is is one can to one 8oz package of cream cheese?

                You are doing so great with your eating! I am doing really well too, but I have eaten 3 squares of 70% dark chocolate the last 2 nights. Not that it is a lot (my former binging fat kid is all WTH? THIS IS ALL I GET?!?!), I am still striving to be sugar free. So I am going to make lo carb treats, even if stevia and cocoa powder or jello aren't great for me. I still think they are better than sugar!

                I hope all of your family feels better quickly. Maybe you should try Naiadknight's "kill everything" tea, it is Tazo calm and your green tea of choice mixed. I need to [ick some up myself!
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                • I tried to find Tazo calm when I was out shopping the other day... no luck. But I would love to try the tea!
                  Primal since March 5, 2012
                  SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                  • Hey, Kymma. I use two 14.5oz cans to one 8ox package of cream cheese. The soup tastes slightly different depending on if you get tomatoes cooked with spices, plain, or with green chilies added. All good in my opinion. DO make sure to let your cream cheese soften before you start, at least a couple hours at room temperature. It makes the melting much easier. This is one of those recipes that no one can believe is so simple once they've tasted it, and one of the best uses for canned tomatoes EVER!

                    One of my favorite 'non-primal but I eat it anyway' desserts is a cup of cream whipped with 1T of sugar-free, fat-free instant pudding mix. Yes, chemicals, but so good, and filling, it makes it easy to turn down cakes and cookies. I was successful at turning down PIE because of it, last Friday.

                    Jenn- Yes! Stupid bagging area!

                    Littlest staggered off to school today, but she was in tears, because she couldn't get her computer graph to get into the correct place in her report, and will have to stay after school to turn it in late. I told her to call if she feels sick, but she had that, 'I am going to get through this day' look on her face. She has a test and an oral report to do, in addition to the graph thing.

                    I will be cleaning and doing little stuff around the house, and waiting for the plumber. Again. Apparently, the leak was not as fixed as one would hope. Oh, well. These things happen. I just wish the waiting window were smaller. 8-1? Sigh.

                    Also making goat stew today!


                    • That soup sounds delish! I missed the first talk of it - is that just canned diced tomatoes mixed with cream cheese?? Wow! What spices and herbs do you use?

                      My pet peeve is the way people bag my produce!! I have gone to all kinds of trouble to pick out produce that is not bruised or smashed, I carefully send it through the check out in an order that works, hard and heavy stuff like onions and winter squash first, followed by the softer stuff. How hard is it to put the hard items in the bag first and the lighter more fragile veg or fruit on top??? And then some people actually throw perishables in the bags!!!! I really appreciate people who take a moment to pack my bags nicely!!! There, rant done for now!
                      Start weight: 225.5 lbs Feb 14th 2012. Height: 5'7"
                      Primal low: 186 lbs
                      Current weight: 221.4 lbs
                      Goal weight: 140 lbs

                      "You are free to choose, BUT you are not free from the consequences of your choices."


                      • I'm usually pretty easy going with bagging. So long as they don't break the eggs, squash Geek's bread, or maim my greens, I don't care.
                        That said, when I say "it doesn't matter, throw it all in the same bag," that doesn't mean carefully wrap each item individually in it's own mini bag before sacking it all together. It means it's all going to the same place anyways, so I don't give a pile of rat feces whether the eggs touch the lettuce bag or the (bagged) bead is in the same bag as the meat. Just put it all in there. I don't need more trash bags (repurposed grocery bags.)
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                        • Coll- I give the basic recipe in post #1749. Any type of tomatoes I have tried make a good soup.

                          It DOES drive me bananas when the bagger puts my things into extra plastic. For heaven's sake, I bring my own mesh bags, I am obviously dedicated to this no plastic thing. But it is only one bagger, and I consider him oblivious in any case, so that's just life, I guess.

                          I'm making some of the red pepper sauce to try on my fish for lunch, just waiting for the pepper skins to steam off.


                          • Oops, a double post! Well, I'll just delete, and use the space to tell about my red pepper sauce.

                            I didn't use the jalapeno or onion, and it turned out just the right about of spiciness for me without it, and adding just three drops of Tabasco sauce. Delicious stuff. My only difficulty was that I made it in my Vita-mix, and the amount was a little small to get the blending going until I added the lemon juice and coconut milk. Also, I ate about two-thirds of it! Next time I'll make a double batch to solve both those problems.
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                            • Canadian law has all major canadian grocery stores to charge per bag. This doesn't include walmart grocery I'm assuming either because they're not canadian. Essentially though if I want a plastic bag I can pay 5 cents per bag. Or I can buy a cloth reusable grocery bag for a buck to three dollars. It's a no brainer to own the cloth reusable grocery bags but I have a bad habit of forgetting to bring them.
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                              • I kept forgetting my market bags until I started putting them right back in my car after unloading. I use 2 of these:
                                Farmers Market Canvas Bag from

                                Btw, Sabine, big fan now of your kale recipe, thx so much