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  • Gonna make me some kale today, Sabine-style.


    • This, that, and the other

      Mercy, a bunch of spambots last night and this morning!

      I hope y'all like the kale. It is my standard way of cooking greens, and I can never get enough of it. It doesn't hurt if you throw in a slice or two of bacon, either! This time when I cooked it, I turned on Terry Wahls', 'Minding your Mitochondria' Tedx talk and reviewed why it was so good for me. Mmmm, B vitamins!

      Well, yesterday I certainly got my iodine. Here's how it went down:

      Up at 6:30
      Weight: 209.5

      11:30 2 plates of sashimi and sushi
      seaweed salad
      creme brulee
      canteloupe, blackberries, grapefruit

      8:00 2oz of rib-eye

      Walking:60 minutes
      Water: 13 glasses

      Bed at 11:00

      Short and sweet. The staying up late was accidental- kid transport plus a good book. But I didn't feel tired until I laid down. Very satisfactory.

      The new cookbook looks good. I think I will be getting it, though probably not in the time limit to help push it up on the lists. Still, gross sales count, too.

      Did some work on the secret project yesterday, hard work. Sweat on the brow work. Planning for some more today.

      Also started counting my projects. I'm up to 156. Almost half a year's worth. Now that's scary. Although, with taking one day off per week taking me to a total of 312...yikes, EXACTLY half a year's worth. And that was without really stretching myself, just listing the basic quilting, sewing, scrapbooking things I would like to get done. Guess I have my year cut out for me.

      Added to the guidelines: if I realize a project was a mistake, getting rid of it counts as completing it. I'm getting to the stage in my life where I don't want so much STUFF around. It will be nice to finish things, enjoy them myself or give them away, and get rid of all the extras, and bins and papers related to them. And maybe even get rid of some things that are completed, but just aren't my style anymore. After all, just because I made it, does not mean I have to keep it forever. Mini-quilt in the bathroom: I'm looking at you!

      Our latest adventure: there is a mouse in the house. We have to track it down and kill it. I'm not looking forward to this. I have sympathy for rodents, enjoyed 'Ratatouille' as much as the next person, but I do NOT want them IN my house! I hope it is gone before Eldest and Girlfriend get here.


      • Just a reminder to myself, I don't really want to discuss it- heart/arm/throat pains scare last night. Diet? Stress? Imagination running wild?


        • Thanks for the secret project hints. It is fun to think about and try to guess what you are doing.

          I am making my project list this weekend.

          Mice...Let's just say they keep my three cats very busy and my house is not rodent tight.

          Sorry about the scare. Hate that stuff. I am much more afraid / aware of those things since my own near death 2 years ago.
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          • Originally posted by Sabine View Post
            I heat up some bacon grease in the pan, saute some onion, and while that is going, wash the kale and strip the greens off the stems. Chop the stems into dice and throw them in with the onions. When they're good and soft, add the kale leaves, still with water clinging to them. Add the broth(about 1/2-1C per bunch of kale), cover, and let it cook over very low heat, for about an hour, stirring occasionally, and adding more liquid to keep them moist as needed. I like to have a little 'pot liquor' in the pan when they're ready to eat. Delicious, especially with an over-easy egg on top. A bunch of kale makes enough for three servings for me, or one side dish for our family of four, none of whom like kale as much as I do, but all of whom eat their small serving with good grace.
            I think I'll try this for dinner tonight unless the hubs objects. If he does then it shall be breakfast tomorrow. Or both!! Thanks so much for taking the time to explain.
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            • You have more patience than me with the kale. I want to eat it now! So by the time the leaves are limp, onto my plate it goes. Sometimes I save the stems, and eat them with a Greek yogurt dip or something. Or just straight up. They're pretty good raw.

              Not good about your scare. If it happens again, get thee to a hospital. Although I know how you feel. I remember ignoring an incident like that.
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              Main Primal goal: beating back my CFS enough to function more normally and start writing again

              More and more, our life has been governed by specialists, who know too little of what lies outside their province to be able to know enough about what takes place within it.
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              • Kale can be delicious. Who knew??

                Thanks again. Dinner was fabulous. Leftovers for breakfast, with an egg... I might dream about it.
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                • Thursday that was

                  I'm glad you liked it, Zee. It is one of my favorites.


                  Up at 6:00
                  Weight 209.5

                  9:30 2 eggs
                  2 bacon
                  double portion of kale

                  10:30 iced coffee with
                  1/2C cream

                  2:45 leftover moussaka

                  6:16 fajita salad
                  lettuce, tomato, avocado
                  1/2lb flank steak
                  chipotle-cheddar dressing

                  Walking: NONE
                  Water: 11 glasses

                  Bed at 9:00

                  I met a friend for some writing (Hence the iced coffee with cream. I looked at the pastries in the Starbucks display, but it felt very abstract, almost as if they were Christmas decorations. Made we want to make cake pops to bring into Honey's work, though: they were so pretty!) and then came home and tangled with mouse eradication duties. After that, I just did not feel like walking. So I didn't!

                  I bought some dressing for the salad last night, (Brianna's brand) with unacceptable oils, but I knew it would taste good. Made me want to get the new cook book even more. I could use more sauces in my repetoire. The lettuces were the baby artisan lettuces I bought at the 99cent store. Four for .99, and when I opened the box, I was surprised to see three different varieties; romaine, red-leaf, and escarole. Really a good deal. I got enough for four meal salads for us last night, plus one for me for lunch today.

                  Tonight I am having dinner with our quilting group at a friend's. She's making pot roast, not pizza, so the meat portion will be easy, but I am thinking of bringing a vegetable dish to make certain I am not facing a mountain of potatoes and gravy. And my own dessert. Now that I have wheels, I can offer a ride, instead of asking for one. It feels nice.


                  • This is what it is like when the cravings are gone

                    I have the leftover greens and meat to make a fresh salad for my lunch, but that's a cold meal. It is a little chilly here this morning, so I decided I wanted a hot breakfast- no salad.

                    Well, eggs just didn't appeal for some reason, so here I am, at 10:30, with still no idea what to have for breakfast. Feeling a little hungry, but not so much as to make me want to eat NOW. I may just end up skipping.

                    I'm doing errands in half an hour (once the Diane Reahm Show is over- I love to listen to her round-ups every Friday morning) and by the time I get back it should be lunch time anyways, so that would be that taken care of.

                    I'm cooking the vegetables to take along tonight (swiss chard and cabbage semi-gratin) and putzing around doing little chores while I listen to the radio. So pleasant and stress-free. How lucky I am.

                    Oh, the reason I decided to write this down: I thought cooking the gratin would make me hungry, and I sort of assumed I would be snacking on gratin and eggs for breakfast. But although it smells great, and I am a little hungry, I am finding it very easy to just look at it as a dish I am cooking for LATER, not something to eat as soon as I can. An interesting feeling.


                    • I'm excited to hear about your secret project!

                      I have been called for jury duty twice. Both times, the trial has been cancelled (county court in a small county) because the defendant plead out. I will NEVER EVER EVER be selected for a trial. I have my associates degree in Law Enforcement and there's not a defense attorney in the world who wants a wanna-be cop on their jury. If that wasn't enough, I have the educated woman status as well... The prosecution would LOVE me though!

                      Of course, having the law enforcement background and wanting to be a cop something fierce (narcotics enforcement was what I wanted to go into to - or forensic investigations), I would LOVE to sit on a jury for a serious crime just to hear all the gory details. But of course, that would only fuel my cynicism for the human race. And depending on the extent of the crime (mutiliation, torture, etc), it would affect my anxiety as I'd have those images in my head...

                      I get paid time off work for jury duty, but I have to forfeit the $10 a day payment to the government b/c that's considered "double dipping" and when you do that with government funds, it's frowned upon...

                      Anyhow, the project plan sounds like a good one. I'll be interested in seeing how busy you are for the next year!
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                      • I was picked for the federal grand jury once. As a matter of fact anyones name that was picked from the "hat" was on it. The judge did care what reasom you gave to not paticipate, he denied them all. It wasn't hard but going once a month for a year was annoying. Thankfully i havn't been called since.


                        • Originally posted by phigment View Post
                          I was picked for the federal grand jury once. As a matter of fact anyones name that was picked from the "hat" was on it. The judge did care what reasom you gave to not paticipate, he denied them all. It wasn't hard but going once a month for a year was annoying. Thankfully i havn't been called since.
                          That's surprising b/c the federal law states that the prosecution and defense both have the right to eliminate jurors to ensure a fair trial. I think each has the right to 3 juror eliminations for any reason. If that wasn't available, the judge or prosecution could stack the jury to ensure conviction of the defendant, which is illegal per the Constitution. Fair trial... Constitutional right for all US Citizens. I think that judge was breaking the law.
                          Primal since March 5, 2012
                          SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


                          • the grand jury dosn't judge innocence/guilt. They determine if there is enough evidence to prosecute.


                            • Ham sandwich, anyone?


                              • A nice night out

                                Well, I ate more than I needed, but kept to my plan, and didn't eat anything I didn't bring, or wasn't good for me. So: no gravy, potatoes, carrots, rolls, apple pie, crackers, wine. A fun time hanging out with my friends, with good talk and the right amount of silliness. Got some knitting done, too!

                                Unfortunately, the weather has been so mild here, that something is growing that is setting off my allergies, and I started having quite a bit of back-of-the-throat drainage yesterday. I feel very raspy. I started with the hot tea, to keep things cleared out, and I'm going to continue today.

                                So, yesterday:

                                Up at 5:15
                                Weight: 209.0

                                12:30 fajita salad again- delicious!

                                2:45 1/4C wasabi almonds

                                7:00 2 plates of pot roast
                                swiss chard-cabbage gratin
                                sweet potatoes with onion and bacon

                                8:30 2C vanilla cream with a
                                a square of dark chocolate

                                Walking: 40 minutes
                                Water: 12 glasses

                                Bed at 11:00

                                Today I am going to be working fast and furiously on the mitts for Girlfriend, while also writing out the pattern for the reverse mitt. I disapprove STRONGLY of patterns that simply say, 'work second mitt as first, reversing directions'. Lame. I can figure it out, but that's what the PATTERN is supposed to do!

                                Oh, yesterday at the .99 store I got:
                                7 bosc pears, 1/2 pound ginger(do you see a detox bath in my plans?), 2 pounds carrots, 4.4 ounces blackberries, and 3 large zucchini for five dollars. I think I could like this.