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  • A nice, normal day


    Up at 5:00
    Weight: 208.0

    9:00 Shakshuka with
    1 bratwurst (no, I was not exhibiting remarkable restraint: it was the last one!)
    2 eggs

    3:00 3 slices turkey filled with
    boursin and
    2 mushrooms

    6:00 2C moussaka (ground beef, onion, eggplant, and tomato paste topped with
    cauliflower and cream cheese, egg and sour cream)
    1C yogurt

    Walking: 60 minutes
    Water: 11 glasses

    I have to say, walking to do errands when you have a functioning, fuel-efficient vehicle in your driveway feels extra virtuous. I have to keep doing it until it feels normal again. Until then, I'll enjoy the high. We have mountains of leaves piling up, on the route to the library. I love it. Even stopped to throw some in the air, probably to the amusement/horror of the teenagers behind me.

    Honey was disappointed when he discovered last night that our advent calendar only holds two treats per box. We had to swipe a piece from another day to give to him, and I guess I'll have to go buy another bag of Rolos today. I DID remember to put in four pieces from the 12th onward (for Eldest and Girlfriend) but didn't realize I still have THREE kids at home.

    Slight heartburn still yesterday. I think I need to pass on the Shakshuka for a week, until I am more adjusted. Eggs and bacon it is! With some greens. I still haven't cooked the main body of that kale, just snatched a leaf or two off the edges. So I'll stew them down with some turkey broth this morning, and eat them with breakfast.


    • Originally posted by Lar55ae
      I have had too many relapses to be anything but an example for how turning back to sugars will screw you up.
      Lar is one smart spammer. I feel I cannot remind myself of this often enough.


      • Sabine, it's so good to see you're back on track . Love to read your journal!
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        • Thanks Candy. I'm glad you've been back more, and even gladder that things are going so well for you.


          • Congrats on the car. The company car we use for road trips is a Kia Soul. It's comfortable and reliable. I may look at those when it's time to trade in my Subaru Forester. I don't care for the New Foresters, but I like the Soul.

            Enjoy it!
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            • Originally posted by Judg View Post
              When we go car shopping, it is the salesmen who have nightmares afterwards. I swear, DH can practically reduce them to tears. I leave the room, I just can't bear it. On our last car, the dealership took a loss... The afore-mentioned DS does not approve of his methods. One of his methods that I can bear is the silent treatment. Brochures have been pressed into his hand, spiels have been made, the hovering salesmen are trying to get him to nibble. "What do you think?" they say. He sighs as if he is bearing the burdens of the world, and stares intently and meditatively at the brochures, pondering his response. For a long time. They get nervous and start sweetening the deal.
              I will have to remember this trick and try it out when we buy our next car. We'll be in the market in the next year or so. I'm looking at a Ford Edge. I love Ford. I used to despise them, but then met hubby and he turned me onto them. I've had an 06 Fusion since August of 06. It still runs great, even with 160,000 miles on it, but I'm ready for new surroundings. Brad will keep the fusion to drive to and from work should it last another year. 160,000 miles is a lot of miles. Hoping to get another 40,000 out of it, which should be just over another year.

              Dart... eh, not a fan, really. I think it looks too much like a compact sports car than a muscle car. When I think of Dart, I think muscle car. Now, the Challenger... don't let me get close. I'll get drool on the finish! lol Same with the Camero or a Mustang GT500. Gets the salivary glands a workin'!

              Not really a fan of the Soul. I think they're too boxy. Like driving a little cube around. The 100,000 mile warranty is comforting, though.

              I get excited over the Edge, but would be happy just the same with an Explorer. Sadly, I can't get the Explorer I want (one of the new ones b/c I love the new body) within my budget, so we'll probably end up getting a used Edge, which will make me very happy. Been pining over one of those for about 4 years now.

              Anyway, congrats on the new wheels! Always exciting to get a car you like. Congrats on the weight loss as well! Awesome, exciting stuff!
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              • I never would have thought of looking at a Soul, either (I'm with you on the boxy thing), but we were looking at EVERYTHING in our price range, and lo, and behold. We ended up with the Soul. I like driving it, and I guess I'm not looking at the boxiness of the back while I'm driving, so it is all good.


                • An ordeal

                  Clearing out the front room so that Eldest will have a clear space to stay the three weeks he is with us. This is the space where I keep all my craft supplies: projects in progress, fabric, scrapbooking, knitting, plus our paperwork. So I'm having a lot of feelings roiling around as I work.

                  Creative energy-ooh I want to work on this.
                  Guilt- for all the money I've spent, but haven't finished the projects.
                  More guilt-can't I ever finish anything?
                  Even more guilt- how can I be so materialistic?
                  Disgust- there is so much here!
                  Anxiety- there is so much here (again!).

                  I keep taking breaks so I won't be overwhelmed, but that makes it slow going. Part of me wants to just throw EVERYTHING away.

                  The other part of me wants to work on everything all at once.

                  We humans, we're strange critters.


                  • I know that feeling. I have hundreds of dollars of scrapbooking supplies I haven't touched since February 2009 when I did the pages for my son's 2nd birthday. Life gets away from us. For me, I was finishing up my bachelor's degree and preparing to have a new baby at that time. Then I put everything in my bedroom hoping to use the table in there to do some scrapping, but there just isn't ample room and dragging it out to the dining room, setting it up, cleaning it up and then putting it all away wasn't worth the short amount of time I'd actually get to spend scrapping. So, I know that feeling oh so well. It's a sad feeling. But, the good news is that those projects will still be waiting for us when we DO get time - only they'll then be overwhelming in their own respects (too many pictures, etc).
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                    • I have decided my New Year's Resolution will be to complete a project every day.

                      I have plenty of things that are just within an hour (or less) of being done. I could finish one, and do some work on larger ones. The sad thing is, I think I could probably do 365 projects. Easily.

                      Granted, project is a loose term. One might be as simple as cutting out an article and putting it in my inspiration book. But it would be SOMETHING DONE. And not just sitting in a pile, reproaching me.

                      I wonder what my house, and my life, would/will look like, at the end of a year of completions.

                      My friend insists I take one day off per week. That seems reasonable.

                      Also reasonable: binding a quilt is a project, so is basting it, setting the blocks, making the blocks. Completing a whole quilt, with blocks left to do, setting, basting, quilting, binding, is NOT a project, it is several. Hand-quilting projects are exempt. No making everything a hand-quilting project!

                      I can work on projects I don't intend to finish in one day, but they are separate from the one project per day plan.

                      I'll be refining the plan, and starting a list from now until the New Year. Wow, the things we come up with when we are trying to avoid a task!

                      Actually, the front room is coming along. I am folding up all the folding tables next. (Yes, more than one. )


                      • Sounds fun! I am cleaning house now for a vacation the week of Christmas. I want to make origami, note cards, and bookmarks. I think it will be fun. I am not crafty but I have been itching to make something for weeks!

                        You could take a pic and start an album on fb, 365 days of finished projects.
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                        • You are on a major roll! *high five* Boy, 6.5 pounds in one week, when you haven't exactly been starving yourself. It must be a wonderful feeling.

                          I have committed to using up all the wool I have lying around the house before buying any more. Tried knitting yesterday, but I have discovered that it makes my shoulder ache like crazy if I do more than a little. So no knitting projects with deadlines. I have to step out to buy a bigger crochet hook for the cloche I want to make. It does feel good to be making things again.

                          Thanks for the bath "recipe". I guess I'll have to try it once and find out if I like the results. But what am I supposed to be looking for? This is what I still don't get. Sabine says it makes her feel nauseous (presumably because of the junk coming out, so I guess that's good) and Tomi says it makes her feel great. So is it working if I feel sick or if I feel great? Very confusing...
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                          • I was going to say I don't start projects, so I don't have a bunch lying around. Then I remembered the chair that I attempted to reupholster once upon a time, that isn't done (the cushion is pinned and needs sewing but I have no machine) ... all the pictures sitting in a box that haven't seen the inside of books ... hmm. I think I'll stop there before I get depressed.
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                            • Back to the gym today

                              Well, I told my Honey that I'd be going back to the gym with him once we had wheels again. We do, he remembered, so I am. I guess I'll get used to it again. But I'm not exactly looking forward to it. I am such a slug. And it is just walking and some weights. Not hard at all. But those words...the gym. They just don't stir warm, fuzzy feelings in my heart.


                              Up at 5:00
                              Weight: 207.5

                              10:00 2 eggs, 4 bacon
                              kale with onions and turkey broth

                              1:30 small Liquid Fat Bomb

                              4:15 curried cauliflower and turkey
                              a spoonful of peanut butter

                              6:00 1C moussaka
                              1C sweet potato and corned beef hash

                              Water: 13 glasses
                              Biking: 40 minutes

                              Bed at 9:00

                              Lots of slow moving throughout the day, as I was clearing out the front room. Then plenty of sitting, as I did all the filing. I just need to put away some stacks of papers this morning, and vacuum, and I'll be done. I was tuckered out last night, and fell into bed. Even made Honey take out the dogs by himself.

                              My biking was down to the new 99cent store that opened up a couple of weeks ago. This is a new chain for our area, so I had to check it out. They have a LOT of stuff. Even produce(that's where I got the sweet potato...and some 'artisan' lettuce- 4 small heads for 99 cents!), which I was agreeably surprised by. I'll go there again.

                              You'll have to let us know how you fare with the bath, Judg. I'm going to try more ginger in it the next time I take one (Oh, they had fresh ginger at the store, too! Three knobs for 99.). I think it is something I could do once a week.

                              I have started making my project list. I wonder how many items I will have on there. Guesses?


                              • I should go tp the gym tonight.

                                Project: I hop no more than 365. I have to make a list of home improvement and organizational projects. I like your idea of breaking them into logical pieces.
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