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  • The bath

    This morning I tried the detox bath that has been zipping around the journals the last few days. Epsom salts, baking soda, and ginger. I think Kymma was the instigator.

    At first it just felt like a regular bath, nice, relaxing, but nothing to get worked up about. I purposely made it a little cooler than I usually take my warm baths.

    Then, fifteen minutes into it, sweat started pouring out of me, and I felt a little nauseous.

    So, I think it worked.

    I'm slightly headachy now. Trying to drink plenty of water to help things along.

    I will be interested to see if there are any additional effects as the day goes on.


    • Oh, yes, the regular report


      Up at midnight read for two and a half hours, back to sleep, then up at 6:30
      Weight: 208.5

      8:30 porkchop
      2 eggs
      1/2C stir fry veg

      1:00 steak fajita meat with
      onions and peppers
      sour cream, guacamole, cheese

      6:30 a little tuna salad
      3 slices turkey with cream cheese

      no walking to speak of, much sitting
      Water: 4 glasses

      Bed at 9:00


      • Congratulations, Car Owner. Although College Son (formerly Car Salesman Son) would be bitterly disappointed that you passed on the Dart. And he could probably spend half an hour telling me why you shouldn't have.

        When we go car shopping, it is the salesmen who have nightmares afterwards. I swear, DH can practically reduce them to tears. I leave the room, I just can't bear it. On our last car, the dealership took a loss... The afore-mentioned DS does not approve of his methods. One of his methods that I can bear is the silent treatment. Brochures have been pressed into his hand, spiels have been made, the hovering salesmen are trying to get him to nibble. "What do you think?" they say. He sighs as if he is bearing the burdens of the world, and stares intently and meditatively at the brochures, pondering his response. For a long time. They get nervous and start sweetening the deal.

        I keep seeing this detox bath mentioned. What is the "recipe"? What are we trying to accomplish?
        5'2", 55 years, Primal since April. Pre-Primal weight loss, from 216.6 to 157.8
        Primal low: 140.2 (Dec. 3) Goal weight: 135?
        Main Primal goal: beating back my CFS enough to function more normally and start writing again

        More and more, our life has been governed by specialists, who know too little of what lies outside their province to be able to know enough about what takes place within it.
        - Lewis Mumford


        • My methods for vehicle buying (granted, I've only bought one) vary from "innocent little girl" to "squeezing the turnip." I'll go in when they have some asinine sale going on, bringing the price before haggling down to something reasonable. We'll look around; take a test drive; I'll pretty much have my heart set on one and have the salesperson eating out of my hand; then we'll leave while talking openly about visiting the competition. We'll do that with two or 3 dealerships and narrow it down to the one we actually want. The next day, we come back to whatever dealer it was. When he makes this big deal out of us not going with the competition, I reply with the sweet little southern girl "I chose the place that seemed to be the nicest people with the best deal." They'll make me some lowball deal, I'll shake my head sadly and ask if that's the best they can do or say "I really can't swing that, I may need a used car." Once I've cheaped them down to the lowest price they can make on the vehicle, I start asking about discounts and deals and interest rates. After I've milked them for every applicable discount I can get (including the recent college grad one, in that case), and gotten them down as low as they'll go on total costs, gimmes, and extras, I haggle 'em down on the interest and wave away any "special" deals that mean paying more in the long run. I got my car for 3/4 the "list" price, a freakishly low interest rate, and they threw in some nice bonuses. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, especially not from the woman that looks like she's still in high school.
          We did something similar with the house. We lowballed the estimate, found out they were desperate, and ran with it. After several threats to back out (to which they replied by lowering the cost or agreeing to pay all fees), we got the house for $25k less than asking and they paid all closing costs, escrows, and all that jazz.
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          Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, steak in one hand, chocolate in the other, yelling "Holy F***, What a Ride!"
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          • Kymma had a link to the webpage that did an article about the bath, but you know me, I don't do that high-tech stuff! So here's the recipe she gave:
            Into a warm running bath pour 1 cup epsom salts, 1-2 cups baking soda, 1T-1/2C ground ginger. Add aromatherapy oils(the ones meant for the bath-very important!) if desired, about 20 drops. Soak for 40 minutes. Drink plenty of water before during, and after. Wrap yourself in towels right after, to keep the sweats going.

            Oh, that Dart! I think it has become my dream car. I haven't had a dream car since high school!

            When you are talking those big tickets items, it is worth every bit of bargaining you can do. Not just for the purchase amount you save yourself, but all the interest. Now that I've seen Naiad in person, I believe that she can pull off Sweet Little Southern Girl pretty well!
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            • Make sure the oils are meant for the bath. I've had a rash for 3 days.
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              • Is falling asleep at 8:30 primal?

                If so, I've got that covered. Seems I can't sit down on the sofa in the evenings anymore, without dozing off. Once I finished putting up all of Littlest's laundry (did it ALL yesterday, and as she is a teenage girl, you can only imagine!) I sat back to enjoy a little James Bond. Conk. Didn't even realize I was asleep until my Honey woke me up to come to a real mattress.

                This is how yesterday went:

                Up at 6:30

                A de-tox bath

                10:00 Shakshuka with
                2 bratwursts and
                2 eggs

                1:00 LARGE salad with
                chicken and ranch dressing while out with friends
                (No bread though, I threw it off my plate as quickly as I could)
                1C ice cream with cookie crumbs in it
                (refrained from slurping up the chocolate sauce that was drizzled all over the plate)

                6:30 1 1/2C baked cauliflower with turkey chunks

                Walking: 20 minutes
                Water: 11 glasses

                Bed at 8:30ish

                In spite of the ice cream, I feel it was a good day. I am very pleased about the water consumption. Just one day of that is enough to make me feel back on track. And I walked a little! I'm meeting a friend again today, to go yarn hunting for a joint project, and then watch an episode of 'Upstairs, Downstairs', but after that I'm planning a walk to the post office. My sister-in-law forgot a few items. That's a 35 minute walk, there, and if I go to the store in the other direction for milk, that will be another 30 minutes.

                Did I mention how marvelous it is, having a kitchen sink drain that works again ?!? You just pull out the stopper and the water goes away! No taking it anywhere by yourself. Civilization is wonderful!!! Of course, that's less heavy lifting, but for this, I'll make an exception. No trying to fit more bailing into my life. I'll stick with the minimum!

                We got to talk to Eldest last night. They will be here late on the evening of the 12th!


                • Another potato thread?

                  Already got chuckles from this one, though.


                  Oh my goodness. That's all I can say.

                  ...and again...

                  You can just copy some of these posts and fit them right into the 'Funny CW' thread. Or maybe '30bananas'.


                  Just can't stop myself from going back. Did I just read that? I believe I did. "[You're eating the right amount of calories to maintain. You'll need to eat less. But be sure you eat until you are full.]" You can't make this stuff up.

                  ...people chow?...

                  And yet I keep going back! BratKat inserted a note of normality. Good to read someone who had good results without being wild about it. It WAS interesting that BratKat saw the best results two days after returning to primal-normal. Oh, I being sucked in!?!...Must stay away!
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                  • MMM... i sometimes day dream about having nights where im not busy at 8:30pm... I'd love to fall asleep then! As for being primal- I think it's extremely primal- when sun is down it's time to sleep.
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                    Met Goal: Be a 2x Shirt, Fit in a standard airplane seat belt without the use of a seat belt extension
                    Long Term Goal: 166lbs (One day!), Buy whatever cloths I want to wear.
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                    • I need some of that primal! Going to sleep at 8:30 sounds like heaven ... I used to do that long ago before being married and having kids. I was working really hard physically and was up with the sun in the mornings, by the evening I would be pooped, shower and crash and be up at about 5 the next morning - I loved it!
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                      • I did the bath - skipped the oils. It felt wonderful. I may do another this morning.

                        Yeah for the new car!!! I've been trying to convince my son to buy a Soul for MONTHS! He needs a new car! Let us know how you like it as you settle in and get used to it.

                        Congrats on the number on the scales!
                        1. Love ME no matter what noises are screaming at me, or who is trying to tear me down.
                        2. Eat to heal
                        3. Move to live
                        4. Embrace today
                        5. Live with intention
                        6. Respect my body
                        7. Cultivate joy
                        8. Find my passion
                        9. Meditate on peace in my soul


                        • Food thoughts

                          I ate breakfast at 9:00. A good, hearty breakfast.

                          Felt some hunger at 12:00, but it wasn't convenient to eat. By the time I got home, I had forgotten/didn't feel hungry.

                          On the way back from the grocery, though, here comes hunger again, with a dilemma.

                          It was 2:30, and dinner is planned for 6:00.

                          Do I eat a full lunch, a small lunch, a snack, or nothing? I listed the pros and cons:

                          Full lunch- It would satisfy me now, and be healthy: I might not be hungry for dinner, but would eat it nevertheless.

                          Small lunch- It might not be enough to fill me up: it might be just right! A small dose of meat and veg.

                          Snack- Could be just enough to tide me over: coming at this time of day, it might set me off into 'snacking' mode.

                          Nothing- I could just eat the fat on my body: I'm hungry!

                          Decided on a small lunch, and in figuring out how I will get a SMALL amount of meat and veg, I decided on turkey slices rolled up with boursin cheese and cooked mushrooms inside. Typing this up while the mushrooms cook. I thought it was a good bit of listening to my body and trying to figure out a food plan for the moment.


                          • Oh, so I suddenly realized it has been a week since I got back on track. My scary Q was 214.5, and I am at 208.0 this morning. So 6.5 pounds of bloat. Now I'm ready for some slow and steady downward action.


                            • Yay on the new car and the fixed sink drain! AND THE LOSS WOOHOO!!!!

                              If I would go to bed at 8:30-9 when I feel the most tired, I would feel better. I usually push through, stay up too late when the hubs gets home and then have to nap on Saturday.
                              My journal:


                              • Excellent weight loss for a week! woo hoo!!! And nice choice on the lunch dilemma Lately if I have to make that kind of choice - I opt for a small snack of something high fat - like almonds or almond butter - then REALLY enjoy my next meal to the fullest!
                                1. Love ME no matter what noises are screaming at me, or who is trying to tear me down.
                                2. Eat to heal
                                3. Move to live
                                4. Embrace today
                                5. Live with intention
                                6. Respect my body
                                7. Cultivate joy
                                8. Find my passion
                                9. Meditate on peace in my soul