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  • Quiche ahead


    Up at 5:30
    Weight 210.0

    8:30 2 bacon
    3oz beef sausage
    kale, 1/2 zucchini, asparagus
    2 eggs

    10:00-12:00 iced coffee with 1/2C cream

    1:00 brie while on the couch with Littlest

    3:00 fried apples and cranberries
    a moderate amount of trail mix

    6:00 turkey taco salad with
    lettuce, tomato, cucumber, gorgonzola cheese
    much guacamole, a little sour cream

    10:00 liverwurst

    Biking: 80 minutes
    Water: 8 glasses

    Bed at 10:30

    I just was NOT getting tired last night. Wondering if my energy is going up from only eating REAL food?

    Honey came home last night feeling sick to his stomach, and spent the evening and night feeling punk. He's got a super immune system, though, so I think he will be up and at it this morning. So, that's all of us. On to a period of good health!

    Canio has got me thinking about quiche, but I was waiting for the leftovers in the fridge to go down a bit. Judging by the pile of Tupperware on my counter this morning, I think we may have hit that point. I need to get the dishes cleared before the plumber arrives, but after that I may whip one together. A classic Lorraine? Or something more festive? I don't make much in the way of vegetation in the house right now, and I'm certain that cauliflower is NOT a good quiche addition. Is there some way to press the excess moisture out of it so it would be? Or would that just make it mash? I think I'll stick with Lorraine.


    • Originally posted by Judg View Post
      You know, you sort of feel like saying, it's my body that's shrinking, not my character. I wasn't faithful all these years just because I didn't have a choice... Sheesh. Now when people make those jokes I make sure I make some kind of answer on the spot, how I'm not a knick-knack to be stolen off the mantel, and I'm not going to let it happen.
      I LOVE THIS!! Great answer, Judg!

      Originally posted by Sabine View Post
      Did you get into scrapbooking through Creative Memories? If so, do you do their Power Layout system? I love that method, and once you get your pages stacked, it is really easy to do the cropping, taping, and fiddly bits in front of the tv. I HIGHLY recommend it if you haven't tried it yet.
      No I didn't. I just kind of fell into it as a kid, then dropped it for a while, then came back and it was this huge thing. I was googling baby books on eBay and came across a CM mini scrapbook. That did get me BACK into it, but I had been doing it as a teen. Now I have a CRAPTON of stuff and no time to use any of it. I googled the Power Layout system and then went to CM's site and looked around. Seems it's been discontinued, but you can find used versions on eBay... which is great and all, but I couldn't find a description of how it works. Right now, if I were to do any tonight, I'd group my pictures by category, crop them til I liked them and rearrange them til they fit on the page. Never used any layout tools... I should take a picture of some of the pages in my wedding album and show them to you.

      Originally posted by tomi View Post
      no, Salem bridges are a peice of cake -- I was thinking crossing in Portland. Too much traffic - and HIGH bridges! I don't know the names of them, but I think its the I-5 bridged that is double decker....... that one freaks me out! Then again, I'm not fond of the 405 either....... Too HIGH - Too FAST - Too congested! Hey I was born and raised in Dallas, Oregon! The only bridge we had went over the Rickreal Creek!
      Here is the bridge I drive on every single day for work. It's double decker... cars on the lower level, freight trains on the top. It swings to let barges through the locks. The depth of the Mississippi changes dramatically in random places, so they have locks and dams in place to hold the water back (like a reservoir would) to raise the depth of the water so barges can safely travel. They have to enter the locks to be "lowered" or "raised" to the water level outside the locks to safely navigate. The pic shows a barge inside the lock and a tug boat preparing to push another barge into the lock so they can travel up river. Traveling up river, the boat will be raised to the water level to the north of the dam. If the boat was traveling south, it would be lowered inside the lock to match the water level to the south of the dam. Barge traffic has right of way, so trains and cars alike get stopped so the bridge can swing open to allow the barge to pass. The bridge is a historic landmark, so it will never be taken down to build a taller bridge that allows the boats to pass. It's quite the PITA in the morning if you are running behind and get stopped. I'm late for work at least 2x per week b/c of this bridge. But, it's really freaking neat to watch a boat go through the locks. And the bridge is beautiful. And it is awesome to run across! My favorite run route includes running across the Mississippi river in 3 locations - two of these bridges are attached to Arsenal Island, where I work. And it's a 5 mile route, so that makes it even better. I can't WAIT until I'm running that route again. I miss it so much!

      File:Mississippi River Lock and Dam number 15.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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      • Yes, I do.


        • Notes from the suburbs

          Slight heartburn this afternoon. I am certain it is from the Shakshuka for lunch, as my stomach is still switching over from carbs-carbs-all those carbs to a protein and fat focus. So I am not worried about it, but that doesn't make it feel any better. Took some tums before I remembered how well apple cider vinegar worked last time. Oh, well.

          I made some paleo banana-walnut muffins this morning, but they turned out...questionable. I'll see how they are tomorrow, slathered in butter!

          The plumber came, calling at the far range of the window, and arriving 45 minutes after (!) but he did a great job, and was done in 45 minutes. I can use my sink again! And we got a new disposal, as well. Yay for warranties.

          There may be more car shopping tomorrow. I cleaned out our old vehicle, so that if we get tempted by an offer we can just turn it over. Mercy, what a lot of stuff was in there! Vacuumed as well, so it looks nice. Now if I could just get all the scudge out of the front cup holders. I'm going to throw some cleaner on there and let it sit overnight. That's about as far as I am willing to go. The van is so old that I am sure it will just be parted out, not go to a new owner.

          Did not get to meet my friend this afternoon, since the delay of game caused by the plumber's late arrival made getting there by bus in time just impossible. Maybe the next time I see her I can drive!

          Or maybe not. I don't want to get all excited about the thought of wheels, and just buy something, even if it is not the right time for us. But, oh, those deals! So easy to get carried away and say 'YES'.

          Came home from my errands to discover Littlest whipping up some Hamburger Helper from the food pantry. I am NOT having any, but it does smell good. When Honey gets home we will be having porkchops (also from the food pantry) and some vegetable stir-fry. Plus green tomato chutney from my mother-in-law. I love that stuff!

          There was a small barking incident, and when I resorted to the hose, I discovered that Honey had installed a high-pressure nozzle. Salem jumped about eight feet! Next time I just had to turn it on, and the time after that, say 'hose'. She decided it is not worth it. At least today.


          • Normalizing?

            Yesterday I noticed that it was 5:30 before I started thinking about food. I passed right over the snacking time that I had been doing before.

            I like it!

            Up at 5:30

            10:00 small Liquid Fat Bomb
            1 paleo banana-walnut muffin

            12:30 Shakshuka with
            2 bratwursts, 2 eggs

            5:30 small bit of brie

            6:00 6oz pork chops with
            green tomato chutney
            1C stir-fry vegetables- cabbage, carrots, zucchini with
            coconut oil and Mrs. Dash

            Water: 8 glasses
            Biking: 40 minutes

            Bed at 8:00

            Some heartburn, as mentioned before, but a 'normal' heartburn for the situation, and I am confident it will go away soon.

            Back to an early bedtime for me. Whatever caused the late night on Thursday, I was dozing off early last night. Barely made it up to see Middlest off to a party! Then woke when she came home, and stayed up reading, but when I woke up this morning I felt rested.

            Think I am going to have to throw those muffins in the freezer. I'll try them eventually, but I have just no desire, looking at them this morning. I want some meat and veg!

            Honey was speaking to a co-worker in Japan today, and while they were waiting for whatever computer thing to happen, they talked about cooking. Co-worker's speciality is stir-fry. I asked him to ask about red palm oil, taste-wise, next time they talk. I saw some in the market, but don't know if I want to commit to a large bottle of it.

            Ooops! Time to bail....


            There will be another round of car shopping today, which means I want to get a good breakfast under my belt before we go. Last time we were out for FIVE hours, and I don't want to be getting cranky at the end of it, just when I might need to have my wits about me. My job is just to say 'no. no. no.' until it is time for me to say 'yes', but I'm very susceptible to sales pressure. I'm the person who wants to be nice and agree. Luckily, lack of funds makes me meaner.

            I am trying to resign myself to NOT getting a car today, but having one paycheck under our belt, really makes me want to get a car NOW. And when they throw these crazy no-money-down, 45-days-until-your-first-payment deals at you, the lizard brain gets excited.

            We'll see what happens. It would be wonderful not to have to rely on our friends to drive our kids everywhere! Wonderful.


            • Here's hoping that you find a really good one today!! Nothing nicer than getting into a 'new' car and being able to go where you need when you need!! Glad to hear the meat and veg are winning the day - yeeha! You go girl!
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              • New Car! New Car! New Car!
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                "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within." Miguel de Cervantes

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                • Originally posted by Pebbles67 View Post
                  OK Funny Story...I read this as "I don't mind binges". I thought to myself "Well Judg has obviously reached a higher plane of existence than I". Shows where my head is at today.
                  ROFL! I still mind binges. I still do them occasionally. But I pick myself up and move on. I long ago realized that blowing it one day doesn't mean you have to blow it the next. I used to be such a perfectionist that if I fell off the wagon I thought I wasn't allowed back on. Dumb me. As long as my binges are rare and not totally insane, I figure it's not that big a deal. If they start popping up regularly, I have to figure out what the issue is.

                  I have at this point in my life, made just about every mistake in the book, and discovered that life does not end (well, granted, the kind that push you into the Darwin Awards are in a different category) and that I can start over. So I don't freak out about them as much. This passes for serenity. LOL!

                  Hope the car shopping went well, one way or the other.
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                  More and more, our life has been governed by specialists, who know too little of what lies outside their province to be able to know enough about what takes place within it.
                  - Lewis Mumford


                  • Glad you saw that Judg. I actually posted something about binges in response, then realized my mistake and deleted it. I laughed for a long time afterwards.
                    Primal since 9/24/2010
                    "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within." Miguel de Cervantes

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                    • Well, maybe the fact that I don't mind bridges really does lead me to a higher plane of existence... LOL! Tall buildings are another matter. And maybe I would mind the bridges if I were walking over them. Looking down from a car, or a plane, never bothers me.

                      Hope everything is going well for you too, Paula. And that hubby works out his issues.
                      5'2", 55 years, Primal since April. Pre-Primal weight loss, from 216.6 to 157.8
                      Primal low: 140.2 (Dec. 3) Goal weight: 135?
                      Main Primal goal: beating back my CFS enough to function more normally and start writing again

                      More and more, our life has been governed by specialists, who know too little of what lies outside their province to be able to know enough about what takes place within it.
                      - Lewis Mumford


                      • What a day!

                        We left at 9:15. Returned at 6:15.

                        With a car. (A Kia Soul. Beige.)

                        We're exhausted, but happy. It will be nice to have reliable transportation, we can afford the payment, we manage to avoid most of the extras, and think the ones we did get are worth it.

                        But, boy! Such an ordeal.

                        I will now slouch on the sofa and watch tv for the rest of the evening.

                        Oh, and I stayed primal, food-wise. Woefully short on water, but them's the breaks.

                        Sorry to be so dull about it all, but I feel like I can barely think. I will be more descriptive tomorrow.


                        • Hey congratulations!! Looking forward to the details tomorrow.
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                          • Those are such cute cars. Congrats!


                            • Excellent!
                              Primal since 9/24/2010
                              "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within." Miguel de Cervantes

                              Created by - Free Weight Loss Tools
                              MFP username: MDAPebbles67


                              • The car

                                You've all probably bought a car in your time, so I won't go into how excrutiating the process is, except to tell you I had a dream last night, of being trapped in a room with people talking deals at me.

                                Enough said there.

                                I enjoyed the freedom of zipping to the store last night with Littlest, so she could get a present for her Secret Santa. I'm going to try and keep up with using the bike for errands as much as I can, but WOW! I loved getting there in three minutes.

                                There was a scary moment yesterday, when Honey and I almost fell in love with a car.

                                We mostly want a car for transport. About 1% of the whole deal is liking the car for its looks. But when we went to the Dodge dealer, and saw the new Dart (in orange!) I got a very flustery feeling. I WANTED that car. I would no longer be the suburban mom in that Dart, I would be sexy Sabine, zipping up the highway.

                                Luckily, we talked ourselves out of it. It was about $6,000 more than the others, and though we could have afforded it, we are wanting to save our extra money, not send it towards a car payment. We talked, and were responsible (though I think each of us was hoping the other would INSIST, so they could give in! ), and stayed within our budget.

                                And got a Soul. We like it. It drives nicely, looks good(looks a notch better than we can afford, which makes us feel good, without feeling ostentatious), and has the space and gas mileage we want. I think we'll get good use out of it.

                                But, oh, that Dart. If things go well, I can see us getting that as a second, splurge car, someday.

                                In the orange, naturally!