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  • Primal Journal: The Quirky Minxy Way...y

    Hello all!

    Thanks for stopping by my humble online abode. I'll get straight to it: I'm an addict. OH YES, a food, dopamine, adrenaline, 'newness' addict! I have always liked this about myself (except for the yo-yo weight) because it's 'me' but the older I get frankly, the more tired I am of it. I want [I]some[I] routine, not a huge boring structure or anything, but definitely something to help me rather than hinder me. I am, at this point in my life, overstimulated. I am overstimulated by TV, the net, information (just finished my degree), goals, aspirations, dreams, food, drink, you name it! I am finding it hard to be satisfied with the simple things in life, and that is why I decided to do a Primal Challenge. My challenge is to gain back my sensitivity: to natural sweetness and flavor, to gentle interpersonal stimulations, to simple meals and events. I have never done a challenge before, so this is new to me. My parameters:

    Facebook- none for now, all of my friends can get ahold of me in other ways.

    Internet- 20 minutes per day for e-mails ( I don't have many) and this journal, 1 hour for Skyping with fam per week, 30 minutes of general surfing per week on my day off of work.

    Porn/masturbating/sexual images- None for now, need to get back the natural stimulation found from a nice night of flirting and the like.

    Sugar/Sweeteners/Grains- None! My taste buds need a shell-shock. This includes sodas, stevia, and savory meals with added sugars (thai curries etc)

    Reading- This may seem weird to some, but I can digest a book like nobody's business, so I'll cut this down to one book a week. And it must be the same book that I started out with, not 4 half-finished books.

    I'd like to keep making rules for myself until it's unbearable and I can't do that I don't have to do it! But this is a great beginning, and I will update this everyday with my food and exercise and general feelings.

    I chose to do this here because I have been lurking here for YEARS and the community is great. I really need a community with this! I am calling out to the community of fellow dopamine lovers to virtually SCREAM at me if you see me making all kinds of little rules along with these ones. Hand slaps are necessary in this case! I am NOT following a diet, I am not portion controlling or cutting out caffeine or eliminating dairy or bananas or whatever crazy thing I will come up with to sabotage myself, so don't let me do it. Alright, so that's me. Who are you? Feel free to post in here all you want Can't wait to get to know you all more!


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    Holay! What a day. I woke up early and full of way too much energy as usual, but my girlfriend T. called me and we went for a steep hike up a hillmountain in town, which burned off some of it. But, seeing as I couldn't read 3 books or go online and check out youtube videos or read blogs, I decided to clean the house! And is this house ever a MESS. I live with 3 guys, one of whom was married but his wife recently left him...for a lady. you can imagine, while I was away for a few months over Christmas this place became a living hell of tall weeds, overcrowded trees, dirty dishes, disgusting showers and laundry all over the floors. I did that for a solid 5 hours, and then ate some food. It was epic! Today I am exhausted however and have a job trial later this afternoon so I will just keep it chill.


    2 eggs with cheese
    half of a banana
    --insert hike here--
    chocolate protein shake w/ milk(forgot this had stevia in it, will try to remember!)
    iced coffee w/ cream
    2 eggs with cheese and 2 slices of bacon
    2 handfuls of plain potato chips

    As you can see this is by no means a weight-loss diet for these 30 days, though a bit would be a bonus. I am already feeling the carbo cravings from having no sugary treats (imo; I'm sure some count bananas as sugary treat but those people are goody-too-shoes!) So that's me for my first day, not too bad!



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      Wow! Busy couple of days for sure. Let's see, yestday:

      1 cup coffee w/ cream, 1 banana
      1 iced latte w/ cream
      peanut sauce chicken (thai food)
      3 handfuls of potato chips
      2 handfuls of grapes

      I'm probably missing a day in there, I really want to keep up with this for myself so I woke up early today to have time to post. I was on a job trial all day yesterday and I got it, YAY!! Money in the bank However it is a super busy restaurant with crazy hours so I'll need to be diligent about being responsible for my food. I overeat yesterday because all I had to eat (or drink, woops!) was a coffee and a banana until 6pm. Although...that's primal-ish right? Not eating every 3 hours? I just find if I stop to eat while I'm at work I'm more tired. I'll bring some green tea today and some fruit if I'm super hungry. So that's me, I'll keep you guys posted! you eat lunch during the day whilst at work? Do you feel better or worse? Let me know!


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        OK! Yesterday:

        2 eggs w/ cheese, 2 slices bacon
        1 green tea w/ cream
        1 coffee w/ cream
        1 green tea w/ cream and a banana
        handful of sweet potato fries, salad w/ feta and olive oil, meat patties
        handful of potato chips

        Yesterday was my first full day of work and man is that place busy like nobodies business ALL DAY LONG. Geez! I eat really briefly because there is no point eating a proper lunch when you need heaps of energy to make it through the day: you'll just need a nap and you ain't gettin one! I did however see myself in my new work shirt and I am miss pudgy. UGH. It was tough to swallow, but made me realize I actually DO want to lose weight! So I am just sticking with my plan for this 30 days and upping the fat whilst cutting some incidental carbs. I know said I shouldn't do this but it must be done. I almost have grandma arms GAH!! Gonna go to the store soon and grab some items, feeling so damn tired...time for a nap