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    Wow, can't believe the last time I updated this thread was almost a month back. Well everything has been progressing good with the pregnancy and my wife is just starting to show @ 17 weeks. We didn't get to buy raw milk for prob the past month, since there was flooding, traveling, and just not enough time to drive out the farm. This weekend we finally were able to get back out to the farm and bought 2 gallons, so my wife was happy since she was really wanting it for the past couple weeks. Also, we're still going strong on the 100 push up challenge, my wife is starting week 4 and up to 20 full push ups in a row.
    Hopefully, i can keep this thing updated with meals and workouts to have as a reference.

    meal 1:
    20 oz raw grass fed jersey milk
    Meal 2:
    1/3 lb grass fed ground beef
    tomato and cucumber
    meal 3:
    4 Eggs scrambled with 2 slices uncured bacon cooked in coconut oil
    Cup of spinach
    24oz raw grass fed jersey milk
    10-12 black berries and raspberries
    handful of nuts, almonds and cashews
    TBS cod liver oil
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      meal 1:
      20 oz raw grass fed jersey milk
      meal 2:
      3/4 lb raw grass fed beef cooked in beef tallow
      Meal 3:
      1-2 C of homemade shrimp ante pasta (shrimp with a variety of veggies and spices)
      2 C of grass fed bone soup (grass fed bone broth, carrots, fennel, onion, parsley)
      1/2 C of fresh cucumber and tomatoes in apple cider vinegar, olive oil, pepper
      1 TBS Carlson's lemon flavor cod liver oil

      Day 1 Week 5 100 Push-ups routine
      Completed all 5 sets and maxed out on 5th set @ 25
      3 sets of 20 BW squats