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Grokking it Loll-style! Primal Journal (Lollcakes)

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  • Grokking it Loll-style! Primal Journal (Lollcakes)

    I was brought up to believe that if you did something good, or were celebrating something special, you were rewarded with something sugary and baked. If you love someone you bake for them, if you are sad and in need of comfort you bake, and if you’re having a party you bake! The sad thing is that a lot of people I know were brought up this way, and in no way do I think it’s my parents’ fault – the access to information was so limited compared to today.

    To cut a long story short, I’m a recovering baker! I spent years in the kitchen baking for parties and visits, while all the time feeling like there is something not quite right. I looked to sugar as a reward – which makes exercising and losing weight difficult when every gym session is followed by a box of biscuits!

    My fiancé and I have a scary family history of cancer and high cholesterol, and I’ve been in search of a lifestyle that is easy to follow that will ensure we won’t be passing on any sub-optimum genes to any future Groklings. So here I am, Grokking it Loll-style!

    I started this plan at my goal weight as I have already been limiting grains for the impending nuptials (3 weeks tomorrow, eek!), the main purpose of this is to be healthy, happy and illness-free. Oh, and to have organic groklings one day! I have been following the plan for almost three weeks, so technically this is day 20…

    Day 20:

    B: three organic scrambled eggs with a zucchini and green capsicum, fried in butter (1 tbsp). Latte with full-cream milk (I can tolerate dairy)

    L: large tin tuna on giant salad with basil olive oil

    D: organic chilli lamb mince with capsicum, served on mashed pumpkin with a big green salad on the side

    S: 1 green pear for afternoon-sies, along with a healthy hot chocolate (cacao powder, stevia, coconut milk and lots of hot water)
    2 squares of Lindt 85% after dinner (My mother is staying and she is practically a chocolate pimp. We have almost a kg of Lindt in the fridge as I type this)

    40 mins weights class – medium intensity

    The trick is to avoid cake at the wedding! Good luck to me!