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PALEO KING....Good Health is a PRIVLEDGE not a RIGHT

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  • PALEO KING....Good Health is a PRIVLEDGE not a RIGHT

    Aloha all,

    Wanted to start out with a "shout out" to my boss and mentor Rick Santos! In so many ways, he has saved my life. What brought me to the Paleo Lifestyle (I refuse to call it a diet) was a trip to the emergency room. I was having chest discomfort (what I called it); however the emergency room staff call it "possible heart attack"! Well after a battery of test, multiple EKG's and a chest x-ray, I was released....8 hours later! I'm only 43 years old, how is it possible to have chest pains? One good looooooonnnnngggggg look in the mirror told me the answer.

    At 5'10, my heaviest weight was 245, BMI hovered somewhere around 32%. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead...."nuff said"!

    What I have noticed is that my eye sight is changing for the better. Not sure if the lifstyle is responsible or what but I have not changed my exercise routine one bit. The only change is the "fuel" that I am burning day and night.

    To all of you newbies (to include myself), hang in there! Trust me, it gets easier!

    Aloha and have a awesome weekend!