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  • My Primal Joural (Rodulu)

    Been about a month of primal eating/living so far. Feeling better, and getting smaller. Figured now would be a good time to start a journal. Just feeling the need to get the thoughts out.

    Short recap of the beginning of this journey.

    I am 49 and in menopause, and it has been and somewhat continues to be a struggle. The interupted sleep is a challenge for me. I'm working with a doctor to get the the hormones balanced so that hopefully that will get better.

    In November and December, I went completely off the "healthy eating" train. That would be healthy by CW standards, so even worse than just plain old SAD, I was eating very BAD SAD! Cakes, cookies, icecream, chips, comfort foods of all kinds, candy, you name it. It was almost manic - I felt like I just couldn't get enough sugar. It got to the point that it was scaring me, so I started poking around on the internet, looking for guidance on breaking what I was sure was a sugar addiction and I found this site. It has been a life saver, in more ways than one.

    I immediately printed out the 10 rules, and started to live by them as best I could. Hadn't yet bought the book, so it was a somewhat loose interpretation of the rules, but I could feel the difference almost immediately. My husband, by default started eating primal (I do all the cooking, so not much choice in the matter ), and his really serious health issues started to miraculously get better. He is now a huge fan of primal, and doesn't see himself ever going back to eating "poisonous things" again. For my part, I feel like I have my husband back again, and am so grateful!

    Shortly after finding the site, I bought the book, and have finished reading it. So much great information jam packed into that book. I'm sending it to my mother in Belize, because now she is on the primal band wagon and loving life.

    As concerns exercise, I try to do fun stuff so that it maintains my interest. During the week, I have a "gym" at work where I can plug in an exercise video. I have a big collection of exercise videos to choose from, and am currently having a blast with a dance/abs series. I love dance so that works well for me. It's fun, and I try to keep it to the 75% rule.

    Some friends were talking about wanting to do a Spartan Race next January, so I'd like to get back into running and train for that. Totally a primal thing there!

    On week-ends, Hubs and I go for hikes in a great trail park near our house. I need to incorporate more "lift heavy things" into my routine. We have a big back yard, and I do have some log rounds. I would like to get some big rocks to move around too. We also have an arbor that I could (and SHOULD) do pullups on.

    Also, I need to incorporate some sprint work. I have a few thoughts on how to add that in, but still working out the details.


    For today:

    B - Two egg omelet with applewood smoked ham and aged cheddar, and half a pear
    L - Kitchen Sink Salad with homemade olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing, Cottage cheese with strawberries and Blueberries.
    D - Haven't figured that out yet, but stopping by the farmers market on the way home, so we'll see.

    WOD: - Cardio / dance video.

    Hugs to all


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    Today one of my daughters is going to have a baby! She's at the hospital and we are waiting for word from her DH on what her progress is. As soon as it starts to get close, we're going to head down there to wait.

    The last time I had to spend any time in a hospital waiting room I ended up snacking on toxic crap from the vending machines. Kind of ironic that a place dedicated to making people healthy and well stocks their waiting room machines with cookies, candy, and peanuts. Anyhow, this time, I'm bringing my own healthy snack foods with me, which I will try not to eat anyhow, cause i'm not supposed to snack, but as a back up measure, it will be good to have something not horrible with me.

    Dealing with the menopause monster again. Argh. I just want to be my old happy self again. That and to get a decent nights sleep.

    The weight loss is soooooooooooo slow, but I'm not worrying too much about it because it could be due to fluctuating hormone levels. Hopefully I can get this straightened out soon. Either way, I think my body composition is changing for the better. All the hiking and aerobic exercising is good, but I really need to work on getting some sprint work in and some lift heavy things in.

    I just despise pushups and pull ups and all that stuff in the gym. Too many days spent doing my p90x routines - a bit burnt out. Need to find ways to make it fun again. I saw that thing the other day about shovel glove and i like the concept. That's a possibility.

    For today:

    B - two egss, two sausage links, banana
    L - Kitchen Sink Salad with homemade olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing, Cottage cheese with strawberries and Blueberries.
    D - We'll see based on weather I'm home or at the hospital.

    WOD: Cardio / dance video


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      So, no grandbaby yesterday. Maybe today.

      Menopause monster really kicked my butt last night, and I'm struggling to keep it at bay this morning. I'm dissappointed and feeling a bit rudderless in dealing with the medical world on menopause. I've tried so many promising things, only to have them fail after a month of success, and the patches/pills seem to be heading down that same path.

      I thought that with the improvement in my eating, that I might get some additional relief, but that doesn't seem to be happening. Part of me wants to just throw all the medicine in the trash and just learn to deal with it, but I'm afraid of what it will do to my body to let the hormone levels drop unchecked.

      Anyhow, I think I need to formulate a plan to deal with the issues as they come up. Maybe making a list will help:

      1. - Day time hot flashes - those are pretty easy to deal with - dress in layers and carry a fan. I can do that. The only challenge is when they are preceeded with that moment of anxiety. Hmm. Repeat to self when that happens "it's just a momentary chemichal shift. Sit tight, it'll pass".

      2. - Night sweats and waking up every hour. That one isn't so easy. What I wouldn't pay to be able to sleep all the way through the night. Thinking of buying a camping cot for those nights that it's really bad. At least there would be air flow around me, so maybe that would help keep me from overheating all the time.

      3. - Mood Swings and anger. Must develop a strategy for this one. I know it's just chemical, it isn't real, so maybe a mantra of some sort could be helpful. I could do like dorothy and click my heals and repeat "there's no place like home" three times, but people might think I'd really lost it (and they might be right ).

      - Things to do when the mood swings hit: Play guitar and sing, force a smile across your face. If you're not near your guitar, just sing something - anything, and smile. Do something for someone else. Give DH a neck rub and tell him how grateful you are. DON'T give verbal power to the negative thoughts. Ignore them, and eventually they will subside.

      Well that's enough for now.


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        Well, grandbaby finally arrived last week and what a cutie pie.

        With the colder weather, the menopause symptoms are less severe, and the doctor has upped my estrogen level starting tomorrow, so we'll see.

        Eating has been good, with two exceptions:

        Dark Chocolate

        I have discovered that over indulging in either or both of those things will completely stall any weight loss. BTW, at recent doc appointment, I weighed in at EIGHT pounds LESS than the previous appointment!!! Wooohoooo! I am now at 152, and aiming for 135. So that is only 17 little bitty pounds away. No sweat.

        Bought a pick, and plan to use it tonight for part of my lift heavy things work out.

        Been doing cardio every day during the week, and loving it.

        Just need to make myself RUN in the mornings.

        Next week, I should have my Insanity program back from having loaned it to a friend, so I can incorporate that once a week for sprint work. Ugh. We'll see how that goes.

        Mostly, though I really miss running. I have struggled to get myself out of bed in the mornings to go, and have yet to force myself out of my nice warm snuggly bed to go. But tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow is the day I get my sorry ass out of bed and just DO IT! I WILL get up, I WILL get up. No more exuceses. Sleep or no sleep, doesn't matter - I'll feel about a bzillion times better if I just get up and run.


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          Wish I could write that I got up and ran this morning, but I did not. Tomorrow will be the day that I finally get up early and run. I really, really, really miss running. Just need to stop missing it and get up and do it.

          I did however, get in quite the work out with a pick and shovel. Read all about the shovel glove work outs, and decided that since I do have a rather large back yard that needs lots of work, I would just skip the glove and get right down to the shoveling. Also had to add in a pick because the earth in our neighborhood is mostly hard clay and rocks.

          Last night I started the garden patch under the arbor. It will be six foot by six foot, and I will dig down 18", then line it with golpher cage material, put in a smaill fence to keep the dogs out, and then backfill with amended soil. Should be done in time for planting - yay!

          After that, the other side of the arbor gets the gravel treatment. Arms and back and abs and butt and legs are definitely feeling yesterday's work out. Yay!!! I will endeavor to work on my digging projects 2 - 3 days a week. I know that's more than the recommended lift heavy things days, but I really need to get the projects done. Don't think it will hurt me.


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            Well, I finally went for a run on Saturday! It was fan-freaking-tastic! Can't wait to go again tomorrow.

            Struggling with the increased estrogen dosage. Feeling a little like I'm losing my mind. Have an overwhelming desire to rip the stupid patch off and throw it in the trash! Yesterday was probably the worst day. I ended up crawiling into bed at 8:00 without dinner or packing my lunch or anything cause I just couldn't take how crazy I felt all day.

            Today is a bit better, but I'm still not right. The hot flashes seem to have increased, and the night sweats are back - which seems opposite of how it should be. I'm trying to be patient and give it the month before making changes, but criminies, this is rough. I just want to be myself again.

            Oh well. I guess I just have to take the good with the bad. argh.


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              Welcome. I'm glad it is generally going well for you.
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